1973 Fiat 1100 Premier President - My Beauty

President’s Team-BHP Garage
1973 Fiat 1100 Premier President - My Beauty
Engine Specifications:
  • 1089cc,
  • 4 cyl.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol
  • SOLEX 1061 Carb
  • OE PAE
  • Coloumn Shift
  • 4 gear
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • susp. overhauled and renewed once
  • Stock
  • Solid Natina Blue Colour


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5037-12285.jpg FIAT CLASSIC CAR CLUB OF INDIA 5334-12285.jpg At the FCCCI - Mumbai Rally 05th Oct 08 CIMG6030.jpg 05102008051.jpg Picture taken on 12th June 2010
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Created: 16th September 2007 15:40
Last Modified: 15th June 2010 18:36
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Author Comment Date
bikertillidie Lovely car 20th November 2013
President Yes Period plates Pune Registered. 16th October 2013
FINTAIL Lovely Period plates. Its Poona registered, is it not? 16th October 2013
dudesam24 This is again a great car. May be the best of the generation of Presidents. Kudos 21st November 2012
KkVaidya Loved your car. Can we see some more pictures of the Interior? 25th December 2011
President Nope still same as it was. 20th January 2011
planet_rocker Color changed? 20th January 2011
President Thanks Dude! Appreciate. 20th January 2011
dudesam24 ur car looks splendid,
i got a doc at our hometown who has a similar car
u maintained it great
20th January 2011
dudesam24 i m am fiat lover myself. dad sold off his fiat 1100 d in 1990. sadly after i left my native place, my premier S1 too got sold off for a pittance. however i plan to get myself a fiat very soon 20th January 2011
Anirbang I really miss our most beloved Premier President'74 model (Calcutta regn)...natina blue with whitewall, reddish maroon original seats, hand gear and this is how it was exactly...thnx for owing and maintaining such a beauty. Want more pics and understand more on this particular model.... 6th April 2010
President Thanks - Planet, surely do appreciate your comment. 6th March 2008
planet_rocker ooops! i mean Ronie! sorry Mr. President. absolutely drool maal! 5th March 2008
planet_rocker bling! blink Ronk :) 5th March 2008
President Anirban, I'm glad you spotted the Wheel Trims. They were available brand new so freely at one time, that no one cared but today they are very rare to find and I have been paying 10-15 times now to get them in used condition. I normally Fit them on all my Fiats that I buy and own. I got this Stainless Steel set from my mechanic who knows, how crazy I am about them. 5th March 2008
President Harbir, thanks for the appreciation. However, my Fiats are purely kept and maintained for passion and I just feel happy owning them and not using them. 5th March 2008
1100D Where did you get the rim lip from? 5th March 2008
Harbir Awesome car, dude! Have you learned to opposite lock drift it yet? 24th November 2007
khanak Nice sticker. 8th October 2007
President President is in hibernation for monsoon. Complete suspension / tyres will be renewed in October. Weber - downdraft. 19th September 2007
planet_rocker please upload the rest of the pics. :) 18th September 2007
planet_rocker you havent changed the tyres since you bought the car? - Weber carb - awsome! down draught / side draught? 18th September 2007
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