Maruti Suzuki Swift '07 - SOLD

m4ugr8’s Team-BHP Garage
Maruti Suzuki Swift '07 - SOLD
Engine Specifications:
  • Stock
Engine Misc.:
  • Green Cotton Wind Filter With Dynamize Kit
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Stock As of Now!!!
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Speed 91
  • Complete FFE with custom Headers and Endcan from Viper Performance
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Nooo!!!! I need Some rather than my ride :P
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 17" Prestige Rims Shod on 215/40 Silverstone Tyres(Removed)
  • 15" HR Black Mirror Lip Alloys Shod on 195/60 Yokohama ES-100 Tyres
  • Red and Black Combo Sparco Sport Seats
  • Original MOMO Steering Wheel in Red and Black
  • Original MOMO Gear Knob
  • Matching Red and Black Sport Mats
  • Red and Black Elevo Pedal Kit
  • AutoGauge 5" Tacho With Shift Light
  • Tri Gauge Pod in centre
  • Voltmeter
  • Water Temp
  • Tacho
  • Pio FH-P5000(Updated)
  • JVC KW-AVX814 DVD Touchscreen
  • HERTZ Energy ESK165 comps(Updated)
  • Rainbow SLX Compos
  • HERTZ Energy ECX165 coax(Removed)
  • HERTZ Energy ES380 15" Sub
  • Kenwood 4 Channel Amp KAC 8401
  • Full Damping(Front Doors,Rear Doors,Boot Lid)
  • Rear GT Spoiler
  • Angel Eyes Projector Headlamps
  • Projector Fog Lamps With CFL Angel Eyes
  • LED Round Type Tail Lamps(Removed)
  • Smokked OE Tail Lamps!!!!
  • HID 4300k Kit In Low Beam
  • Halogen In High Beam
  • HID 6000k in Fogs(Removed)
  • Strobe Light Kit In the Tail Lamp
  • Black B & C Pillars(Removed)
  • Max 4000 Strobe Kit in the Front & Fogs(Removed)
  • Matt Black Painted Hood(Now Removed)
Stuff in the Pipeline
  • LED Tail lamps, Smoked with 30 LEDs(Ordered Waiting For Delivery)
  • Autopsyche BodyKit/Swift Sports Bodykit
  • Hood Design( Matt black paint or a New Hood)


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Angel Eyes!!!! 5919-12915.jpg 5920-12915.jpg ICE!! New Look With Matt Black Hood New Rims Interiors
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Created: 20th September 2007 21:08
Last Modified: 22nd December 2010 23:14
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Author Comment Date
nick17s post the pics of new upgrades 20th April 2010
m4ugr8 I Like the Feel of It!!! :P always wanted a Shift Light!!! 28th June 2008
hellspawn Dude..y an additional tacho..u already have one ????? 28th June 2008
m4ugr8 They will be back soon!!! Bigger and Better than ever!!!! 4th May 2008
jesal y did u remove all the mods 4th May 2008
m4ugr8 pics soon....i am more than happy to join d yoko gang!!! the tyres are freakin awesome!!! I also joined the HR gang :P.....i am rite behind you!!! 11th April 2008
hellspawn hey where are the pics of the new rims and tires..good you moved from crappy silverstones to yokohamas.Ther are actually silverstones..they feel like stones,no grip.
welcome to the yokohama gang.
10th April 2008
m4ugr8 already done dat!!! pics old!! 10th March 2008
amitwiz1 Change your number plate. The company one look yuck with your awesome ride ! 10th March 2008
m4ugr8 will be updating the gallery soon!!! hold on 12th February 2008
s0uljah Matt Black Hood!! Pikchar!!! 12th February 2008
m4ugr8 woggie!!! will do it soon!!! 9th February 2008
hellspawn time to post new pics boy!! 9th February 2008
m4ugr8 It definately not doing justice to the speakers but yes its doing the job till i have d money to upgrade ;-) 23rd January 2008
anonymous Hows Kenwood sounding with Hertz? Is the Amp justifying with the speakers? 22nd January 2008
m4ugr8 My ICE was done by driven EOK!!!!! costed me something around 40k 21st January 2008
asejwal Hi bro! Who installed you ICE and how much did it cost you 21st January 2008
m4ugr8 night visibility is good considering the fact that u put HIDs in the projectors!!!! 20th January 2008
m4ugr8 bro as told u i got these lights from viper for 17l entire thing.if u want just projectors they'll cost something arnd 10-12k 20th January 2008
sajid33 i'm basically a night rider , thats why i'm asking you 19th January 2008
sajid33 Alright man ! i want those projector headlamps , tell me how and where ?? and last thing , do they work very well on highways at night ?? 19th January 2008
m4ugr8 I got the Complete Light Set for 17K,So i dont know the price of the Tail lamps should be around 7k,I think 8th January 2008
speedfreak01 hey can u please tell me the price of those tail lights? 7th January 2008
m4ugr8 Dude this beauty rides in south delhi/noida/greater noida feel free to stop me if u spot me anywhere 5th January 2008
car_freek Hi Brother....which part of delhi you ride your beauty 4th January 2008
m4ugr8 YUP!!! worth it!! the comments that you get on the signals!!! the way i turn the heads is amazing.Love that sight 4th January 2008
SRShrikanth Now thats 36K worth every penny. Huh.!!! 3rd January 2008
m4ugr8 thanks.the alloy wheels plus tyres costed me 36k. 3rd January 2008
revved_up m4ugr8 : Wats the cost of those alloys and tyres? The aloys look stunning. 3rd January 2008
m4ugr8 OMG...10k is the cost of the projector headlamps. I just wish i cud get alloys and tires in 10k. 3rd January 2008
SRShrikanth Hey, thats 10K for the set of alloys tires. !!! Am lost. 3rd January 2008
m4ugr8 for 10k.@ SRS thanx suspension mod wat so ever.Took delivery of the car and these were put on within 30 mins. 3rd January 2008
m4ugr8 @ sajid the complete light set inluding rear LED lamps costed me 17k,from mumbai viper.If you want only the Projectors i can get them for you in delhi 3rd January 2008
SRShrikanth holy smoke, awesome stuff mate. Looks straight outta a design store. Did you have to do any suspension mods to fit those devilish 17". If yes, pls exp 3rd January 2008
sajid33 hey man! need help again , how much did the Angel Eyes Projector Headlamps cost you and where did u get them from ?? 3rd January 2008
m4ugr8 wich crome lights are u talking about?? 27th December 2007
kroniq i saw your car in gk2 getting the chrome lights..i hope they look good too 27th December 2007
m4ugr8 Contact Viper on the Forum... 23rd December 2007
car_freek Hey Brother from where you got custom Headers and Endcan fitted i need it 21st December 2007
m4ugr8 i got the HIDs for 6500/- For the Headlamps and 5500/- For the fog HIDs 20th December 2007
max_911 whats the cost ?? for the hids, can u hook me up wid those ? 20th December 2007
max_911 dude nice car.. are the hid's for the projector or the fog lamps.. pm me , i guess my frnd needs some if they r for the projectors.. 18th December 2007
m4ugr8 Even I cant..... 9th December 2007
khanak Cant Wait..... 8th December 2007
m4ugr8 Yes!!! have it on my mind for very long....but wanna get a complete thing with paintjob so saving....from simple to BLING..... 8th December 2007
khanak any plans for an Autopsyche bodykit? 8th December 2007
m4ugr8 Thanx for the comment.Driven is in south delhi.F-7,East of Kailash, 1st December 2007
sajid33 HOT ride man ! can u tell me in which area is this DRIVEN ?plz i'm from nearby delhi 1st December 2007
m4ugr8 thanx bro.. 30th November 2007
hellspawn looks bling bling bro.... 29th November 2007
m4ugr8 thanx rev_hard....what do you mean by smoke lights...front and rear are already black....The FFE has to be installed... 23rd November 2007
rev_hard of rim design. Car is looking hott. drive safe and NO DUI. btw, exhaust tip appears stock. chromed exhaust tip mebbe?? 23rd November 2007
rev_hard ummmm. tints? and get rid of those dealer and PUC stickers! Smoke all the lights, front back and side!!! Painting your calipers wont make sense bcoz 23rd November 2007
m4ugr8 if you want i can source these for you in delhi...but they'll be expensive in delhi...will cost you minimum 35k here. 23rd November 2007
m4ugr8 You have 17"?? If yes then i am not telling you the cant copy got these lights for 17k from bombay... 23rd November 2007
kroniq hey i also have an silver swift with similar alloys..i was planning on getting these lights on..could you help me with the pricing and the place 21st November 2007
Ankure Hey .. nice car mann.. hw much did you find the alloys and HID`s ? R they any good.. where did you get them from .... pls pm me dis stuff 13th November 2007
nischint thx for the info....and m4u..'m in kerala.. :(( 6th November 2007
m4ugr8 I had seen an indica where the same spoiler was fitted on it,was looking bad,i guess some other design should be,contact driven 5th November 2007
nischint is it available for indica ?? 5th November 2007
m4ugr8 I got the spoiler from Driven at 2500 including painting and installation 1st November 2007
m4ugr8 @ streetsdisciple :- Thanks and You are right!!! Forget the ride quality the car looks HOT with them and that wat matters. 1st November 2007
streetsdisciple forgot one thing.....whered u get that spoiler from n for how much ? 1st November 2007
streetsdisciple most ppl here keep cribbing bout ride quality ...ignore them.....ur ride looks dam hot.! 1st November 2007
m4ugr8 BTW its not that bad...infact i find them ok....just watch out for potholes... 31st October 2007
m4ugr8 @ badboyscad Who cares.....I just love the way my car looks with those a complete head tunner.... 31st October 2007
badboyscad hows the ride quality with those 17"ers dude??? 31st October 2007
m4ugr8 @ Amatmo Thank you.... 28th October 2007
AMATMO youve got awesome ste of wheels for your ride 27th October 2007
m4ugr8 I know my ride need tints badly....will get them in 2-3 days... 10th October 2007
revved_up yes.. you can get some tints now that they are allowed in Delhi 9th October 2007
khanak Nice Swift. All it needs are some tints. 9th October 2007
nischint kool~~ 22nd September 2007
m4ugr8 I smokked them using a smoke spray....Just took them out and sprayed right on it...costed me 1k...i got the spray from driven... 21st September 2007
m4ugr8 @ faithless_1984 How do you know sir???Yes this is G.noida in front of Dominos.... 21st September 2007
nischint how did u smoke it ??? can u xplain !!!..pls !!..and frm where can i get a smoke spray.and hw much 'll it cost ??? 21st September 2007
faithless_1984 Awesome ride buddy.....btw this is Gnoida right ? 21st September 2007
m4ugr8 i smokked it using a smoke spray..... 21st September 2007
shrinkaqua is thts tint on ur tail do u smokked 20th September 2007
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