Peted Swift VDI + ABS 2007

BUSA’s Team-BHP Garage
Peted Swift VDI + ABS 2007
Engine Specifications:
  • 1248CC Multijet
  • Bore X Stroke - 69.6mm X 82mm
  • 4 Cylinder / 16 Valves / DOHC
  • Power - 75 BHP @4000RPM
  • Torque - 190Nm@2000RPM
  • Fixed Geometry Turbocharger with Intercooler
  • Cooled EGR System
  • Green Oil Filter
  • Aluminium Bed Plate
  • Chain Drive Timing System Using Auto Tensioner
  • 5 Step Multi Injection Common Rail System @ 1400 bar
  • Engine of the year 2005, need i say more?
Engine Misc:
  • Petes Box running on stage 1 makes power now 95bhp and Torque 220NM
  • Green Cotton Filter with Dynamisation Kit
  • 0 - 100 kmph less then 11 secs
  • FE - Around 16kmpl with hard driving in City
  • Mobil 1 Fully Synthetic Motor Oil - 5W50
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Yes has a Turbo.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • IOC Regular
  • 43L Tank
  • Stock as of now, FFE in the pipeline.
  • 5 speed manual with synchromesh in all gears, 1 Reverse
  • Gear Ratios
  • 1st - 3.545
  • 2nd - 1.904
  • 3rd - 1.233
  • 4th - 0.911
  • 5th - 0.725
  • Reverse - 3.250
  • Clutch - Hydraulic
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Lenso Maglite Wheels, Very light, indeed.
  • Car weighs - 1075kgs, will remove seats, dash et all for drags.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Wheels : - Lenso Maglite 4 Spoke Hyperblack - 100PCD, Offset - 40mm, Width - 7J
  • Tyres 195/60/15 - Michelin Energy XM1s
  • Suspension - Stock for now
  • Ventilated discs in the front, rear drums.
  • Pioneer 7950UB
  • Front - JBL GTO 607 Compos
  • Rear - JBL GTO 607 Compos
  • Damping on all four doors using Dynamat Extreme
  • Upgraded 100/90 Hella's with Bosch Relay(Shifting to Osram Silverstar)
  • Windtone Horn
  • Autocop Security System
Linky to Petes review
The Box itself

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At the time of delivery The Box itself Green Filter with Dynamisation Kit 5874-2790.jpg
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niazjifri Pcs of Wheels Lenso Maglite 4 Spoke Hyperblack/Tyres 195/60/15 - Michelin Energy XM1s. plz.. 1st December 2009
JayD Petes stage 1 gives u 90bhp and 215 nm torque. Not 95 and 220. 4th July 2009
ultimatechamp New and more piccharrss BUSA bhai,pleeezzz! 14th December 2008
abhibh BUSA bahi plz we need to see the alloys ;) 5th March 2008
rider60 the car and the pete's kit looks good can i have more pictures of the car with the alloys and the hids? 3rd March 2008
BUSA thanks headers, the top end is good with the CAI, its pulls neatly till 5k, almost like a petrol. Handling is very good with upsized wheels.
@ Viper - Will surely dyno the car, but no plans in the near future.
17th February 2008
viper Hey why dont you dyno the car. It's better to post actual figures of your car rather than posting claimed figures of 20Bhp increase. 17th February 2008
headers Hey BUSA, nice car..what s the top end now.. and howz your handling? 17th February 2008
BUSA Thanks rider, i had put pics with the alloys, plan to upgrade a few things in the cars. 8th February 2008
rider60 okay i got it ki this car is real fast now can i have more pics of the car with alloys?
just kidding, nice car and nice color too, i wanted white or RED but settled for silver!
enjoy the baby beast mate!
8th February 2008
BUSA LOL EL, Thanks :p 23rd January 2008
esteem_lover So, this is the busa'ed swift. Neat (I meant the engine bay). :) 22nd January 2008
BUSA yeah the results will be very good, ur car will be faster, quite a ferw DSG Laura's running with Petes. 20th January 2008
vincy_30 hey i have a laura auto transmision do you still feel that the results will be good, i am worried for the auto. 20th January 2008
BUSA surely you should try it on the Laura, since the effects on the Laura are much much better as u can get a remap, PM turboindia,he will give u details 13th January 2008
vincy_30 hey where did you get the pete fixed from . should i try on my laura 13th January 2008
BUSA SQ is good, but it needs a amp badly, will be putting that soon, got the HU for 9k(grey) and speaker for 4.8k with B&W that amounts to 18.6k damping 31st December 2007
aks_karthik How is the SQ with 4 Compos in doors.How much did u spend including HU and Speakers 31st December 2007
BUSA yeah souljah i have tints from Vkool 28th December 2007
BUSA The camel location is on the way to amby valley. 17th December 2007
BUSA my enter button got stock. I got the stickers from local accesory shop. Yet to get spoiler, after market lamps, black roof. 17th December 2007
BUSA stickers 17th December 2007
BUSA p 17th December 2007
BUSA nt 17th December 2007
BUSA Stickers 17th December 2007
BUSA Camel is stock, but has green twister filter. Yeah stickers are reflective. Army sticker of colony i live in :) 17th December 2007
s0uljah Finally some more pics. Looking good! Is that an army sticker? Also do you have reflective tints, what brand/spec? 17th December 2007
akshay1234 lol.. faithless... 17th December 2007
faithless_1984 which place is this ? is the camel Pete`d as well ? lol 17th December 2007
BUSA thanks guys, the camel outruns the indica from 0 - 100 :p 17th December 2007
hellspawn pics of ur 3 rides...swift,indica and the 16th December 2007
hellspawn WOAH!!FINALLY BRO...CAR LOOKS NEAT. 16th December 2007
shuvd Finally!! 16th December 2007
BUSA guys pics with the wheels up 16th December 2007
BUSA Yup logged in, coz team-bhp is on mostly, either i am talking on the phone to a dealer, or negotiating with music dealers for ICE :) 15th December 2007
faithless_1984 Thats are logged in most of the time but dont have the time to upload some pics ? Anyways its your wish buddy. 15th December 2007
BUSA ya faithless, need some time, really busy with negotiating with dealers for a car. 15th December 2007
faithless_1984 Yeah busa how about some pics with the alloys ??? 15th December 2007
BUSA The Petes box has been tucked away secretly that its not visible, bw the battery & the filter. 15th December 2007
hellspawn how about pics with the rims and the pete's on the car rather than seperately... :) 15th December 2007
PatienceWins I love this car, alloys, colour, tyres...The best Swift VDI I have seen as it is simple, elegant and a beast 14th December 2007
BUSA Thanks Jerish666 :) 24th November 2007
jerish666 It is 190NM to 210NM , power from 75bhp to 90bhp. 24th November 2007
jerish666 looks so cool Busa 24th November 2007
BUSA The figures are in KWs and torque is from 190NM to 215NM, power from 75bhp to 90bhp. 24th November 2007
im_srini Hi Busa, the graph, is it power & torque at the wheels ? Wow ! So, power's up from 51 to 61 BHP, & torque up from 170 to 200 Nm ? 23rd November 2007
BUSA yeah there are with the rims, will post a pic soon, actually i m plannin to change the rim to 16", car is in dealership coz of warranty issues. 20th November 2007
shuvd BUSA - How about a pic with the alloys fitted? 20th November 2007
abhilashvk Thats a beauty you have there. Is it sporting that new rims now? 20th November 2007
BUSA i mean u get not got. 18th November 2007
BUSA u got a petes sticker with the tunning box and a petes tuned sticker with the green. 18th November 2007
akshay1234 there are petes stickers? i never got any. 18th November 2007
BUSA very well done and the colour totally rocks, i plan a spoiler but not the wrc1 and skirts from the swift sports, rather the whole sports kit of swift 18th November 2007
BUSA Karthik - What ever spoilers i put or skirts, my car is never going to look as good as ur swift which was the most fantastic swift i hav eva seen,.... 18th November 2007
karthik247 a wrc spoiler and some skirts is all u need to get this swift rocking. would smoke a fair bit of cars i suppose while they drool at the looks ;) 18th November 2007
BUSA Thanks Karthik prefer the Q looks, all the Petes stickers are lying with me, but have not installed it. Plan a GTi kit though. 18th November 2007
karthik247 nice fast car..... all u need to do its make it look like it. 18th November 2007
BUSA car is at dealership undergoing warranty issues. 17th November 2007
streetsdisciple whats the use of mentioning the alloys ,tyres and ICE if you cant post pics to prove it bro ? 17th November 2007
.anshuman Wow,swift definitely deserves a tuning box,how much improvement in driveablity do you find after the box? 15th November 2007
blue2ki aiiee... lenso is good 9th November 2007
moralfibre Busa bhai: It is the International Engine of the Year 2005 in the 1.0-1.4-litre category and not 2006 :). 7th November 2007
BUSA ricky - the green oil filter is OE and used by MUL itself. 28th October 2007
Ricky_63 Did not know there was a "Green Oil Filter" also available or is it a typo 28th October 2007
BUSA 20bhp and 25NM 26th October 2007
akshay1234 how many bhp and nm did u add when u put on the 2nd setting on your box? 26th October 2007
streetsdisciple still no pics wth d alloys ,hmmmmmmm ,busa man wach ya upto ??? 23rd October 2007
rijo_tj heyy busa...i too have got the same set of rims....glad i could find a similar thninkin person :) 22nd October 2007
nikunj_cal Sahi item hai teri gaari bosss :-) !!!! Lol 15th October 2007
BUSA Thanks alot raghu. @ Carfreek - Got all the engine upgrades from Petes Performance Products. Contact Turboindia on the forum for more info. 14th October 2007
rocksterraghu Whoa! Soooooper ride! Two thumbs up, Busa! 14th October 2007
CARFREAK17 dude tell me where did u get the engines upgrades 14th October 2007
BUSA blue2ki - running on stage 2 and yes the car is fast, really fast. 13th October 2007
BUSA jesal, street - my bad, will post alloy pics asap. 13th October 2007
streetsdisciple Monsoon`s still nt over ? :D Hmmmmmmmmmm 13th October 2007
blue2ki good! stage 2 will be killer 13th October 2007
jesal can i see pics of the rims bro 12th October 2007
BUSA thanks alot ranjan 12th October 2007
kumar_ranjan Very neat car. Nice Pics 12th October 2007
BUSA yeah shuvd, but think about a Magnum Peted, that would be a sure hoot. 2nd October 2007
shuvd NICE!! must be a hoot to drive! 1st October 2007
BUSA vkochar- Getz CRDi gallery cummin soon, as soon as you gift you Getz to me :) 30th September 2007
BUSA @ street - I havenot taken pics of the aloys, the monsoons have really made the alloys dirty, need to remove the grime and take the pics. 30th September 2007
streetsdisciple Nice choice of colour,,,,,you`r gonna wait for the monsoon`s to get over to post pics of the alloys ??? 30th September 2007
vkochar BUSA - Kab aa rahi hai Getz CRDi Gallery ?? LOL !!! 30th September 2007
BUSA will post in due time, need to get the car washed properly once monson is ova, a nice polish n then new pics. 30th September 2007
akshay1234 pics of the new rims? 30th September 2007
nischint wooow!! 29th September 2007
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