1981 BMW 635csi The Shark (SOLD)

speedy’s Team-BHP Garage
1981 BMW 635csi The Shark (SOLD)
Engine Specifications:
  • 3430 cc
Engine Misc.:
  • straight 6
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • BBS wheels
  • 2+2 coupe
  • coupe


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Member: speedy
Created: 9th October 2007 21:21
Last Modified: 5th July 2012 12:35
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Author Comment Date
Doge My god, the E24 is a very pretty car. 24th October 2015
SuperSelect Looking lovely, speedy ! Always been a fan of the 635. Take good care of her !! 22nd December 2009
manolin stunning car. for me this is the best car in your garage (which is quite full with a lot of good cars). 25th November 2009
Hondaboy Speedy you deserve credit for maintaining such an immaculate Beemer.... amazing dude.. 20th November 2009
evo nice nice nice! 14th September 2009
ashish22 timeless beauty!! 19th January 2009
speedy Dipen the car was never restored as such since she was a restored car. The upholstry was done. The cars has been on the roads running since December 2007. i even added two new pictures of the car. Will change the apholstry picture shortly. 20th October 2008
dipen how is the car doing ? any updates on the restoration 20th October 2008
speedy thanks Karl but i'm still not actively back. been busy tied up with work and traveling. 20th June 2008
supercars Nice Car. :) 6th May 2008
karlosdeville Welcome back Speedy. Where you been?! 6th May 2008
speedy the car is white and yes it is featured in the march issue of BSM comparing it against the 5 series 6th May 2008
Deeps And i just finished reading that article just a few mins back. Is this the same car?? 10th March 2008
smsrini Speedy,

Was this car featured in Mar'08 BS Motoring RoadTest article comparing the 635 with the 5series...
7th March 2008
amit_mechengg i love the sharp nose in the front like the killer shark. 20th February 2008
akshay1234 have u painted your car black by any chance? 6th February 2008
kbk_75 Just look at the shot (at Infinity) with the 5 and 3. Shows just how much bigger and heftier the new cars have become! Great car dude! ;) 6th January 2008
sasi405 Great Car!! Great Taste! I am always one for the classic 70s and 80s styling. How much did it cost, if you don't mind? 12th December 2007
Sahil I think i saw this car at Infinty BMW a few days back? 10th December 2007
akshay1234 any updates on the car? 1st December 2007
speedy thank you guys. 1st December 2007
sabret00the I just digg those long bonnet and boots.......she's lovely 1st December 2007
1100D whoooo-ooo (Dont know what to say!) 28th November 2007
ron_9191 the perfect car for the good old 80's!!! 7th November 2007
speedy thank you guys. 28th October 2007
chetanhanda this is a very beautiful car, I wanted to buy a diecast modelof this classic beast 26th October 2007
balenopower I had seen this car when i had been to yipers place....Its one beeeutiful car... 25th October 2007
speedy thank you guys. 17th October 2007
CaliforniaKnight That is indeed a great piece of machinery SPEEDY!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!! 17th October 2007
maxbhp W W W OOOOOOOOO W W W ! good choice. 15th October 2007
speedy your much too kind amatmo 11th October 2007
AMATMO i must say speedy this is one of the classiast beasts and a good paint job will amke us speechless and your gallery out of comments 11th October 2007
speedy thanks for the offer akshay 11th October 2007
akshay1234 red would look amazing on this.. if u want photoshop temme.. lol 11th October 2007
speedy i have not decided yet on the colour maybe a navy blue or red. both cars are a different league 11th October 2007
akshay1234 so what colour are you painting it? and forget your caddy bro i want a ride in this. lol 11th October 2007
speedy thanks egangsta. 11th October 2007
egangsta Speedy, she is a beauty and in a class of its own, congrats... 11th October 2007
speedy thank you ronnie. been in love with this and the M1 from ages. finally got one 10th October 2007
President Awesome car dude. A perfect CLASSIC Beemer! 10th October 2007
speedy paintjob and new wheels dont qualify as mods. the car will be repainted and the wheels are BBS so will not change them just clean them up. 10th October 2007
akshay1234 i meant in terms or maybe a new paintjob or new wheels. 10th October 2007
speedy no akshay no mods at all. the car is already a power house 10th October 2007
akshay1234 hey nice car.. are you gonna do any mods? 10th October 2007
speedy yes it is from your blding. bought the car on the 4th will take delivery on the 12th as shradh is going on and you dont buy anything new 10th October 2007
viper hey when did you buy this car. Its from my bldg and if I am not mistaken still parked there at least till day before 10th October 2007
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