'98 Scary Ride’s Team-BHP Garage
'98 Scary Ride
Engine Specifications:
  • 1400cc
Engine Misc.:
  • 16 Valve
  • Ported & polished head.
  • Running on Carb.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol
  • Custom made rally exhaust
  • Short Ratio
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • I weigh only 58Kilos
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stiffened Suspention.
  • Esteem Rims(4.5J 13")
  • Bridgestone B250 165/65/R13
  • front JBL Components
  • rear Kenwood CoAx
  • Pio 306c 12" Sub
  • Sony 222Amp
  • Sony HU
  • Bangalore's Dents and scratches


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Author Comment Date no problem :) 1st April 2008
heavy_foot Oh i already have all that information buddy..i remember now ..that i asked you about this before. 21st March 2008
heavy_foot Really nice ride there Raghu..any reasons why you did not go the MPFI way? What gear box you are using? 21st March 2008 @ZENist-sure it is!! :) 21st November 2007
ZENnist i too have closed the speedo in my stock MPFI ZEN (driven by my friend). have to admit that its an awesome feeling you get when you look at the speedo 19th November 2007 planet_rocker-This 1400 also belongs to the Rally family. 24th October 2007 @planet_rocker-yes rally esteems are 1400 but not all them, only the MPFI ones are.The ones running in RSC are 1300 only 24th October 2007 @pawan no time to put up a thread man.. besides I aint that good at writing, will leave it to some of you guys 24th October 2007 @Jesal you are right MU do not have 1.4, this is basically a Esteem block 24th October 2007
planet_rocker arent all rally esteems 1.4 (1.3 bored to 1.4) blueprinting the entire engine?? 24th October 2007
jesal i guess its there. plus its very partial system here. not like what tbhp used to be like 23rd October 2007
pawan why dont you put up a tread about your car.jesal i think its a stroked 1.3 23rd October 2007
jesal which engine is this.. i had 1.3 also in maruti dont think they have 1.4 23rd October 2007 Yep it is the same, but it dint over heat. we spun out after a water splash cause of the 145 rubber.I know the video says "overheat":)thats my Co drv 15th October 2007
planet_rocker is this the same zen which overheated during the Nandi Hills drive? loved the way it stayed glued to the balenos. awsome car. 15th October 2007 yes it is, will unfold it soon! some more work to go! 15th October 2007
Jay Mystery ??? 12th October 2007 speedo stops at that!!dunno how much does it really do 12th October 2007
nischint 160 kmph!!>...kool!!.. 11th October 2007
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