2002 Tata Indica DLS Old Old workhorse Hatchback

tsk1979’s Team-BHP Garage
2002 Tata Indica DLS Old Old workhorse Hatchback
Engine Specifications:
  • 1405CC IDI Diesel
Engine Misc.: Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Diesel and keroscene with Naptha cocktail
  • Stock
  • Smoke screen installed for making rear honkers black
  • Slight tear somewhere for waking up the apartment on cold winter mornings
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Whatever fell off due to rattles
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Bridgestone Potenza GIII * 4, Goodyear Ducaro *1
  • 82000kms update : Apollo Acelere Tubeless 185/60*4, the Ducaro spare stays.
  • Pioneer 4750 with 6 speakers(4 Pioneer + 2 Sony Xplod)
  • Dents


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Created: 25th December 2005 21:10
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Author Comment Date
tsk1979 Yes anshuman, I still have her with me, and she does the duty of city driver.
you can check out the 109000kms review also in long term ownership section
9th October 2009
.anshuman Tanveer do you still have this car? 9th October 2009
chintan15 Awesome pic there (the one in the snow). Equally great vehicle description. 25th September 2009
Hashim LOLZ.. what a funny description, I had a good laugh. Some excellent photography there I must say. 17th June 2009
Jayabusa Yeah, I came here on looking at that awesome pic! Superb! 8th May 2008
guyonblackybx 9937.jpg looks like NFS MW setup. 27th January 2008
tsk1979 Its a special device invented by Tata, and cures the "Honk at red light disease" among 2 wheeler drivers 22nd January 2008
nischint what do u mean by this smoke screen ?? 21st January 2008
tsk1979 Yup, its the steering wheel cover all right. Don't have it now though. 4th September 2007
vid6639 the black spot is an addon steering wheel cover. I think it's by progrip. 1st September 2007
Monster_BHP Wats that black spot on the steering, does it come in all the Indicas? 1st September 2007
arunforu1 145kmph is very much possible on straight road, with no down hil, ihave touched it 13th April 2007
tsk1979 Yup, working fine on steel rims 12th March 2007
ess_a Hey tsk, are your GIIIs on OEM steel rims? I mean, are the tubeless running fine on steel rims? 3rd March 2007
hydrashok tsk, the pic with the apartments in the back is simply awesome! Would have been even better nice if there weren't other cars behind yours. 8th December 2006
tsk1979 Yup speedo error, on the GPS its around 136kmph max on a straight road. 4th December 2006
headers maybe a speedo error..?? 28th November 2006
baddy phew thats the fastest indica i've seen, our 2000model dlx wudnt nudge past 135kmph...... 25th October 2006
hellspawn awesome pics tanveer..... 19th October 2006
condor even the late V1 model can sustain the 130 - 140.. we did the BLR-Hubli 400km in abt 4.5hrs. [p.s: there's a typo in my earlier comment] 3rd September 2006
kick.throttle india is very powerfull.. good power at its segment... and yes it can go at 150 3rd September 2006
prabuddhadg That sun in the rear view is great. I remembered the Pink Floyd song that goes,"In my rear view mirror, the sun's going down...." Great song great pic 22nd June 2006
condor Liked the pic with the ghat road .. 21st June 2006
condor even the late V1 model can sustain the 130 - 140.. we did 400km in abt 2.5hrs. 21st June 2006
rOaD AsSaSin!! my ride was a tata indica dlg 2005 model... 18th April 2006
rOaD AsSaSin!! guyz i hav touched 140kmph on the noida expressway!! 18th April 2006
jeetu4444 guys i have touched 160 in my indica dls 2005 model,ya with help of down a hill.but it reaches 145 with ease 18th February 2006
tsk1979 @falcon you are wrong, the car has tints! thats why sky appears darker than it actually is in the back! 4th February 2006
tsk1979 @nitrous straight road, thats the top speed of the car, downhill she goes 160+ 4th February 2006
dceite Good logic there, falcon. But what are you trying to prove here? 3rd February 2006
falcon The sun is really low and the sky dark in your rear view mirror... If your heading east, the sky ahead of you should be even darker! 3rd February 2006
extreme_torque yup... 145kph is impossible on an Indica without going downhill! 2nd February 2006
nitrous 145 kph?? Were u going downhill?? 28th January 2006
tsk1979 @nitrous, 125kmph, new pic 140+ 5th January 2006
aah78 nice on-road pictures! 5th January 2006
nitrous Is that almost 140kph?? 26th December 2005
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