Palio 1.6 Now Sold!

Harrie’s Team-BHP Garage
Palio 1.6 Now Sold!
Engine Specifications:
  • 1600 cc
  • Ported and polished
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N Universal Filter
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Stock Magnetti Marelli Injection
  • Headers, Free Flow w/o cat
  • Tweaked up OE clutch
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 195/60 Yokohama on stock 14" rims
  • Needs a suspension job very badly - hence the nick name Horse
  • Art leather seat covers
  • Blaupunkt HU, Xplod 4ch amp, Blau Bass tube, Xplod 165mm front speakers

  • Front skirts, body colored side moldings


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Created: 29th December 2005 15:36
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Author Comment Date
sreerama Wow. .. The last one looks like a perfect pic!.. 16th October 2015
Jayabusa Beautiful pics. 28th November 2010
ByDesign Your ride inspires me. I want to get a body kit on my palio just like this. Beautiful stuff Harrie. Haven't seen a palio quite this beautiful. Thumbs up! 29th August 2010
krishnavamshi24 wowie its looks good 8th January 2008
anandgjha The interiors look pretty kool ......dude....nice combo..... 26th December 2007
brraj Very well modded dude, even i was looking for similar mods 15th May 2007
mclaren1885 And a breather for the heart !!!!! 30th April 2007
v1p3r Time for some new shoes. 30th April 2007
Harrie Art leather is from G Sport done by R.M Car Decors 19th March 2007
Harrie The skirts were done with Rajiv - Kitup. 19th March 2007
saajan_20 what s are it figure s for the 0-100 dash like? 17th January 2007
v1kram Wonderful car and Beautiful pictures!!! did you get it done in roadrunner? 10th January 2007
mobike008 Nice car! Orange is blending so well with the green behind. Any modifications done to snap on Photoshop? Nice camera too, which one is it? 1st January 2007
hellspawn if you have art leather seat covers,how did you get the orange fabric/leather on the trim on the side did you do it? 20th December 2006
Z_addict * Plis to be excusing the speeling mistik - i meant " matching" interiors..Duh! 10th November 2006
Z_addict Neat front apron spoiler(chin spoiler) and macthing interiors....Cheers! 10th November 2006
sreenivass beautiful car, Wish Petra was available in the same color 7th November 2006
anishrajput007 ur Palio is one of a kind! 6th November 2006
payam nice job man plz tell me where did u get the side and front skirt job 28th October 2006
MaserQ Nicely done...where did you get the side skirt job done specifically. Could you give us the address for this garage? Cheers! 9th October 2006
v1p3r MAD MAD MAD. It is the first car to cause me to shout involuntarily, and I have driven quite a few Psychotic cars. 23rd September 2006
Harrie @ Carlos - I got the front skirts from coimbatore. PM me in case you need more details. 21st September 2006
Harrie Zak, I have put it up on a separate thread. One word for Psycho's work - amazing! 21st September 2006
speedzak Harrie, Do write about your latest mods and tuning gone into your torquenstein!!! 14th September 2006
carlossainz26 pls guide to where u got the chin spoi;er for ur the same one in same spec myself. 11th September 2006
quicksilver Car sounds just sweet and feels real fast compared to my OHC 1.5.... you had given me ideas now :) 1st September 2006
quicksilver Hey Sajeeth are you going to post that review on your exhaust anytime soon ? 1st September 2006
Harrie Car sounds amazingly sweet. Dying to get my hands on it... 22nd August 2006
Harrie Thanks Keshav, for the nick name ;) But just for another 2 months... 22nd August 2006
Harrie And my favorite - "Windmills of the mind". The roads are good, scenery is amazing, traffic is less. What else do I need to relax? 23rd June 2006
Harrie Added a couple of my snaps of the car at home in wayanad and interiors 23rd June 2006
solly How did you mount the 165mm speakers on the front door which accepts only 132mm? I have a GTX with the same color and looking to upgrade the speakers. 10th June 2006
elf Glad to see there's another paint detailing fan amongst us - love the resprayed front grille. Seems like too many people are going in for OTT mods! 7th June 2006
shrivz thats a brilliant front wing u got there.. in a brilliant photograph!!! neat car... 29th May 2006
Harrie just took a pic. BTW I guess this is what Ooty can do to one's photography skills :D 9th May 2006
Harrie Composistion & Lighting??? All greek and latin to me. 9th May 2006
Samurai Just noticed you have the same tyres as my Baleno. The diagonal snap has excellent composition and lighting. 24th March 2006
typeOnegative Awesome car. Personally Tangerine Mist is not my favorite color, but your car seems just mind blowing. BTW, where did you shoot the pics? 22nd March 2006
karthik247 Cool car, it really stands out!! 22nd February 2006
Xtreme Torque really nice and a well set up car 18th February 2006
sinner Nice shots man just put an international number plate and no one will ever get to know that its taken in out motherland. ;) 9th February 2006
hellspawn nice car bro...btw where did u get the front skirts & how much 2nd February 2006
sAP Thats a pretty nice camera you got yourself there pal. The car is nice too ;) 10th January 2006
Harrie @ Moral - Well, it cost me all of 3500 bucks for it! The only additional thing is the front skirts and some detailing work (black paint and all) 10th January 2006
Harrie Naah no photoshop work. Dont know a thing about photoshop or photography. Point and shoot using a nikon 4600 :D 10th January 2006
satish_appasani Great pics. Nice saturation. Improved in photoshop? 5th January 2006
moralfibre Harrie I rate this as the best GTX I have come across the next being the eyeballer for its Audio :) .. How much would a front bumper like that cost? 5th January 2006
Harrie Front skirts are from cbe. Rehaan - the car has thin black highlights over the headlights. Maybe next time i'll try orange instead :) 30th December 2005
Rehaan Nice front skirt Harrie!! (I dont know why but i would love to see very narrow orange eyelids over the headlights.!) 30th December 2005
buzzin_hornets wer did u get ur front skirtin frm?.. the side skirts r standard rite?? 30th December 2005
Harrie Turbo lover - I have fog lamps. No need for side skirts as the current side moldings look good enough. 30th December 2005
turbo_lover hey sweet ride .. but you have to have fog lamps and add the side skirts atleast 30th December 2005
Samurai That's one sexy lookin' machine... 29th December 2005
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