2006 Maruti Swift Vxi

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2006 Maruti Swift Vxi
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.3L Petrol
  • Ported, polished, shaved (0.3mm) head
  • Factory enlarged brand-new Mikuni throttle body.
  • Custom made, low-mid range activation. 2500 rpm-5000 rpm
Engine Oil:
  • OWS 5W50 fully synthetic
Air filter:
  • K&N
Spark plugs:
  • OWS Uber power, Generation 7, Twin Iridium - Zx6il spark plugs
Gear box oil:
  • OWS 230 additive & 75w90 fully synthetic Gear box oil
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 15" Plati chrome
  • Apollo Aceleres 195/60/15
  • Nitrogen charged tyres
  • Pioneer 6950 HU
  • Morel 6.5" coaxials all-around
  • EFX HD4300 amplifier
  • Hifonics 12" subwoofer in ported enclosure
  • Scosche wiring kit
  • Mico-Bosch twin-horn (Octavia-type)
  • RaceTech H4 6000K Bi-xenons
Call Management:
  • Motorola IHF1000 bluetooth car unit. Managing phone calls is now a breeze
  • Silverized center console. Car interior looks visibly refreshing now.
  • SGA Rear spoiler
Recently Done:
  • Llumar Steel 05 tints all-around
  • Llumar Air 75 front windshield tints
  • Reverse parking sensors
  • Replaced existing (cumbersome) 4-relay window system with simple and faster single-relay system
Thanks to Riju , without whose constant reminders and pics, I wouldnt have summoned enough energy to put up this garage.

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ghostrider Hi Maggie,

How did you get the center console silverized, and what did it cost you? Also, do you think I could get the same thing gone for the rings around the air vents? Ive got an LDi (6 month waiting on the VDi when I bought it) and always wanted the rings to be in that matte silver finish. I live in bbay, so may not be able to go to the guy you've gone to, but maybe I can explain to my garage what I want done.


1st March 2011
shk 8896 wow!
what a car, maggie ?
love those interiors with silver centre console .
25th August 2010
nick17s woha ! Black Beauty !! 25th February 2010
vinesataris Motorola IHF1000 bluetooth car unit. Managing phone calls is now a breeze

Would like to know how much did it cost you!!!!
17th February 2010
theMAG Thanks. I'm done with modifications. She's been setup exactly the way I wanted. 19th January 2010
hrsraghav Nice
very nice
Anything left to modify?
probably your bare car cost is same as to total cost of all the Mods.
16th December 2009
theMAG Thanks Lohith, sps.

Nah - dont believe in dhristhi bottu ;)

sps - Actual photo - no PS. It may have gotten resized according to the Garage application requirements.
24th May 2009
sps Really a hot hatch!!
That last but one photo is awesome. Is it photoshoped to a certain extent? the aspect ratio seems to have changed. Neverthless I loved that pic.
Really an ad material.
30th April 2009
lohithrao SUperbly maintained car....drishti bottu is required;) and obv nice pics... 27th April 2009
theMAG Thanks. But the credit for that goes to Rudra - for his mindblowing photography. 26th February 2009
white_vdi dude the last pic is soooo bloody amazing!!!!!
love your ride
2nd February 2009
theMAG Thank you. 19th January 2009
ultimatechamp Awesome ride Mag,its a really classy and well thought-out Swift here.Kudos to you for meticulously planning everything. 14th December 2008
shuvd Absoolootly brilliant! Congrats Mag! 27th April 2008
rider60 now i like those flashy alloys on the hot black ride, niiccee nice!!! 27th February 2008
theMAG Thanks. I got it from Car Shringar - Commissariat Road. No warranty issues. 5th February 2008
sreenidhibr Nice car, the contrast of alloys and car color looks great.
Mico-Bosch twin-horn: where did you get this installed from? And won't it affect the warranty? Just curious.
5th February 2008
theMAG Ben, my ace photographer Riju has all his ends tied up these days. I'll ask him real nice while twisting his arm one of these days. 29th January 2008
benbsb29 Mahesh, time to use your mobile, and click a few NEW snaps... of the car, i mean. 28th January 2008
theMAG nitrous - Thanks for those kind words; my general taste in life is classy yet understated. I will keep in mind those meters when I go in for the A-pod. 28th January 2008
nitrous one of the best swifts on here,IMO.
Btw, get oil pressure,AFR and vacuum guage instead of the oil temp/coolant temp/voltmeter guages.
28th January 2008
theMAG BUSA - Thanks. The SX4 display didnt work out due to extreme paucity of time . I got the center console silverized though.

souljah, kjdesigns_2000: Thanks. A particular well-rated bi-xenon H4 HID 4300/5000/6000K kit direct from Taiwan will find its way shortly into my stock headlamps. The currently available aftermarket projector units for the Swift is not as functional as I'd have liked them to be.

yasw_anth: That will happen in a phased manner as indicated.
27th January 2008
vid6639 yaswanth it hasnt costed him anything yet cos he hasn't put it in yet. lol. 17th January 2008
yasw_anth how much did the momo trek steering wheel cost you ?? 17th January 2008
kjdesigns_2000 Looks stunning, very nice car, please put projector lights and smoked tail lamps. 11th January 2008
s0uljah Looking sexxy in black!! Projectors, Jet black tints and underbody lighting then its going to be pimped out :) 7th January 2008
BUSA fantastic pics maggie, let me know about the external display of the SX4 & blacken the tail lamps. 1st January 2008
pawan nice car mag.looks real good 2nd December 2007
theMAG Riju and Planet_Rocker : (Belated) Thanks for the compliments/wishes 2nd December 2007
theMAG Thanks Benny boy. Tell you what - let me buy a you a drink to make up for my gaffe. Deal ?! 2nd December 2007
benbsb29 Between, lovely pics, and those alloys are sexy ! 30th November 2007
benbsb29 Maggie no tribute to me?! I also kept bugging you to start one. :(( 30th November 2007
theMAG Dear Vidyut - I know :) 28th November 2007
vid6639 the wiring kit os scosche my friend and it's a ported enclosure not sealed. lol. 28th November 2007
rjstyles69 Congrats on the ICE upgrade Swamy :-) . 28th November 2007
planet_rocker lovely pics - the alloys are lovely. :) 20th November 2007
theMAG razor - it does. Thats why I was uncompromising on the SGA spoiler with Maruti till they delivered it 3 months later 20th November 2007
theMAG Busa - theoretically no, but practically I dont see much difference over a 195/60 20th November 2007
theMAG Mohnish - an amp and a sub for now. Perhaps an RD ECU later if situation permits 20th November 2007
razor4077 Love the spoiler! Adds another dimension to the car. 19th November 2007
puneet1007 gr8 19th November 2007
memo45_m nice maggie, u finnaly put up ur garage, sweet ride so any more plans for her..... 19th November 2007
BUSA nice car maggie, 195/55 aint the right upsize for the swift? :S 19th November 2007
theMAG Done sir 19th November 2007
rjstyles69 Aye change the HU to Pio 6950. 18th November 2007
rjstyles69 There you are finally. Lovely pics and do crop some of them if possible. We will do a exclusive swift shoot sometime soon. 18th November 2007
nischint nice pix... 18th November 2007
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