1989 HM Contessa Classic 1.8GL

falcon’s Team-BHP Garage
1989 HM Contessa Classic 1.8GL
Engine Specifications:
  • Isuzu 4FG1,
    Water cooled, Longitudinal,
    Inline 4cyl, 2380cc,
    78bhp @ 4300rpm, 15.6kgm @ 2500rpm
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Naturally Aspirated
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Diesel, Stock
  • Stock
  • Stock 5 Speed Manual, RWD
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Stock
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Independent Front Suspension with Coil Springs, wish bones, anti-roll bar
    5-link Rear Suspension, Coil Springs, anti-roll bar, Panhard rod
    5J X 13 Pressed steel
    175/80 R 13 Apollo Amazer XL
  • Stock
  • Stock

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Created: 30th December 2005 22:47
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Author Comment Date
shankarbn Hope its still around, one of the better looking Contis I have seen! congrats although I'm around 4 years late in wishing you :) wonder if you have painted the rims black now! 17th January 2010
Jayabusa Pristine! is all I can say. Hats off to you. 4th December 2008
anjan_c2007 very original Contessa falcon - nice car. Indeed, the car itself is an Amazer though its tyres are the Apollo Amazer! 19th November 2008
hillram Nicely maintained Contessa...One of the few i have seen.
Can we see some pics of interiors,dashboard etc..
9th September 2008
supercars btw what happens when you turn at high speeds ? 1st December 2007
supercars Please do not cut the roof off. It will become very unsafe. 1st December 2007
binz and idea on the pcd and offset of the rims 13th November 2007
Z_addict Low riders like these need Dayton Spokes (Wire Wheels)...Cheers! 10th November 2006
NIP paint it black...put orange racing stripes on it (or vice versa), and of course alloys and oversize rubber !! 15th October 2006
motophsyco i'm plannin to get d muscle car too...can u gimme a pric estimete dude 31st July 2006
janeckozzy aint nuttin like a rear wheel driver to keep u screamin around curves.. long live power from the butt!!! 27th March 2006
Aditya khamsinmerak, I have done that. She's a joy! 16th March 2006
khamsinmerak anybody tried throwing the conti around corners in 100ks,try it,shell' surprise u 14th March 2006
asithraj If I can suggest something, how about cutting out the roof of your car and converting it into a cabriolet. You car has that retro look 6th March 2006
Steeroid The Conti's profile is still worth a second glance. Thats some achievement! 4th March 2006
falcon Yep afons, it has a diesel engine in it now... Recently got it done. Do post ur pics! 5th February 2006
speedsatya hey ...nice car ...dont paint the rims ..they look better this way 31st January 2006
afsons Looks great. But is it dieselised or still running in its original petrol. I,ll sson post my conty,s pics too. 30th January 2006
falcon Thanks! Aditya - I plan to paint the rims white... 8th January 2006
aah78 another Conty! seems decently maintend. wish we had more of the breed running around our roads. 2nd January 2006
Aditya Simple, clean, well kept, nice. Try painting your rims black. 31st December 2005
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