Vasu's Zen As he can not create his own Gallery Turbo

Psycho’s Team-BHP Garage
Vasu's Zen As he can not create his own Gallery Turbo
Engine Specifications:
  • Zen 1 ltr
Engine Misc.:
  • Stock
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Turbo @ 7 psi daily drive, 1.5 bar race setup
Fuel & Tuning:
  • e-Manage
  • RD-601
  • Equal Length Manifold
  • FFE
  • Stock
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • None
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Enkie
  • Stock
  • Stock

Timing managed:
3.8 sec 0-60
8.4 sec 0-100
0-100 @ 8.4 secs on a V-Box

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intercooler Equal length manifold Front Side Rear Interior 0-100 @ 8.4 secs on a V-Box
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Created: 16th December 2007 17:26
Last Modified: 6th April 2009 18:44
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Author Comment Date
binz Thats the O2 sensor 4th November 2009
revvedup what is wire going towards the manifold do ? is it for the MAP sensor ? 13th June 2008
alias one fast zen 2nd April 2008
Ford Rocam Thats a Well planned plumbing, cools the charge just before entering engine. 7th February 2008
Psycho @ananth: Custom made even the intercooler has been modded to be installed in this manner. 9th January 2008
brian Great.. i have seen the first Zen which is a Turbo powered. How much did it costed you and whats the spec's 4th January 2008
ananthkamath which manifold and intercooler are these 31st December 2007
yasw_anth how much for d turbo install ? 29th December 2007
Jay Very qiuck for a 1Ltr, looks nice except for the mesh he's put on the indicators. 27th December 2007
v1p3r Maadified aa? Mileage yeshtu? Why go with Enkie? Buy original Enkeis, they're much better! 22nd December 2007
mclaren1885 Ah! A sweet install. Had the chance to see the car upfront and it does move sweetly. Congrats Vasu, u sure did remind me of my 1ltr project. 21st December 2007
Psycho Cmon Guys as all the specs are already there only spec missing is 7 PSI (I swear). Mounting plan came on based on the WRX platform. 20th December 2007
Steeroid Intercooler mount like the Indica Turbo? 18th December 2007
Steeroid Psycho - why're you feeling shy? POST THE !()&$)(*&@# SPECS 18th December 2007
max_911 wow , nice... how much did ur pocket burn ???? i have a alto .. thinkin of a turb@ .... :) 18th December 2007
memo45_m well post the specs na... and nice thing you did making a top, mount intercooler, and the afr scanner is lying at home, pls collect it asap 17th December 2007
Ford Rocam post up the specs saar! 17th December 2007
hellspawn holy $#! ....turbo zen..waaah!!i want..i want.. 16th December 2007
badboyscad wow! a turbo zen, pls post more detailed specs .. 16th December 2007
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