2007 Swift (1.3 DDiS) Snowflake Suzie !

s0uljah’s Team-BHP Garage
2007 Swift (1.3 DDiS) Snowflake Suzie !
Engine Specifications:
  • Capacity : 1248cc Multijet
  • Cylinders : 4
  • Valves : 16
  • Bore x Stroke : 69.6 x 82mm
  • 75 bhp @ 4000rpm
  • 190 Nm @ 2000rpm
  • Fixed Geometry Turbocharger with Intercooler
  • Chain Drive Timing System with Auto Tensioner
  • Cooled (EGR) Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • 5 Step Multi Injection Common Rail @ 1400 bar
  • Green Oil Filter
  • BS-III

Engine Misc.:
  • Currently Running in.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Company fitted turbo
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Indian Oil Diesel Regular
  • Stock Factory Tune
  • Stock (BSIII)
  • DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft)
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Im light !
Suspension :
  • Front : McPherson strut & Coil Spring
  • Rear : Torsion beam & Coil Spring

Wheels & tires:
  • 205/55/15 - Yokohama S-Drive
  • 15" Lenso, HyperBlack with Mirror Lip

  • Front : Ventilated discs
  • Rear : Drums.
  • Factory ABS (Suzuki Genuine Part)
  • Accent lighting (Seat/Dash : White)

  • HID : 4300k HiLo + 4300k Fogs
  • Clear LED Tail lamps + Hybrid bulbs
  • Rear Hatch debadged
  • White accent lighting
  • LLumar Black 50 Tints S+R
  • Nippon Security (Swift ZXI)
  • Chassis anti-corrosion treatment
In Car Entertainment (ICE) :
  • Alpine 9887
  • Illusion Luccent 6.1 Components
  • Scosche 8 gauge wiring kit + RCA's
  • Ground Zero TW 12" (1cu ft sealed)
  • Noisekill Damping 40sq ft.
  • Pete's
  • CAI

Engine Bay

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Footwear Front Profile Aftermarket tail lamps Sunrise 6000k Low beam Projector Engine Bay Hot Phat Booty!
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raghu4222 Hi s0uljah, i'm planning for a footwear change the very first day for my yet to be delivered VDI. However, i'm confused between profile 195/60/15 or 205/55/15. Please let me know the drop in power and the FE that you get in city and highway with your 205. BTW i live in BLR too. 2nd December 2009
ultimatechamp Awesome ride dude,and very thoughtfully well-maintained. 14th December 2008
s0uljah Thanks for kind words, she is blushing. Bangalore has a looooooooot of hot swifts so I dont think the 'best' tag applies. I like my ladies subtle & simple but sexy :) 7th November 2008
ghostrider Easily the best looking diesel Swift here.
(hard for me to say, believe me. I own a white DDiS myself with A-drives sitting on 195/60 R15s).

Could you do me a HUGE favour and please, please PM me the cost of the white white seat/dash accent lighting, and the Clear LED Tail lamps Hybrid bulbs?

Thanks dude. And again, that is one gorgeous looking Swift. Wish I'd seen your gallery before I slapped by alloys on. Sigh.
3rd November 2008
s0uljah I have nice feet they dont need to be hidden always like you :p That DOHC thing got messed up when I edited the gallery I think. I dont know why I put all that techspec there in the first place. 22nd October 2008
v1p3r Nice lighting, maybe for your next upgrade you can buy SHOES! Also, DOHC is part of engine spec, not drivetrain! 22nd October 2008
kartikkumar dude those alloys ROCK!!! I really really want to see you car in the flesh! 27th May 2008
s0uljah Turbopaaji the car doesnt exist, this is a fake gallery ;) 18th April 2008
Psycho and i just realised that i have never seen this car 9th April 2008
s0uljah Thanks mavrick!! Ullal im contemplating the same, more on this thread : 25th February 2008
ullal_h hi souljah. get a black shaded projector setup and 5000K HID installed for the low beams. they'll look mean 25th February 2008
VJ_MAVRICK Nice Ride there Souljah ! one of the best looking swifts on the forum and in Bangy, have you by chance do the rounds in Koramangala :D 20th February 2008
s0uljah Thanks Roopak! White swift is the m-o-s-t common and a lot of them have the clear tail lamps also. Probably wasnt me. 19th February 2008
roopakr Anirudh..Cute Ride...I always liked swift in white.Do you happen to take your ride through ORR (sarjapur) during weekdays evening.I always spot one.So is that you?GO for a WRC spoiler.It looks awesome in white.. 19th February 2008
theMAG I'm not a member state of the United Nations at this time. 18th February 2008
s0uljah Right! Maggie your Xenon party is pending. My ice party is over it was a strict non-veg affair :p Binz your welcome anytime. 18th February 2008
theMAG Now then, its against the United Nations' charter to not throw a party when one upgrades bits on one's car. 18th February 2008
binz So audio was done yesterday itself .. good .. good .. I want a demo(please) when i pick up the wipers 18th February 2008
s0uljah Oh and Im working on some lights when I have the time, you might like those I reckon ! 13th February 2008
s0uljah True, the alloys are not amongst the best designs only consolation is its not very common and thats enough for me, YO!! ;) 13th February 2008
abhibh i lyk dem lights more than D alloys YO! "Crankdat" :D hehe 12th February 2008
s0uljah Thanks:) Planning for the OEM spoiler itself. Clear tail lamps are VERRRY common now. Hybrid bulbs were bought from EVO, a funky aftermarket accessory store in Bangalore. theMAG, treats on you since you took this long to comment :p 7th February 2008
theMAG I'm surprised that I didnt see this gallery until now. Aniruddh - why no treat man ?! We can turn your treat event into the next mega meet! 7th February 2008
theodore_ftw NiCe! All you need is a spoiler to add some more zing to the car! BTW where did you source "Clear LED Tail lamps Hybrid bulbs" from? They look damn neat. 7th February 2008
s0uljah Silver is the best for Swift imo, for eg: LBM's bass monster! 21st January 2008
rider60 no mine is silver no other color was avaliable at time of purchase so settled for the silver my car sure looks good with the alloys, i put in! 21st January 2008
s0uljah and incur the wrath of hapless motorists. These are H7 fog bulbs that I got cheap and do an ok job. 20th January 2008
s0uljah Thanks bro. Glad to be part of the Suzie club. Dont want to use HID without a projector in the HL 20th January 2008
binz Car looks gorgeous!What is the reason behind xenons in the fogs and narva h4s;as in,why not the other way round? 20th January 2008
s0uljah Thanks shri! Check my thread in the sound & show off section regarding the damping. 18th January 2008
SRShrikanth Drool-Maal as typical T-bhpian's would say. !!! 40sft of Noisekill, price & performance factor - pls.?? 17th January 2008
s0uljah Thanks Arun/nikunj :) Rider60 is your car white too :p Hehe Pawan I was waiting for someone to ask, you will have it soon. v1p3er, no profile match! 15th January 2008
arunmshenoy Nice Car !! 14th January 2008
pawan sir one engine photo. 13th January 2008
nikunj_cal Whoa she loks hot , enjoy ur ride !! 12th January 2008
rider60 same pinch you and i have the same design alloys!, but mine is LEAGUE and yours is LENSO! will put it in my galllery soon! 12th January 2008
v1p3r Wanna swap rims? 11th January 2008
benbsb29 Wonderful, although better pics would help further. :D 9th January 2008
karthik247 dude it atleast needs a swift wrc spoiler. the rear looks awesome with it. 5th January 2008
s0uljah Thanks booza. Ajay car was parked for the last few days as I was out of town. Maybe the car you saw was the clone Mclaren is building :p 4th January 2008
Ajaybiz You drives on Koramangala Intermediate Ring Road at 7:45 AM? 3rd January 2008
BUSA Looking awesome man, fantastic. The rims are looking superb and so are the S drives. Get a spoiler. 30th December 2007
BUSA dude what the hell, man put more pics, just put 3 and run away with ur 14inched swift, common more pics plz. and good ones. 29th December 2007
Ajaybiz Your body kit :)..... hmmmm interesting, or your cars body kit. 28th December 2007
m4ugr8 The Rims are awesome....This Design will look Hot in 17"...I am thinking of a change ;-P 28th December 2007
s0uljah Right Ajay, The pic is @ravens place of WIP and thats his pimpmobile! As you can see he is sponsoring my bodykit ;-p 27th December 2007
blueraven316 Body Kit! Body Kit! Body Kit! 27th December 2007
Ajaybiz Hmmm looks like you went to Bluerevens place too, That Zen looks like Bluereven's Zen. 27th December 2007
s0uljah In fact for a day I was running stock lamp on the left and aftermarket on the right. Turned a lot of heads. Lol 26th December 2007
s0uljah Thanks zak, nikhil, rocky! Id picked up the tail lamps long before I got the car itself. Lol. Installed them soon after delivery. 26th December 2007
Rocky_Balboa btw when did You change the tail lights man! 26th December 2007
Rocky_Balboa great alloys S0uljah, waiting to hear Your ICE setup when we meet the next time. 26th December 2007
nikhilb2008 Lovely looking rims and white colour is the best !! 26th December 2007
speedzak Good car. Good alloys. Good pictures. Congrats Souljah! 26th December 2007
s0uljah NIP, dying to hit Kakkabe again... too hectic right now. Fatty was telling me about NYE. Wish I could make it.. 25th December 2007
s0uljah Thanks MF, Nischint & NIP :) ICE to happen shortly, the rattles are already driving me mad :p 25th December 2007
NIP so when we doin the next coorg trip bro ?! its about time ;) 25th December 2007
NIP woww ! awesome car souljah !! white IS the colour for the swift...the alloys look neat too !! have a blast ;) 25th December 2007
nischint car luks good....too good.. 25th December 2007
moralfibre Congratulations buddy. Have fun with the car. When is the ICE scheduled to be installed? 24th December 2007
BUSA The rea lights are looking awesome. Get your C pillars black with vinyl film, will rock. and more picchar 24th December 2007
BUSA Arre bhaiya souljah - I am talking about your rims and your talking about my planned sub :p 24th December 2007
s0uljah Thanks Riju, decided to drop the drool factor and keep it practical. Besides cant afford 16" combo. The rubber is way too expensive :( 23rd December 2007
s0uljah Busa, after seeing the 12" on your Swift I figured 13" would suit her a little better :-p 23rd December 2007
rjstyles69 Congratulations Anirudh..Nice choice of color and rims. Werent the rims 16 inchers coz I remember having seing them at Satya's place.. 23rd December 2007
BUSA But why did you go for 13inchers? Down sized your tyres :p Check my gallery for the damping pic. 23rd December 2007
s0uljah Thanks all! I liked the rims because its not a very common pattern. They look small though because of the lip. More like 14" :-p 23rd December 2007
karthik247 nice wheels.. post some better pix dude! 23rd December 2007
faithless_1984 Nice rims.!! 23rd December 2007
pawan wow those rims look good,congrats. 22nd December 2007
Aditya Finally! Man, I was getting worried. Looks nice. Next time in Bangalore...... 22nd December 2007
BUSA Fianlly the car is here, congrats, alloys look nice. Get a petes box :rules 22nd December 2007
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