1956 Fiat 1100 103 E Before & After

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1956 Fiat 1100 103 E Before & After
Engine Specifications:
  • 4 cyl 1089cc OHV
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol. Soon trying out a Weber/Delloroto carb.
  • In pieces. Makes a real racket!
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 5.20 14 JKTyre
  • Filthy! Used as a store room for 7 years.
  • Rotten and ratty, it looks much worse then it actually is. I use it purely to scandalise people, and drive through narrow crowded lanes with no fears of getting a scratch.
EDIT - With a heavy heart, I have had to let her go. The plus side is she's gone to a great home, and remains in the forum community.

EDIT 2 - Couldnt resist uploading present day pics. What a transformation!

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Author Comment Date
pdpyen nice restoration, got me awestruck. 22nd August 2019
dudesam24 It was as beautiful before restoration as it is afterwards... Congratulations to both the previous and current owners. 21st November 2012
procircuit_234 amazing...loved it... 19th November 2011
abishek2222 Cools nice.could have added more pics 6th August 2011
kunaalsaigal Hi Karl

That is one of the most beautiful Fiat 1100's I have seen.

I have been desperately trying to get my hands on one, have landed up making friends with a lot of owners in the process.

Its been ages since I got behind the wheels of a Fiat.

Please let me know if anyone knows it a 1952 - 1957 Fiat 1100 is up for sale in or around Mumbai.

Kunaal Saigal
91 9821041006
7th June 2010
karizma_devil Just love it ... Man !! 11th August 2009
nitrous Come out really well,Karl. 5th February 2009
planet_rocker WOW! 2nd February 2009
ultimatechamp Awesome car,my uncle had one in black which was originally bought by my grandfather,later me and my brother learnt to drive in it by our driver,my brother had banged her straight into our home wall,even later the engine suddenly caught fire one day and the bonnet was badly burnt...years later it was ultimately sold as scrap :(
Miss it even now!
22nd October 2008
the mole Aditya You started all this by selling my car to ravi. 19th September 2008
Aditya What? You sold my car? 9th September 2008
JayD U Sold her??? Why??? Who is the new lucky owner?? 8th August 2008
karlosdeville Why graphics when this is the real deal? :-) Fortunately or unfortunately she will be restored soon. Im in a state of depression! 24th May 2008
salilpawar1 I would love to see a fiat with graphics similar to the rust marks on the hood on this fiat. 23rd May 2008
karlosdeville Its gorgeous isnt it? ;-) I just cant get myself to restore it. Am located more rusty bits to match! 1st May 2008
the mole haha..the bonnet definately takes it in the league of some of the BMW art cars..beautiful car though 1st May 2008
President Ek buddhi phool, kitne jawan maali??? eh? 1st February 2008
moralfibre Shrivz, doing a test fit in the car doesn't qualify to ownership of the car. Its clearly visible that you can barely get your backside in there :P. 1st February 2008
V-16 I love the way every one is claiming my car as being theirs. For the last time and the record, its mine mine mine mine!! 1st February 2008
shrivz The car is mine!

look whose driving it in the pics!
1st February 2008
moralfibre Aditya this is no brainer. Kar-lost it. Shrivz can't fit in it. Gogi, already has one. Leaves it to be mine :D 1st February 2008
karlosdeville I thought it was yours Aditya?! 31st January 2008
Aditya Who owns this car? One day it's Shrivz, one day moralfibre, on day Gogi, now Karl. 31st January 2008
moralfibre Yes Cyrus, I'm driving it :D 25th January 2008
CYRUS43 is this car coming for the rally karl??? 24th January 2008
DHABHAR.BEHRAM karl - get me one - pllllllllllleeeeeeeese ! 18th January 2008
karlosdeville For the time being yes, but I doubt Ill keep it when I paint. I'll put on something else I guess. 13th January 2008
khanak Quite like the thing on the bonnet. Do you plan to retain it? 13th January 2008
khanak Congratulations!! One thing I really love about the dukkars is the way the front doors open..super cool!! 13th January 2008
karlosdeville Whos going to marry me if I pay attention only to rusting buckets of bolts? 8th January 2008
President Karl, I wanna see you being driven to your marriage hall with wife to be in this car. I'm sure you'll still feel happy about it! I mean the FIAT! 8th January 2008
planet_rocker ooops! she needs a new paint! but where do you keep these oldies?? 8th January 2008
karlosdeville Thats an aftermarket accessory hood ornament that used to be popular at one point. Purely cosmetic. 8th January 2008
S@~+#0$# Karl, what is that Trishul like thingy on the bonnet? 8th January 2008
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