98 Opel Astra (Soccer Edition) (Sold)

Xehaust’s Team-BHP Garage
98 Opel Astra (Soccer Edition) (Sold)
My 1st set of wheels

  • 1.6 Petrol
  • OE Custom Metallic Paint (Calypso Green)
  • OE Functional Hood Scoops
  • OE Concealed Bootlip Spoiler
  • Pioneer Audio
  • Reflective Tints


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DSC FR00nt.jpg ICE.jpg Dash.jpg SideFront.jpg Lovely Posterior.jpg Gear1.jpg Rear.jpg
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Created: 10th February 2008 00:57
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suped99 love the set of allots you have got for your car!car is really neat and well maintained too! 28th November 2008
Xehaust Thank you for your compliments everyone.
@prabuddhadg - Its a Metallic Dark Green. The manual states it as "Calypso Green"
18th April 2008
prabuddhadg That car is really well maintained. Nice alloys too. Can not precisely make out the shade, but it does look nice. 18th April 2008
SRShrikanth Hey buddy, from where did you have ur alloys installed & at what price point, please.?? 24th March 2008
Ricky_63 A very well looked after car I must say !!! I had one in 1999 & was a pleasure to own & drive. The solid build quality back then was ahead of any other cars available at that point in time. 1st March 2008
ramie2400 wow thats nicely maintained astra.. was one of my fav cars to drive and was power packed with goodies inside :) 17th February 2008
Xehaust Well, like i said, it wasnt properly maintained uptil i got it so it gave a little high maintainance in the middle like every1 states but since the past year, id say it is only a tad on the higher side. 17th February 2008
BUSA Nice history, didnot know the Astra was so advanced, how is the maintainance like. 16th February 2008
SRShrikanth Surely Soccer Edition makes it a rare beauty. Nice to see your having a ball with her.!!! 11th February 2008
Xehaust So theres quite a lot of history behind it :) hehe
o, and the paint is metallic. At that time, this was completely alien as well :)
Also it had central locking with remote and all four windows are auto down.

No wonder i dont feel like another car. This car had all the features 10 yrs back which are yet not standard in cars of today. Man, you made me nostalgic by asking that question :D
11th February 2008
Xehaust "Soccer Edition" is because in 98 the world soccer games were held & to commemorate that Opel launced a special "Soccer Edition" with loads of extra accesories. Like Custom paint (The green colour you see here), 14 inch 3 spoke custom alloys (That time 13 was the de facto standard) Will post pics of the old rims here soon, CD player (Not the one in my pics but at that time, cassettes were the rage and CD was like alien), rear spoiler, custom hood and many more features. The custom hood vents and spoiler later made it onto the Astra club which was launced 2 yrs later.

Also point to note here being that these were completely imported from Germany and not locally assembled. I guess thats why mine is still going strong :)

There were only 600 of them made, 300 in the green colour (MINE) and 300 in a beigeish colour.
11th February 2008
Jayabusa Cool ride! What's the 'Soccer Edition' stuff all about? 11th February 2008
Xehaust She has run over 1,07,000 kms :)
She was not maintained at all till the end of 2006. Then after that i got her as my personal car as i started to drive. Have tried to take as good care of her as i can after that. In the middle she gave a hell lot of trouble & i even thought of selling her.
Happy to say that i did not and all is well now, shes running along happily.
P.S. - The Bumpers have huge scratches :( Bombay roads & driving GRRRR.
You cant see them as the pics are low resolution. But will be getting them touched up soon.
11th February 2008
BUSA Man Xehaust, i must admit, you have maintained your car absolutely well, its almost 10 years old and the love and care you have taken in maintaining it can be seen. Well done buddy. How much has she run? 10th February 2008
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