Audi A4 2.0 TDi (Sold)

Ricky_63’s Team-BHP Garage
Audi A4 2.0 TDi (Sold)
Engine Specifications:
  • 140 BHP 2.0L TDi Stock as of now
Engine Misc.:
  • Green Cotton Stock Replacement Filter
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • VGT
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Diesel
  • Stock twin tailpipe
  • 7 Speed Multitronic
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock 15 Spoke Alloys
  • 225/50/16 Michellin Pilot Preceda 2 (Upgraded)
  • Stock Black Leather
  • All Electric adjustable front seats with Lumbar Support
  • 6 CD in dash changer
  • Door Mounted Speakers & Tweeters
  • Sub in parcel tray
  • Lighted vanity mirrors
  • Lighted foot wells (front & rear)
  • Rear Seat Center Armrest with twin glass holders
  • Glass holder on front dash
  • Brushed Alluminium inserts in dash & doors
  • Manual window blinds on rear 2 windows
  • Electric Blind on rear windshield
  • Auto dimming RVM
  • Auto Sensing Headlamps
  • Auto Sensing Wipers
  • Sun Moon Roof
  • Silver Metallic
  • All Stock
  • Retractable Electric ORVM's
  • Courtesy lights under doors

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Created: 13th February 2008 18:09
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Author Comment Date
Ricky_63 No great real world difference. But one it is breathing better & two replacing stock air filter works out more expensive in the long run 27th November 2010
ashish22 have u felt any difference after installing the green cotton filter?? 26th November 2010
Ricky_63 Going great. No complaints !! Looking :-) 2nd August 2010
ashish22 how's the car going on...planning to upgrade?? 2nd August 2010
Ricky_63 Thank you gentlemen audidebs & IndrojitSircar...I don't think this is going to be chipped, anytime soon. Runs brilliantly, there are other cars that I have to "play" with !!! 19th May 2010
audidebs nice!! now go get it chipped! 14th February 2010
IndrojitSircar Very nice car,like the colour of the car the best . 6th August 2009
Ricky_63 Thanks Ashish. Ya I am there often :-) 6th May 2009
ashish22 brilliant car big bro :)
i'm sure i've seen ur car couple of times in ggn
5th October 2008
Ricky_63 Thanks GTA, Torqueguru, flyingspur.......I personally chose the black / grey interiors over the beige as I thought a Silver car does not look right with beige. Guess it's a matter of personal choice. 10th April 2008
flyingspur That is a lovely car. And the new Audi A4 is a fantastic machine as well. The only gripe I have is that no matter the exterior colour, I always prefer interiors in beige. Only a personal preference. :-) 10th April 2008
Torqueguru Awesome. Period. 6th April 2008
GTA Can i give a Funky Sugestion? Paint the wheels a darker grey or Black. 3rd April 2008
Ricky_63 Thanks Ashwin & thanks Akshay. Glad to see the growing tribe of Audi Lovers !!! 6th March 2008
akshay1234 lovely car. i love audis. had the time of my life when i got to drive a 3.2fsi a6. the road presence is awesome thanks to that grill. 6th March 2008
ashwin_seattle nice pics. though i would say the older generation audi looked more beautiful..just a personal opinion. i owned a black older gen '99 audi A4 quattro and it looked awesome. In my opinion, they shouldnt have changed the front grill...its too big now, and the headlamps as well.
but last - an audi is an audi...and is incomparable, specially a quattro.
Congrats on the ride.
6th March 2008
Ricky_63 The A4 NOW comes with ALL electric options :-) Electric Sunroof, Electric Front Seats with Lumbar Support adjust. The car now has more features than the 3 series or the C Class that I compared it with. The only thing it does not have is parking sensors & projector headlamps :-( I do miss the parking sensors for sure. 29th February 2008
vid6639 Nice car. I always thought that the A4 in india came with no electric seats and no sun roof. What other features does it have? No parking sensors?? 29th February 2008
Ricky_63 Thanks kjdesigns 2000 - glad u like the car !!! 29th February 2008
kjdesigns_2000 Beautiful car, congrats for it. 19th February 2008
Ricky_63 Thanks Shuvd, I am going for the 225's will post pics once done :-) 18th February 2008
shuvd Congrats Ricky. I love the understated looks! Aren't you going for 225s? 17th February 2008
Ricky_63 Thanks flyingspur, Busa. Glad you gentlemen like the AUDI. As for the remap Busa, patience my friend patience :-) 17th February 2008
BUSA Very good choice ricky, i am keeping a eye on you, knowing your fantastic tastes in cars and mods, expect this one to be fast with your remap, i know i know i am tempting you :) 16th February 2008
flyingspur That's a lovely car, Ricky. Isn't the engine the same as the one in the Passat ? 15th February 2008
Ricky_63 Thanks Planet Roocker, hellspawn & rev hard. Glad you guys like the car :-) 15th February 2008
rev_hard Hawtnesssssss!! It just looks so complete and did I say hottttttt. 15th February 2008
hellspawn wow looks damn love silver colour ,dont you :) 15th February 2008
planet_rocker congrats ricky - it looks gorgeous :) 14th February 2008
Ricky_63 Finally the pictures are loaded :-) 14th February 2008
Ricky_63 Sorry but unable to load any pictures, will try later 13th February 2008
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