2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Sexy!!! Usage - Civilian urban transport and occasional make-out. Further information is classified, for now

Sam Kapasi’s Team-BHP Garage
2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Sexy!!! Usage - Civilian urban transport and occasional make-out. Further information is classified, for now
Engine :
  • Yes. Under Hood
  • No
Mobile phone charger:
  • Yes
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Uses Petrol for fuel. Tuning:The mids and highs of the music system are tuned to be pleasing and not harsh at any volume.
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes, 6. 5 to go, one to return.
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • I'm working on it - Jogging is the key
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Definitely has suspension, 4 Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres plus one more in the boot. For some reason the tyre in the boot has a name. Stephanie. Each tyre is closely wrapped around some fancy overpriced alloy wheels.
Wheels on the Lancer turn:
  • Round and round, round and round, round and round
  • Tan colour Leather.
  • Red Colour Shiny Paint
Music System Specifications:

  • Panasonic HU
    one JBL GTO1004 4channel amplifier
    one JBL GTO3501 Monoblock Amplifier
    Infinity Reference 12" bass Box
    One Pair Infinity Kappa 693.5 6X9 speakers with emit tweeters
    One set Infinity Kappa 5.25 components
    Monster XLN Rca Cables for Subwoofer amplifier
    VDH The Hybrid (Carbon/silver) RCA for Rear amplifier
    VDH Dual Silver RCA cabling for front amplifier
    VDH Clearline Speaker Cabling
    Monster MC500 subwoofer speaker cable

    This is not a showcar, just a personal system so I didn't go overboard with the ICE. It sounds clean and looks stock.


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317126_3_full.jpg 317126_5_full.jpg 317126_6_full.jpg 317126_7_full.jpg 317126_8_full.jpg 317126_9_full.jpg Rudra made this for me. God bless him.
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Created: 6th January 2006 13:02
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Author Comment Date
manikjeet :'( 25th September 2013
Chewbacca :'( 26th September 2012
v1p3r :'( 25th September 2012
aa_asif LOL! I love the description here! not to mention the shiny paint job. 8th July 2010
khoj Sam, Now that the Lancer is for sale / has been sold, can we have some snaps of your Land Rover?


Sam, Nun, da der Lancer zum Verkauf / verkauft wurde, können wir einige Schnappschüsse von Ihren Land Rover?
7th May 2010
Sam Kapasi This car is now for sale. Please refer to classifieds. Thanks, Sam. 13th February 2010
khoj Oye Saam teri Landy kithey gayi? Koi photo shoto te paa dey garage wich.


pcchscch Sam tumchi landi kuthley geli? Garage madhe photo pahijey.
6th January 2010
abhinav.gupta88 Damn . Excellent ride. Very nicely maintained.
Sam please put up the Verna gallery too.
12th February 2009
flyingspur Stephanie !! HAhahahahahahahahhahahahhaha 13th November 2008
autoenthusiast Wow my friends, you really really polish your car well. It's gleaming :-) 16th October 2008
navpreet318 hey sam,very very clean looking car man.
wanna sell it??
no seriously.lemme know...
31st March 2008
anonymous Sam, you lazy boy, get some ICE fotu uploaded soon. 5th March 2008
rider60 the car looks awesome and the ICE setup is pretty good for a personal car just awesome!

now i am just waiting for you to put up the verna's gallery, please do put it up asap!
12th February 2008
SRShrikanth Awesome make-out joint, Sam. Can we say, Pump up the Volume.!!! 2nd January 2008
Kool_Kid Simple, classic & elegant . Sexy brother ... 2nd January 2008
PatienceWins Excellent choice and a maintained car. I like the colour and the alloys. 27th November 2007
Sam Kapasi How does one report a comment in the gallery? I want to report this fellow below. 15th November 2007
1self Sam...what does VDH stand for? Veneral Disease with Hooker? LOL!! 15th November 2007
Sam Kapasi An excellent point. I have to make a verna gallery. Verna yeh baat galat ho jayegi. 2nd October 2007
vkochar Sam - where is your Verna Gallery ?? 2nd October 2007
Amey Sweet Car Sam ! Looks really classy ! ICE setup looks impressive. 20th September 2007
vebmetal How about pictures of the ICE setup? 12th September 2007
car_freek Brother You got it All.... A red lancer has allways been my dream car even i m trying to get one 11th September 2007
rosh_aveo1.4 Hey....comments were hilarious and a very nice sound system!!! 2nd August 2007
warchild haha...hey man..funny the way ya explained abut ur car.. btw nice lancer:)) 29th July 2007
BUSA hey Sam, post some interior pics, your car looks very good i keep visitin ur gallery and ur spa thread. 10th July 2007
razor4077 Like the title says... Sexy! Pity I didn't get to see it in person. Next time for sure. 5th July 2007
redsfx Nice ride. My ride is similar. Mine is a red sfx lancer. One of the coolest cars ever sold in india.wt say guys? 4th July 2007
bottle excellent car , mind posting some pics of the seats and interiors ? 4th July 2007
1100D "Ki Soondor" 3rd July 2007
vid6639 are your tyres 205/50-15? remove the good years put in the dough boy. 30th June 2007
Sam Kapasi @mansidea, Rudra has touched my car lol, @tinnie, thanks man for the kind words, @toothe, mad or what? lol 30th June 2007
sabret00the hey Sam very well maintained Lancer...why not go for those big EVO type fog lamps on the bumper...ha ha 30th June 2007
tinnieboy Sam Bhai !!! You arent just good at one thing it appears. Nice shots and aptly loved car you have it appears. 19th June 2007
mansidea Nice Pics Sam. Especially the last one which has a rudra sen touch in it. 29th May 2007
Sam Kapasi Well, he followed greatness I think. I had those gooodyears when he was driving a souped up maruti. :) 21st May 2007
vid6639 how are ur tyres doing? how come both you and elf have good years? coincidence? 21st May 2007
toiingg Great ICE, really well maintained car Sam. 9th May 2007
BUSA nice pics only if it had a engine in the hood rather then amplifiers it would move. 6th May 2007
Sam Kapasi Thanks for the kind comments on the alloys, I love them too. Gamer, hangy thingys all over. Tissues coming in. want? 28th March 2007
Sam Kapasi Arrey, the ice looks stock mostly, except for the tube. So what to show? 28th March 2007
abhibh Alloys are too good... Interior and ICE pics plz..... 28th March 2007
hari_rama wow the last pic is excellent....nice car n alloys bro.... 23rd March 2007
benbsb29 Dude.... i keep comin back for the alloys... :P Too gud to resist. 15th March 2007
gamerno1 the new pic is SWEET! i want that JBL hangy thingy.. & where are the ICE pics? :| 9th March 2007
Godfather Where are the ICE pics..?? 6th March 2007
moralfibre Amazing work by the old man!! 6th March 2007
Jaggu never saw ur beauty and indeed she is ;) 2nd March 2007
Steeroid Incredible! 2nd March 2007
Sam Kapasi Check out the new picture - created by the old master himself. 2nd March 2007
Sam Kapasi Hello boys, thank you for your kind comments. Vid - the car looks the same na... only the silencer is painted black and new bolts on the alloy wheels 13th February 2007
vid6639 Sam, where are pics after car spa 2nd February 2007
Sidewinder$ ausum car there sam ... the color is just a eye catcher ...well kept .... salute 2 u sir & the system is .......... wow..!! 2nd February 2007
Sam Kapasi Thank you Fiat1221, vivek i will post them soon. 3rd January 2007
Vivekphadnis Oh and where are the pics of the audio equipment? 29th December 2006
Vivekphadnis Is the engine able to carry all that audio equipment? 29th December 2006
Fiat 1221cc This car shud've been in one of the LANCER showrooms to boost up the sales of the when the MITSUBISHI market started plummeting. Welldone! Sam! 27th December 2006
Ford Rocam Sweet ride, would love to hear that ICE setup in your car someday. 20th December 2006
Sam Kapasi Psycho uncle, please dont lagao nazar... :( 20th December 2006
Psycho Arre it was shining a bit too much so I thought I would put some nazar on it ;) 14th December 2006
mobike008 Sam, one of the best looking cars seen on TBHP. Awesome gleem and shine of the paint. Mine is also same color a new car but it ain't as glossy :) 14th December 2006
Sam Kapasi @ Psycho - Hello, this is now my daily drive boss, @ ramie - Thank you, 15" wheels 13th December 2006
ramie2400 hey sam nice and clean ride dude,,, love the colour...wats the size of the rims? 12th December 2006
Psycho Well Sam one buys a car to drive it not to park it man... you got a good ride take it out 1st December 2006
Technocrat hmm I wonder where did the model sticker (at back) went? 1st December 2006
Technocrat Wow thats a well maintained Car Sam :) Nice & shiny & yeah I liked the No tints idea. ICE looks decent too 1st December 2006
faithless_1984 you can go for some light tints,they will not destroy the clean look plus ull get a little privacy.! :) 30th November 2006
JRD nicely kept dude.. you need some lowers springs on the car though.. will look even better 30th November 2006
Sam Kapasi NO danlalalala tints will destroy the clean look! 24th November 2006
danlalan DUDE YOU NEED SOME TINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12th November 2006
Sam Kapasi You get a really nice MDF spacer, well shaped. Once those are bolted on, you can fit the 6X9 with no cutting. 11th November 2006
Sam Kapasi correct vid, the rear pictures were taken when I had 6.5" coaxials in the rear. However you don't have to cut the car to fit a 6X9... 11th November 2006
bright_skull Good car dude... only thing which looked outdated to me is the headlamp assembly. You should go for a Clear lens Headlamp and Xenon lamps. 10th November 2006
vid6639 are your infinity rear speakers in the stock grills? i dont think so mus be pic b4 ice. they cut my rear deck to put in 6X9. damn. 9th November 2006
benbsb29 Really nice pics, pal ...!! Luv the alloys..!! Humor appreciated...!! LOL 9th November 2006
islandman I wouldn't agree more, Tints and spoiler could spoil the clean looks. Apart from the fantastic ICE, the paint finish & the leather seats are awesome. 9th November 2006
Sam Kapasi @planet rocker, no not a bong, but have had a few in my time :) @mike - A spoiler? Are you mad? It will spoil the clean look entirely. lol 1st November 2006
mikerockznrulz juss the main thing put a hks free flow n a spoiler it looks rocking 1st November 2006
planet_rocker @sam - u a bong? love your ride. nice. pretty decent! 31st October 2006
sreenivass thats good car in a fabulous color 29th October 2006
nikkibike ugh!!!!! STUNNING!! 1st October 2006
2L8uLoose Sam... I absolutely FLIPPED for the sweet sweet ICE your car has.. well done! 29th September 2006
quadra Simple, classic & elegantly impressive 10/10 29th September 2006
Sam Kapasi Noise is not a word associated with this car baba 13th September 2006
ajinkya259 Hey man that car would be makin hell of a noise!!! kool !! 5th September 2006
gamerno1 hey sam, still no ICE pics :( 11th August 2006
shrivz man! that kar luks haute!!! nice clear coat... n very well maintained... 19th July 2006
Sam Kapasi Hey, changed the ICE a little, cables and HK D+P. Ed, she looks best without tints. Trust me. 3rd July 2006
Edmund tint her up sam!!!! 21st June 2006
Psycho Do you ever drive it??? ;) 19th June 2006
Rgu88 read hot chick wit goodv bass 19th June 2006
hellspawn wow.looks awesome .....n d ice is just too good. 6th June 2006
nevertouchme Wow ! Red ^ Red ^ Go red ! Clean... Awesome... 7th April 2006
jkdas ***! he dannoo the namber of his alpine hU! SAM! 31st March 2006
Sam Kapasi Sunroof is missing? Actually I didn't want one :) come anytime. 17th March 2006
santy06 Sambhai! ur car is class, looks great....expect to have a ride when i come to Mumbai. P.S. i thinik sunroof is missing. 13th March 2006
v1p3r Are you selling the car anytime soon? 11th March 2006
Edmund Love the humour and the car........ keep the giggles comin' an the revvs climbing!!!! 4th March 2006
revtech Very amusing galery i must say.LOL sweet ride dude. 23rd February 2006
lancer_mania hey sam nice clean car and a better ICE Setup....Not Bad 23rd February 2006
Sam Kapasi Gases through something productive??? eeww.. 17th February 2006
hot_rod this car is simply HOT! 5th February 2006
ram Wow! what a sassy car. Love the red paint and alloys. 1st February 2006
v1p3r Chalo, accepted you have an exhaust. Why don't you run those gases through something productive, like a turbine? 31st January 2006
Sam Kapasi Thank you Max, Thank you Nitorous, McL, stay away from my car. V1p3r baba, what is funny? I really do have an exhaust. God promise, mother swear. 28th January 2006
mclaren1885 kya rey ..wht have we bangy boys done .. get ur car here and we wil send it back without engine wengine .. ok ok rudra wont get near ur car ..prmise.. 27th January 2006
Max very sexy looking car and sexy alloyes 24th January 2006
nitrous very funny gallery! 18th January 2006
v1p3r Kya baba, i've not heard it...does that make me a bad boy??? I love your description of the car...exhaust..yes... 14th January 2006
devarshi84 that's brings the number of red lancer to 3. looks pretty well maintained. 13th January 2006
Sam Kapasi Well, it was custom painted by HM in chennai and clear coated by them. They made me wait 15 days extra for the car. 10th January 2006
shazikon Hey very well maintained car pal, is that OE paint job? or some kind of a shiny clear coat? 10th January 2006
Sam Kapasi Thank you Addy, for the compliments. 9th January 2006
Aditya Best Lancer I've sat in. Well maintained car, nice seats, awesome ICE system! 9th January 2006
gamerno1 loved the car sam. alloys are cool. would like to see the audio stuff (Baadme I'll put uska photos also) <- nice hindi lol :P 8th January 2006
Sam Kapasi the cars done 20k. To be fair, these pics were taken last yr. but the cars still clean! 7th January 2006
lamborghini Nice car bro. We have a lancer 05 make, same nice shiny red colour with a hint of orange. 7th January 2006
srasania nice red painted disc callipers! 6th January 2006
Joz 2003 and this clean. Amazing!!! How many km has the car run? 6th January 2006
Rtech Quit pretending you know nothing about cars! And yes, he has a perfectly balanced ICE system. Subconsciously he wants to be an accountant me thinks :D 6th January 2006
Sam Kapasi It's a small system - clean and full SQ. Baadme I'll put uska photos also. 6th January 2006
Sam Kapasi Accha, I am sure all of you want to see the music system in the lancer na? Its a nice one. All the good guys here have already heard it. 6th January 2006
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