2008 suzuki swift vdi bro's

alias’s Team-BHP Garage
2008 suzuki swift vdi bro's
Thanks to blueraven @ evo for all the mods

and a very satisfactory service

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Member: alias
Created: 9th April 2008 02:07
Last Modified: 30th April 2008 05:29
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Team Fiat Nice very nice COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Rims 17th August 2009
Harrie Regarding the rims I think he meant that SC04s in that particular finish. There is one swift here with those rims but its black. But you never know... 6th July 2009
Harrie Nice so you are still driving a turbo car :D 6th July 2009
SirAlec We definitely need better pictures. and if you may please, details of alloy.

23rd October 2008
alias nope its still red and that pic was in the dark so.. 3rd September 2008
Jayabusa Looks like you've painted it black! It's lookin killer! 30th July 2008
alias i know it spoils the looks lol but my bro liked it so.... 31st May 2008
alias spolier... 31st May 2008
Jayabusa I meant to ask what is that red thing in the 3rd pic. 30th May 2008
.anshuman but this is a LDi 11th May 2008
alias 'Shendi' all about?!

what do you mean
1st May 2008
Jayabusa Hot rims there! BTW what's that red 'Shendi' all about?! 1st May 2008
alias your right

its not a vdi its an ldi

couldnt get a vdi no cars avalible
29th April 2008
jesal nice car, and how do u have a vdi with black door handles and rear view mirrors, these should be painted body coloured. in bombay this is bodycolored. funny how u do not have it 29th April 2008
alias dont know the exact width however all i know is they are 205/40-17

is the profie and ya when ever i or we are driving we takecare of the rims more than the car itself
16th April 2008
sjcherian Nice wheels ! Do take care with driving through unknown roads dont want to hit potholes at speed. What is the width of the tyres ? 16th April 2008
alias didn feel any difference in the ride just that needs extra attention on potholes

otherwise its awsome
11th April 2008
shrivz oops, my bad.. SC04s.. they look like 17 inchers, need I ask, hows the ride? 11th April 2008
alias ya after we bought tham they are now famous

every one wants one for his car :D
10th April 2008
v1p3r shrivz, they're SC04s, I think. Alias, there were only 2 LEFT. Just saw them for the first time on another car today, black Vtec. 10th April 2008
alias the ice is also done will update the pics asap 10th April 2008
alias ya i meant apart from these haven seen these atleast in blore though 10th April 2008
manveet HOT Rims those !! and quite a neat spoiler too .. what else in the pipeline ? 10th April 2008
khanak I know of 2 other Swifts running the same rims. 10th April 2008
alias was told by my tunner that there are only 2 sets in india so i went for them 9th April 2008
shrivz The SC02s look fantastic!!! 9th April 2008
khanak WOW!!! Those rims look really hot!! 9th April 2008
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