2004 Suzuki SV650S

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2004 Suzuki SV650S
Engine Specifications:
  • 645 cc, four-stroke, liquid cooled, 90 V-twin, DOHC, 8-valves, TSC
Engine Misc.:
  • 6-speed
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Power commander on-board
Fuel & Tuning:
  • regular unleaded.
  • Two-Bothers aftermarket exhaust.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
Tires Front:120/60-ZR17 Tires Rear:160/60-ZR17

  • Full body fairing; Aftermarket foot pegs.


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IMG_3262.jpg 2.jpg 11.jpg Getting the bike fixed At the mechanic's.. IMG_4869.jpg
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Member: Nitin
Created: 11th April 2008 00:46
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Author Comment Date
Mr. Nobody thats sad u sold it . great bike and very practical too 19th May 2010
Nitin With a lot of guilt and sadness, I'll be selling my bike off today. :(
No time to ride, and a 3 month old daughter now,I felt its best to give the bike away rather than have it rot in the garage.
Hopefully,I'll get to own other bikes in the future..Once a biker, always a biker!
13th February 2010
karizma_devil nice ride nitin .. yellows my fav colour !!

ride safe
Cheers mate!
13th August 2009
akshay4587 Nice ride:) 6th February 2009
Nitin thanks Rev_hard. No wheelies or stunts for me. A more sedate rider who chooses to be on the safe side always. I like to watch people do wheelies though..:) 25th April 2008
Nitin The power commander lets me decide a bunch of thing-power,fuel efficiency etc. I haven't hooked it to a computer yet,but someday I will. 25th April 2008
rev_hard Nice bike!!! Poppin wheelies yet ;) ? 25th April 2008
aravindwarrier kool Bike. BTW, whats power commander (I guess, but still..) Pls Post photos. 25th April 2008
Nitin None at all. This bike was for sale,and I prefer bright colored bikes as its easy to spot. And with the crazy traffic in Houston,better to be seen easily.
19th April 2008
sujaylahiri Any reason for choosing yellow? 19th April 2008
Nitin Thanks gendarmee! 16th April 2008
gendarmee looks sharp!
16th April 2008
Nitin Thanks a lot,jayabusa! Guess I took my time,but got something I liked.
15th April 2008
Jayabusa Oh freaks! what do we have here?!
Congrats Nitin! Just goes to show you have great, great taste!
15th April 2008
Nitin Thanks,straight6.The previous owner gave me all the riding gear I needed.A heavy 'Nitro' riding jacket,with tonnes of padding. Riding gloves,from Joe Rocket. A KBC helmet,and I'm good to go. 15th April 2008
Nitin black12rr,I love the fairing on these bikes,thats the reason I decided to get the SV650S. Will do my best to ride safe. Thanks. 15th April 2008
straight6 Congrats bro, finally you got it! Time to buy the entire set of riding gear if you already haven't. 15th April 2008
black12rr yellow yellow ,good fellow . Yellow is sweet .Nice engine . Try running it naked , should look raw .
Ride safe .
14th April 2008
Nitin true,manson. Really gotta experience the wind in your face.. 14th April 2008
manson I know that amzing feeling nitin, even i had a long wait before i landed on the Ace. Sweet ride, ride safe. 14th April 2008
Nitin Thanks,Sohail! 11th April 2008
Nitin Thanks,Bhupi. Man..its such an amazing feeling to finally own a bike! 11th April 2008
SohailPistawala Congrats buddy!! nice ride!! 11th April 2008
highwayblaze hey mannn...look who's here ! Congrats on a very capable bike dude! ride safe :) 11th April 2008
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