Fully Moded 1976 Hindustan Ambassador THE TNB 600

muneemmk’s Team-BHP Garage
Fully Moded 1976 Hindustan Ambassador THE TNB 600
Engine Specifications:
  • 1800cc,4 Cylinder Diesel
Engine Misc :
  • Matador 305C Series Engine
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Electronic Supercharger(Don't Really Know Whether It Works Or Not)
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Diesel,Tuned Bosch Inline Pump.
  • Larger Diameter Pipe, Stock Muffler.
  • 5 Speed Transmission,Differential From Isuzu.
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Still A heavy Weight Champion, Got Rid Of The Old Gear Box New One's Made Of Aluminum.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Extensively Lowered, Torsion Bar With Shock at the Front.
  • Lowered , very low number of Leaf Springs With Shock At the Rear.
  • Stock Rims, 165/70 R15 MRF Radials.
  • New Completely Beige interiors.
  • Custom Paint Job - Dupont Metallic Finish Of Light Sky Blue Metallic From 07' Toyota Camry,Duxone 6000 Series Clear Coat From Dupont.
  • Altered head Lamps, Tail Fins, Tail Lamps, Scoopless Bonnet (Avigo).
  • Remote Opening Fuel Lid.
  • Automatic Retracting FM Antenna.
  • Disc Brakes In The front And Larger Diameter Drum brakes At The Rear With Vacuum Booster Assisted Master Cylinder.
  • Pioneer 5650 HU
  • Sony Xplod 6 X 9 400 Watts in The Rear
  • Sony Xplod 6" 120 Watts in The Front
Other Mods
  • Power Steering From Honda City,Power Steering Pump From Ford Escort.
  • Sun control film by Sunshield Titanium Grey on the sides and Platinum Grey For the front Windshield.


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My 76 Amby Amby1.jpg Image1762.jpg My Beige Interiors..... Image1767.jpg What My Car Used To Look Like Under Construction
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sandeepmohan You have to be one crazy Ambassador fan with a lot of dough:-). Well done mayte. I love the Ambassador and your car is as good as it can get. I have a few questions though.

Why a Matador engine? In my opinion, the 2l Isuzu mill is a lot quieter and smoother. Besides; you can buy it stock turbo charged too. I have driven a Ambassador with this engine and it is surprisingly quick and efficient. It can also deal with the load from an air conditoner.

Is the new gearbox Hindustan Motors manufactured?
7th August 2012
EFF-EIGHT-BEE Does your car also has an aircon in it ? 2nd October 2010
muneemmk I was not into the Forum much when I was redoing the car else it would have been bone stock with every Mark 3 bits , but now i guess it's either bone stock or full out and out modded hotrod. I would Chose the Latter. 7th August 2009
ACM Done very cleanly and tastefully. The paintjob and interiors also work well, though personally I would have like the old dash with circular meters more. 7th August 2009
RJ555 nice job... 27th May 2009
greenhorn thats a relief. thought you'd gotten some free black vinyl sheets and was getting "creative" with them :p 2nd May 2009
muneemmk 2nd May 2009
muneemmk That's just a PS Job done by JayZ,with a A6 Grill, If I go ahead with it i am sure it will find it's way into Wierd and Wacky. 2nd May 2009
greenhorn can we have a high res shot of your profile pic here? 2nd May 2009
CaliforniaKnight those seat look real comfy. 18th February 2009
muneemmk The tail lamps are from amby avigo it's a OE tail lamp. 14th October 2008
JayD Looks good dude, what tail lamps are those?? P.S: When on earth will we get to see this for the meets?? Lol!! 6th August 2008
musicmanaman That's one good looking Amby, I own an Avigo 1800 Isuz myself, how much did it cost to get the car looking like this from it's original 76 look. 27th May 2008
gods-envy quite a good transformation buddy...
the Amigo headlights good great
30th April 2008
razor4077 Nice transformation! Looks really good, and the interiors seem very comfy! 26th April 2008
rippergeo nice work. when can we see it in the flesh? 23rd April 2008
planet_rocker lovely - :) this the secong sweet Amby i have come across in Team BHP. you should upload more pics (including cabin pics) 18th April 2008
1100D If this is a 76 then it must be a Mark 3. Which to me has tremendous appeal in itself. Avigo headlights and bonnet looks good with the grande grille. 18th April 2008
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