2008 Suzuki Swift Zxi Hydra's Hatch II

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2008 Suzuki Swift Zxi Hydra's Hatch II
Engine, Intake & Exhaust:
  • Stock, 1.3L Petrol
  • K&N Apollo Cold Air Intake
  • Remus Bolt-on Sportexhaust
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Tyres: Yokohama S-Drive, 205/50 R16
  • Alloys: Lenso MW, 16" x 7J. Hyper-Silver with Chrome Lip.
  • Spare tyre: Steel wheel and anorexic stock tyre, from a VXi.
  • Tints - Sides and back: Llumar Platinum Series Neutral 35SR
  • Tint - Front Windscreen: Llumar Diamond Series AIR 75R
  • HU: Alpine CDA-9887. (With iPod full-speed connection established through KCA-422i cable).
  • Amp (Speakers): TRU Technology STEEL S44 (4-channel).
  • Amp (Subwoofer): TRU Technology STEEL S500 (Class AB Monobloc).
  • Front Speakers: Image Dynamics XS65 (6.5" 2-way component speakers).
  • Rear Speakers: Image Dynamics CTX6 (6" 2-way coaxials).
  • Subwoofer: Image Dynamics IDQ12 D2V2 12" Sub in a custom-built 0.75 cu.ft. sealed box.
  • Damping: Generic Silver-webbed damping sheets & AZ Audiocomp Foam. DynaXorb Squares behind speakers.
  • Cables: Connection Audison power cables (2AWG & 4AWG) & accessories (fuse holder, distribution block, ground terminals, fuse, etc). Connection Audison BEST series RCA interconnects and Speaker Wire. Connection Audison SONUS series wire for subwoofer.
  • Install: Custom install job by Zuheimi.

K&N Apollo CAI

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Mist1.jpg DSC00805.jpg K&N Apollo CAI REMUS bolt-on Exhaust CarCollage.jpg ICE Collage July 09.jpg Boot_1.jpg
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whizzkid_ram Bro, i need the price of each of the following including the sealed box of the sub-woofer.

TRU Technology STEEL S44 (4-channel).
TRU Technology STEEL S500 (Class AB Monobloc).
Image Dynamics IDQ12 D2V2 12" Sub in a custom-built 0.75 cu.ft. sealed box.
17th May 2010
captainsokhi great looking rims.....
and good ICE....
17th February 2010
scuderiamania Awesome colour! Me and my father were looking for the same colour. But, because of a long waiting period, had to settle for a black one. 4th December 2009
blackbeast Hi ......Hws the ride on 16 Inchers Alloys ! was planning to go for it ...was bit skeptical abt the wheel arches touching 25th August 2009
karankapoor sorry to start likethis:-can you please remove those side moulding and the bmper guards the are looking sick.

amazing alloys and ice-ice baby.planing to go for KN can you tell me what all difference in performance you feel after this
15th March 2009
suped99 awesome car buddy. the k&n filter looks whack!can u please tell me how much did the filter and exhaust cost u? 14th February 2009
hydrashok Thank you, everybody! I guess I haven't been looking at the comments here for quiet a while. 11th October 2008
frankmehta awesome ice!!! i really like the setup! 11th October 2008
honda_dude bro the door and the bumper mouldings look ugly.. get rid of them..

otherwise the car looks hot
22nd July 2008
menonrajesh Fantasic Misty pics, Anup:) 7th July 2008
Veelubai Hey , ur car looks superb.My friend has fitted an apollo in his swit and trust me it makes a hell lot of diff on both ur pick up and FE. 7th June 2008
zenopio hey buddy how much it costed for the whole alloyes and wheels..did u exchange the old tyers 11th May 2008
jesal y did u sell ur palio again i thought u loved tht car 23rd April 2008
MaserQ Those wheels are swell! 22nd April 2008
jesal how much are the rims and tyres for separately 22nd April 2008
prince85 Your car in Arctic White with those wheels looks stunning man. But why on why did you put those black rubber mouldings on the door??? IMHO, it sticks out like a sore thumb in a otherwise sexy machine! 21st April 2008
BUSA Nice car and awesome wheels hydra. Get a turbo, oh i forget you will prefer a amplifier :p 21st April 2008
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