Gypsy 4x4: The King

khan_sultan’s Team-BHP Garage
Gypsy 4x4: The King
Bought in Apr 2006. (October 2001 Model)
  • 1.3L MPFI Gypsy King, Engine blueprinted to design specs & grooved
  • Lockrite Automatic Locking Differentials (Rear)
  • Rear body/chassis chopped of to reduce rear overhang
  • Anti-sway bar removed for increased articulation in off-road conditions
  • 4.16:1 Rock Crawler T-Case Gear Set
  • 31x10.5 Yokohama Geolander M/T Tyres
  • SPoA with 5" lift
  • Custom fabricated Traction Bar at the rear axle
  • Composite Fiber Leaf Springs (Rear)
  • Composite Fifer Leaf Springs (Front)
  • Custom Fabricated Stinger Style Bumper
  • Custom Fabricated Rock Sliders
  • 2" Aluminum Spacers for increasing Track Width
  • Front Seats: BMW 3 Series (From 90's. Mechanical) with lumbar support
  • Custom Fabricated Transfer Case Protection
  • Stainless Steel Snorkel
  • K&N Air Filter
  • 1/2 top cabin for comfort
...more to come

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MaheshY1 You may be able to beat the Gypsy on the road.
Get off it and you don't even stand a chance.
9th September 2014
salunkhe.vizz Your Garage pics simply make me dream and crave for getting an off-roader at the earliest.

Considering I buy a used Gypsy and try to mod it exact to your specifications above, what will be the Estimated Cost (if you don't mind sharing it here). I am ok even if you PM me with the details.

I am not looking for a spec by spec cost breakup, but just a total ball park figure that I can aim at saving before getting into a vehicle like this.
27th September 2011
muditgrover Best Gypsy Ever Made! Cheers! Great Work!

Great Offroader!


4th January 2011
planet_rocker Awesome 21st July's comment :) 4th October 2010
viva05 Awesome!!!! 4th October 2010
viper looks stunning now 3rd October 2010
NST440 simply out of the world ride you have, i am so jealous. 30th May 2010
scuderiamania Did this car appear on the first episode of Apollo flight of the hawks 15th May 2010
narendra.vw Modification done exactly for off roading. lots of thoughts have gone for modifying suspension.
Is composite fiber leaf spring available for commander jeep? Good work.
18th April 2010
the VTEC guy awesome machine. nice pictures of rock crawling. 19th March 2010
harsha.cs1 I wonder if there is a place where this monster can not go! 9th February 2010
karizma9292 awesome offroader....looks like its offroading even while its standing 3rd February 2010
S1FIAT Nice capture... 4th January 2010
Jayabusa Splendid ride and pics. 18th December 2009
suped99 I have No words but still,amazing ride there! your taking the gypsy to the places where it really belongs! 17th September 2009
planet_rocker superb pics :) awesome ride :) 21st July 2009
nitrous Get a bumper like rmonie's. 21st July 2009
yzfrj Oh Man, that is one good looking Gypsy.
You got the "sleeper" look going... he he.

I'm pretty sure pic's don't do justice to your ride.
Awesome man...!
16th July 2009
.anshuman awesome,very nice Gypsy,the articulation is unbelievable, 1st June 2009
quicksilver Wonderful pics there and what a nice way of putting the machine to task. This reminds me of the Tempo Trax demo video.

Way to go!!! That's one seriously capable machine (and driver, of course).
21st May 2009
R32_GTR Spectacular machine - A benchmark for all Gyspy lovers..Completely built in the motherland too!! - Trying to find myself one to make it look / perform half as good as yours. Kudos to you Khan Saheb.. 21st May 2009
CaliforniaKnight superb photos. Perfectly shows, what the GYPSY is capable of. 20th May 2009
khan_sultan @agentsmith. the tyre size is 235/75/15. No other changes done. No wheel spacers needed.

The Gypsy can easily wear 32"-33" tyre size now.
17th May 2009
agentsmith Loved your new footwear, Khan Sir; one question though: is the size really 235/75R15? Because the change in the diameter seems to be very high from the stock size (my calculation shows 9.8%). Were there some other changes (spacers?) to accommodate that size? 10th May 2009
Ali G what can i say; SubhanAllah Khan Bhai! 14th February 2009
sfilinto Great Pictures Buddy !! 1st February 2009
Steeroid K_S - terrific vehicle being put to the right use! Man and Machine perfectly matched - Made For Each Other! 8th January 2009
planet_rocker awesome :) 18th October 2008
pdev29 nice pics bro.. 7th July 2008
BurningHeart There is a Hummer Expedition somewhere in the US. The last picture is very similar to what they have on their brochure. Great stuff!

3rd July 2008
vipul_singh Hoo Boy! I am practically speechless. I have driven the MG410W extensively and your pics are an inspiration to buy a new one again. 27th June 2008
khan_sultan @Rudra: You are right. In fact there should be several MG413W MPFI prior to this one. I bought mine around the same time as Ajay bought his -- April 2006.

Thanks for liking the pictures. Would love to have you do a photo shoot that could do justice to the King :-)
25th June 2008
Rudra Sen It's not the first MG413W MPFI on TBHP. Ajay Narayan bought it in 2006 March. Same year July we took it to Ladakh. khan_sultan, great machine to have. Nice pictures too. 25th June 2008
khan_sultan @CK: Yes, the rear seats are washable and in fact they get cleaned/washed when it rains :-) 16th June 2008
CaliforniaKnight GR8 to car to own....are those rear seats washable? 16th June 2008
planet_rocker mmmmm! thanks man! the last pic is the best of the lot. superb! 7th June 2008
planet_rocker where are the pics of the gypsy after mud baths? superb ride 6th June 2008
nitrous The first MG413W MPFI on Team bhp! Thumbs up! 14th May 2008
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