Ambassador/1959 To find details read 40 years review on the forum

Rudra Sen’s Team-BHP Garage
Ambassador/1959 To find details read 40 years review on the forum
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Engine Misc.:
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blk 2.jpg
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Member: Rudra Sen
Created: 17th January 2006 07:54
Last Modified: 17th January 2006 07:55
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Author Comment Date
ev6guy That’s a real Unicorn of a car! Really aging well and color is just gorgeous. 19th December 2022
sharoncr_17 Classique..........! Her looks shows how much you love her. 19th May 2013
abhishek24x the best amby to look at!! Superb work done!! 6th August 2012
edsuede Just come across this beauty - what a wonderful Amby :) 16th April 2011
rhenius Hi Rudra, Nice car. Good to see it. Have only heard about it from you till now, but the old lady looks great. 2nd November 2009
Shantanu1972 Khuub Shundor. I am looking for a 1961 Amby, Mark 1...

Shantanu Sen
29th August 2009
YaeJay This car will always be my most fav out here! have been admiring it silently for almost two years now! Cant help it, grew up with mahindras ( cj 500, Gypsy, an MM540) and a 72 amby was really the first car. Grew up with it. I have never got attached (as much) to anything else on wheels as that amby. (I think I would have still loved it if you kept it stock! Will be biased this once, sorry!). I hope to see this car in flesh sometime! I hope you would'nt mind me Ogling away a few hours Rudra ji! :) 3rd August 2009
RJ555 simply superb 12th May 2009
ACM Best looking (most macho) amby that I have seen. Interiors too must be cool, Interior snaps would be good to have a look at. 5th May 2009
lohithrao Fantastic pic! 30th March 2009
Xehaust Cannot believe it, Amazing pic, 1st time an ambassador has been pleasing to my eyes 24th January 2008
vinod_nookala hey a very nice pic. Very well taken. Really liked the car. Kuddos for maintaining it so well!!! 13th October 2007
warchild Sweet looking amby:) 8th August 2007
ashutoshb sir, the horns do not match. if they were in chrome.. would ve 'gelled' perfectly. and we want more pics (p.s. whats the smiley for thumbs up??) 5th August 2007
gopz Rudra post more pics of your Amby! 16th July 2007
Rudra Sen That's our office driver coming back after filling gas (: 1st July 2007
binz Whoever owns it,it still is in pristine condition!!Hats off to you sir! 1st July 2007
binz Hi ,..i just saw the car(9:45am) on 100ft rd taking the right from cmh towards old madras rd.You were not driving it,have you sold it by any chance?? 1st July 2007
sabret00the that's one of the best maintained Amby I've ever seen!!! 16th June 2007
noidaboy amazing pic,for a amazing ride. 7th June 2007
Wimwian Amazing car Rudra.We used to have a '69 model ourselves, remember my dad having tears in his eyes when we sold it off. I learnt driving on that btw :) 15th May 2007
desigNation thats one amazing snap there dude... Hats off.. 12th April 2007
mansidea Rudra, Amazing Pic of the Amby. 3rd April 2007
esteem_lover Nicely kept though. 9th March 2007
esteem_lover The grille is modified to a later version. We had a 1959 Amby. 9th March 2007
ramie2400 Rudra sir nice and neat ride i love the amby since my childhood,one sturdy car 5th March 2007
blueraven316 Nice looking Amby, am seeing a nice one after ages. 12th February 2007
Ricky_63 Hi Rudra, I am not quite sure about the 1959 is that the model year ? As I remember this is a MARK 3 Amby which came in the 1970's, please enlighten. 12th February 2007
Sidewinder$ supercool... i am a amby fan ... i love it .... 3rd February 2007
scorp 1 Superb.The rims look awesome (which one are those - not a std fitment for sure), and so do the headrests and fogs. A very smart looking car indeed ! 25th November 2006
jeeva a beauty in black....amazing bro.. 11th November 2006
kick.throttle this car ....... wow... loz of kisses for this car 30th August 2006
HOTROD Looks aweome bro 22nd July 2006
headers Wow..a well maintained paintstakingly restored beauty.. 6th July 2006
sabretooth911 cho cute man...... 6th July 2006
turbo drive oh my god!!!!!!!!!Its awsome!!!!!Way to go man.....Amby stands apart the crowd!!!!!! 3rd July 2006
mclaren1885 Just one pic of this black beauty ?? Come on old man yeh dil maange more .. 18th June 2006
agspins Amazing beauty, very well maintained, nice job done,whats under the hood???new heart?? 12th April 2006
Godfather Very well maintained car there sir.. 10th April 2006
arpanjha Awesome pic! I love this car. 8th April 2006
frankmehta i could do more in the back seat of this car then just sit.....he he if you know what i mean! 4th April 2006
frankmehta super super the colour the fogs the wheels and not to forget the charm of the ambasaddor....just doesnt let off!!!1 4th April 2006
S@~+#0$# That's a fabulous Amby, the conti wheels + wheel trims go very well. 4th April 2006
coloneljasi That photo looks much better in black & white.Not to mention the fact that the car's immaculate too. 19th March 2006
supremeBaleno wow, the car looks really amazing. I can imagine the hard work that went into keeping it that way. And I regret selling my good old M800 (1985). 20th February 2006
nitrous Sir, Do u really like the horns this way?? 17th February 2006
sAP Great background, excellent exposure. 300mm lens? 14th February 2006
speedsatya favourite car 3rd February 2006
lamborghini That's a real beauty. BTW, there are 2 other galleries made for the same. 17th January 2006
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