98 Maruti Zen " The Shadow "

NOS Power’s Team-BHP Garage
98 Maruti Zen " The Shadow "
Engine Specifications:
  • 993 cc Transverse 4 cyl.
Engine Misc.:
  • Stock
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Stock
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Unleaded 87 Octane
  • Custom Endcan
  • 5 speed forward + 1 reverse
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Have to loose some
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 13" Aura Alloys.
  • Goodyear GPS 2 155/70/13 up front
  • Ceat SPIDER 155/70/13 behind
  • Pioneer 2090 HU
  • 6.5" components (don't know the make as they are OEM from the Civic)
  • JBL GT-5 S396 Rear Ovals
  • Fox leather two tone seat covers
  • ICI 2K black paint.

The Shadow

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The Shadow Part 2
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Author Comment Date
predatorwheelz When is this garage going to change? When are the Knight's pics coming in? 31st August 2010
planet_rocker We need to meet someday - there is a small thing which you can do & you will not even need after market headers - check PM. 22nd July 2010
NOS Power As of now no. Happy with the burble at low revs, plus paisa nahin hai :( 21st July 2010
planet_rocker FFE going in anytime soon? 21st July 2010
planet_rocker kya baat hai, kya baat hai? no new pics? 19th May 2010
the_trooper Car looks very classy, you need to put up more pics. 9th October 2009
sujaylahiri Nice rims you got there. 13th July 2008
planet_rocker Shadow deserves better pics - nice ride :) 17th June 2008
NOS Power Net was too slow so couldn't post the pics. But have done it at last. 17th June 2008
ankitahuja Where are the pics of "The Shadow" or are they lost in the dark? ;-) hehe 17th June 2008
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