1985 Maruti Suzuki 800-SS80 DX

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1985 Maruti Suzuki 800-SS80 DX
Engine Specifications:
  • 796CC
Engine Misc.:
  • Done Just 72K kms till date!!
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol
  • Stock. Sounds Great!
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Its already in the flyweight category!
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock
  • Original Leather seats!(came as OE!)
  • OE Cassette player
  • Ipod Nano connected via Fm modulator.
  • Seatbelts! (:P)
  • Factory Fitted A/C
  • Brand new Suzuki Original N.O.S Doorpads!!
  • OE Green Tinted glasses
  • OE Chrome trim


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sanjayrmenon Beautiful... Is it repainted? I also have the same car and need to get it painted. I am in bangalore bit need to come to kochi for the FC 21st March 2024
manishk123 Nice! I used to have the exact same car. Was one of the first 100 cars delivered by Maruti. Was so much fun to drive. I remember she would give a back kick even in third gear when driven hard. 30th September 2014
the mole Jay D what a superb car someday we will put it in the Maruti museum. My favorite colour was always brown, followed bymred and then blue. What a car! 5th September 2013
Edmund This is a true blue beauty, I would like to join in the chorus with the request for some interior photographs. Would like to see her in person some day soon, I'll PM you! 6th August 2013
JayD OE Paint Gods envy 23rd February 2012
gods-envy Jay, Is this the original paint or did you get it repainted? 23rd February 2012
Steeroid My favourite old car on the forum. Smoooooth lil beauty! Runs like a dreams, looks like it came out of the showroom. 8th April 2009
JayD I haven't heard that one before. But will confirm with someone just to be sure! :) 5th February 2009
Stanher BTW, don't they say running an 800 with the AC on reduces the engine compression?? I believe it's a common ailment with 800s. 30th January 2009
JayD Chetta, I get in the region of 19-22 overall. Its mostly used in the city, 100% with A/C!! 15th January 2009
Stanher ChettAn! What's the FE an SS80 gives in city/highway? 9th January 2009
JayD Tanx Santosh. I'll put up the interior and seat pix soon, as i'm in coimbatore now, and the car is in cochin!! 9th August 2008
S@~+#0$# Lovely Car JayD!! I would like to see the Stanley Leather too, pics please. 9th August 2008
gotzuk this, my friend, is the king of cool!!
very very nice..
25th July 2008
sumeethaldankar hi nice car ,do put pics of the interior. 16th July 2008
JayD Tanx Vipul. Yes the matiz also belongs to me. Its not repainted. It is in its original 'Normandy Blue'. I just put a matte black vinyl on the bonnet. 2nd July 2008
vipul_singh O/T: Nice looking Matiz too! Is it yours? Did you get it painted? 1st July 2008
JayD @manikjeet, will do asap! 29th June 2008
manikjeet can you please get the cassette player and Original Stanley Leather seats pic 28th June 2008
Veelubai Nicely kept car and pls post the FE figures here.Let everyone get the shock of their life.:D 22nd June 2008
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