Royal Enfield 1977

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Royal Enfield 1977


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Created: 9th July 2008 13:49
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edsuede Desideep - what great photos - they really do justice to the joys of bullet ownership beyond day to day journeys. I speak from personal experience, having ridden a 500 Indian made Bullet around France on a touring holiday with my Wife back in the late 90s.

12th January 2011
Jayabusa Whoa! nice pics! The helmet looks cool. 11th October 2010
desideep @ ALL- The bullet has been bought back. 15th June 2009
Sudipto-S-Team I would have been very sad to sell off such a sweet bike. I hope he is doing well with the new owner. The pictures are awesome. 15th June 2009
desideep @Torque active: i was the 3rd owner though the second owned got the bike in 1993 or some time. he never bothered to transfer it to his name and that way i was the second owner. bike has been sold off. 12th June 2009
Torque-ative I cannot believe this bike is as old as I am !!
Its truely a masterpiece. When did you aquire it,..and which number owner were you (IInd, IIIrd).
12th June 2009
desideep @Throttle - i did in June 2008 it was just amazing i love the feel of the place and the ride. so yo have any pics of your bike? 7th January 2009
throttleking awesome ride, when did you do Ladhak? I did Leh in Aug 2007 on my Electra 9th December 2008
desideep @anshuman: thanks a lot

@bblost. this is a steelbirg GP1 flat grey helmet
19th September 2008
bblost Which helmet is that? 25th August 2008
.anshuman Standard is the real bullet,i love this bike. 5th August 2008
desideep seems kind no one liked it other wise it would have got some comnets 3rd August 2008
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