Honda Civic 08 "Mugen" - SOLD

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Honda Civic 08 "Mugen" - SOLD
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.8L iVTEC Engine
  • 132 BHP Stock
Engine Misc.:
  • NX NOS Kit, Drag use only!!
  • 410cc RDX Injectors
  • Walbro 255HP Fuel Pump
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N Typhoon Kit.69 Series
  • Red Rooster Turbo Kit Running 8 PSi Boost
  • Garret Turbo & Intercooler
  • Turbo Smart FPR & BOV
  • Custom Plumping
  • BMC DIA Air filter
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Haltech Sprint 500 ECU
  • Custom Exhaust
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Lenso Project-D04 17" Rims, Black with Red Lip
  • BF Goodrich G Sport 225/45/17
  • Alutech Front Rear Strut Braces
  • Tein Super Street Full Coil Over setup
  • Center Steering Sliver Changed to Carbon Fiber
  • Gear Console Silver Changed to Carbon Fiber
  • Handbrake Cover Changed to Carbon Fiber
  • Power Window Switches changed to Carbon Fiber
  • Mugen Carbon Fiber Door Sills
  • Red Honda Key Logo Cover
  • Mugen Shift Boot
  • Type-R style Engine Start button
  • Mugen Foot Pedals
  • Mugen Foot Rest Cover
  • Type-R 5MT Aluminium Shift Knob
  • Meter Console to Carbon fiber
  • Custom Black with Red Stitching Leather interiors
  • Autometer Cobalt Boost Gauge
  • Autometer Cobalt Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Autometer Cobalt AFR Gauge
  • Projectors With Angel Eyes
  • Laura Projector DIY Setup
  • Philips D2S 85122+ HID 4300K in Low Beam
  • Philips HID 6000K in High Beam
  • Red Smokked LED Tail Lamps
  • Lummar Tints, Steel 20
  • Mugen2 Side Skirts and Add on Bumpers
  • Mugen Carbon Fiber Grill with RED Mugen Logos
  • Mugen Type RR Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • DeBadged. Only Red Honda Logo on the Boot
  • Roof Spoiler
  • Mugen Type-RR Carbon Fiber Fuel Lid
  • Mugen Side Door Visors
  • Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Stock


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Created: 19th July 2008 11:09
Last Modified: 20th September 2012 16:28
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Author Comment Date
Alias_6 Some more pictures of the CF add-ons will be much appreciated. 28th April 2012
cityvic Hottest and Fastest Civic in India.:D 24th January 2012
k_shanz interior pics please... specially the CF add-ons 12th December 2011
aajtaksabsetej I think the earlier skirts looked better then these..then too its smoking hot!!:) 17th October 2010
vipul_singh Hey! Wern't you photographing your cars near 'Driven' yesterday? I was there getting some work done on my Palio. Nice pics! 17th October 2010
theragingbull That's the hottest Civic I've ever seen!!!!! 17th October 2010
ankur_gupta10 From where do u get all this stuff? 28th September 2010
buddha Wow thats one amazing ride! Very tastefully done, and super sporty...congrats! 3rd July 2010
paraskhurana awesome ride there have seen this beauty in Delhi a couple of times 18th February 2010
regnex very impressive setup buddy, cool ICE and interiors. 4th February 2010
winzeee The best civic iv ever seen. 6th January 2010
kutlee super cool.. 29th December 2009
razrman This is one of the best looking Civics i have seen till today. Very tastefully done.
Just wondering where did you tint your headlamps, tail lamps from?
23rd December 2009
gaurav_chopra04 Nice ride.. I admired it the very first time I it outside gyro. looks different, certainly in a gud way. I have seen the car a few times up there, I normally fill up there when I am around south delhi. you live around or what? Also did you get the stuff from Gyro itself. 1st October 2009
SPEEDY_RACER The Ice is really cool. 28th September 2009
Fountainheader Fexy! The wheels are fuper dude!! 24th August 2009
karizma_devil Taste fully done ... front looks great specially the red honda logo ...
I felt alloys could have been better .. may be its just the pics.

But great l;ooking car man !
18th August 2009
ankitahuja New upgrades haan. Congrats! Post pictures soon and of the Red smoked TLs too. Been wanting to get Red smokes done but found no one, who did it for you? 16th August 2009
m4ugr8 Thanks Guys, New Pictures Coming Up Soon!! :D :D 15th August 2009
shajufx Very tastefully done works. Nothing out of place nor overdone. Congrats !! 14th August 2009
Ramsagar Tweeter mountings are gorgeous.How much did they charged for that? 7th August 2009
Fountainheader One the best Civics around. But maybe you could "bold" the recent upgrades to let know the junta :) 4th August 2009
raveen_2023 nice mods 1st June 2009
sam_786 Mugen. I love this car 6th March 2009
Ali G nice spoiler, we have a similar theme taste for rims :-) 14th February 2009
ashish22 vey nice...very nice indeed
i'm really tempted for white civic after seeing yours...
27th December 2008
abhinav.gupta88 Ummm....
Mugen looks like another pari :D
23rd December 2008
Jayabusa Hottie!! 16th December 2008
rranjith_kum Great car seeing the pictures I guessed it ought to be auto psyche, confirmed it in the pic 13th November 2008
speedzak Hot looking car! What about the ICE? 17th October 2008
m4ugr8 Very Soon, Infact its already left thailand :P :P 7th October 2008
faithless_1984 Hawt.......get a body kit now. :D 6th October 2008
flyingspur Hot headlamps... 11th August 2008
navpreet318 wow.
you've just shown me what my car will look like after what all i have planned.
well there'll soon be a triplet joining in after the mods are done.
3rd August 2008
m4ugr8 Thanks!! 21st July 2008
shuvd congrats dude! btw, our cars look like twins ;) 21st July 2008
aZa white is the color for civic, congrats manan!!! 21st July 2008
m4ugr8 No you cant!!!! :D 19th July 2008
hellspawn can we see the side profile plez... :D 19th July 2008
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