Scorpio (2009),Landmaster (1955),Maruti 800(1987), MY Threesome Also own a 1983 TVS 50,1990 Yamaha RX 100 and 2003 Honda Activa, all under my Tender Loving Care

anjan_c2007’s Team-BHP Garage
Scorpio (2009),Landmaster (1955),Maruti 800(1987), MY Threesome Also own a 1983 TVS 50,1990 Yamaha RX 100 and 2003 Honda Activa, all under my Tender Loving Care
Scorpio mHawk LX Refreshed bought brand new on 15/04/09 (delivery on 17/04/2009)with the
2179cc/120bhp powerplant and of Mist Silver colour.The Scorpio is brute and keeps me and my family cocooned from the outside world while on the move.It has been a reliable performer since two years and has never let me down.
Maruti 800 SB308 1987 796 cc/39bhp very original car with its original shell white paint. The car has weathered many storms with me for the past two and a half decades. It was a daily use car for me. One day during July 2003 a guava tree in our house fell down due to a severe storm (it was termite infested too) and the car was parked right below this tree.And it was a miracle that the tree trunk and even the larger branches took a trajectory alongside the tiny car while falling down. Only the thinner branches rested on the car and it was SAVED. Or else, the car would have been a total write off ! Many smaller miracles are attributed to this car, that has been used as an ambulance to ferry patients in my family (also our Alsatian till she passed away).My bonding with this car is absolute and I still use it with all the sweet memories on my rear view mirror.
Landmaster 1955 (Morris Oxford Series II) 1476 cc/ 41 bhp original side valve engine with SU carburettor. A review I came across states "The 1500cc (1476 cc in reality) sidevalve engine, though ploddingly reliable, is rather gutless with just 41bhp." So true it is that even after 60 years the engine is extremely reliable but the heavy car body takes out a little punch from the engine! It's amazing, however, how these sturdy blocks have survived over fifty six years of service,
The front chrome grille, a carry over from the MO Series, consists of two stainless steel units. This was also carried over to the Series III.
The car celebrated its 60th birthday on 23/12/2015 with the customary cake cutting and wishing the car a long and healthy life.
More about the Landmaster
Engine Specifications:
British Motor Corporation (BMC) 1476cc side valve
Engine Misc.: 1476 cc/ 41 bhp @ 4000 rpm
0-60 mph 31.1 secs
Top Speed 71 mph
Torque 67 lb/ ft @ 1800 rpm
Configuration : in line four
Aspiration : normal

Saloon 4 door,all steel unitary construction,
metal monococque, kerb weight 1120 kg
(2388 lbs)
  • Fuel Consumption: 31 mpg petrol
  • original
  • original Morris Oxford Series II 4 speed column change and original gearbox with additional reverse gear
  • drivetrain front -engine RWD
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • original suspensions, wheel discs and white wall MRF Legend tyres
  • brakes drums all four
  • front suspension independent torsion bar
  • Rear suspension beam live axle, leaf springs and shock absorbers
  • steering rack and pinion manual
  • Excellent, upholstery remade,dash, meters, steering, cabin light, original
Exterior and Dimensions
  • Excellent repainted black in February 2009
  • Both Lucas front headlight sealbeams
  • wheelbase 2500 mm
  • length 4300 mm
  • width 1700 mm
  • height 1600 mm
Two Wheelers
(1) TVS 50 1983 model- original Oxford blue paint done about 25,000 kms, and still runs and is willing to go upto 100,000 kms! My first ever automobile-I am very touchy and sentimental about it!
(2) Yamaha RX 100-1990 model,original wine red paint and original chrome.Done about 50,000 kms and still running.It was the only stud in my garage till the Scorpio mHawk came (15/04/09).The Maruti 800 was a stud till the mid-1990's in the company of Premiers and Ambys but not thereafter, since so many faster cars came by.
(3) Honda Activa-2003 model,Silky Silver bought on Valentine's Day in 2003.My most practical,easy going and reliable commute vehicle that has hardly pinched my pocket ever. Has done about 11,000 kms.
(4) Lambretta Li 150 - came into my ownership wef 5/11/2016. A very well restored example. Some spares need to be changed over to the original, a process that will go on progressively. Its bodyline is in ship shape and its awesome mechanically.
Highway run with its new metal on the front and rear windscreen rubber beadings

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1955 Landmaster 1987 Maruti 800 Standard-the paint is original 1990 Yamaha RX 100 1990 Yamaha RX 100 original paint and chrome My Valentine the 2003 Activa -bought 14/02/2003 Inside the 1987 Maruti 800 My first ever buy the 1983 TVS 50 with original paint and graphics My Lady in Black My Brute 2009 SUV has fog lamps,body coloured bumpers,grille,door handles wef 21/01/10 The Landmaster graceful even after 60 plus years! DSCN0241.jpg DSCN0291.jpg Lambretta - a newbie at home Lambretta, owner Yours Truly wef today 5/11/2016 Highway run with its new metal on the front and rear windscreen rubber beadings
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amit162 Wow! Made me feel so nostalgic. Really maintained well. A real solid car. I do hope you still have it. Would love to see more pics please. We also had a rare Landmaster. A bi-coloured beauty- with the side indicators in the B pillars which would flip out at the turn of the knob on the steering wheel. it was an extremely comfortable car. Every year , during summers, we would drive down in it from Lucknow to Nainital. The entire family consisting of six and loads of luggage - those ancient hold-alls with our beddings etc. etc. The car rarely gave any trouble except when climbing up very steep unconstructed hill roads. It was then that we would all have to get down and only the driver and the luggage would chug up. Later on however, it became difficult to get original spares. 11th June 2020
anjan_c2007 Thanks FINTAIL for the nice words. 24th January 2014
FINTAIL WOW! IMMACULATE, PRISTINE, well I am running out of adjectives to describe this. But, really, how often does one see a Landmaster with original Smiths gauges, the lovely BMC Side-Valve engine? Not to mention the Semaphores, et cetera.

Ah! How I wish my Granddads Fiat 1100D, also based in Nagpur were to be in a similiar condition. Sadly, its not.
15th October 2013
anjan_c2007 Hi pints12. Thanks 9th January 2013
pints12 hi you have an awesome landmaster a real beauty 18th November 2012
anjan_c2007 Thanks Jayabusa. 4th December 2010
Jayabusa Nice garage. Cool landy. I feel you could do away with the stickering on the 800 and RX though. :) 17th November 2010
anjan_c2007 Thanks Karan db. I am thrilled to know that you too own an Amby Mark II and want it restored.I am sure you will be able to get the car restored and like new in Bangalore.Ambys are getting scrapped and becoming rarer.Do take care of your car.
Landmasters are a only a wee bit better off, as they command higher prices and so have been partially saved from the scrap yard men with chisels and hammers.
5th October 2010
karandb Hey Anjan, nice to see the landmaster, I just can't get off my eyes whenever i see Landy's or Amby's, I used to see all the threads of Ambassador & landmasters as a spectator and never could ask or put my opinion or suggestion , today got approved on Team-bhp .. Great feels good.. I have a Ambassador Mark-II need to get her in shape though she is in running condition , need advice and suggestion from senior people around in Team-Bhp, can you suggest a good mechanic in bangalore if you are aware of one. 4th October 2010
anjan_c2007 Thanks samsag12. The real thanks for keeping my Landmaster so nicely goes to its first owner, who had owned it for 48 years till 2003. Sadly he passed away in 2007 at age 82. Landys had semaphores but were these on the later ones? I am not sure as mine does not have any slots to accommodate the pair.
The Maruti 800 is a 1987 standard model without AC.There were only two versions then the Std and DX (with AC and seatbelts).
19th January 2010
samsag12 That Landmaster is simply superb. Hats off to you Mr anjan_c2007 for maintaining the originality of the car with that original engine. BTW did landy's came with Semaphores as a fitment.
Also which year model 800 is that? Seems it's a non A/C one.
17th January 2010
anjan_c2007 Not yet sure erik about the engine capacity.You are right when you say the MO had a 1472cc engine.
I got a xeroxed workshop manual from Messrs Hindustan Motors, courtesy Mr Chandrakant Birla, Chairman, just after buying the car in 2003. I communicated with him and he was kind enough to send me one.Now this manual is for the OHV engined English Morris Oxford Series II and was printed in the UK. So obviously it lists the capacity of the engine as 1489cc.And the RC Book of 1955 lists the engine capacity again as 1489 cc.
But you have a valid point that I need to do some home work upon.
8th December 2009
erik3239 Nice old Morris Oxford (Landmaster) you have got.
Is the side valve engine original?
If so, it is probably not 1489 cc, but 1472 cc. The British build Oxford Serie II had a overhead valve engien of 1489 cc and 50 HP (BMC serie B engine), the former Oxford model MO had an side valve engine of 1472 cc and 44 HP.
26th September 2009
anjan_c2007 Thanks allana. That was right through here in Nagpur all the while since 1955. 9th September 2009
allana13 Love the LM. where did you find her ? 7th September 2009
anjan_c2007 Thanks kannan666 will post more pictures as soon as I get membership upgrades!! 13th July 2009
kannan666 Awesome, you own quite a few beauties yourself ! The Landmaster is real retro and looks very well maintained ! More pics please ? 14th June 2009
anjan_c2007 Sujay it is in MPH of SMITHS make. 24th March 2009
sujaylahiri Is that speedo in mph or kph? 13th March 2009
JayD Eh?? Isn't it the other way around?? 30th August 2008
anjan_c2007 No JayD it does not. These were fitted to later examples, not the earliest ones. 7th August 2008
JayD Does your car have semaphores?? 6th August 2008
anjan_c2007 Thanks speedy 27th July 2008
speedy thats a very nice and original car you got there. great going and all the best with it. cheers 27th July 2008
anjan_c2007 Thanks JayD. 26th July 2008
JayD Wow! Great car dude! A landy with its original Side valve engine is a real rarity. Pls post more pix! 26th July 2008
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