2009 Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC M-I-L's car W211

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2009 Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATIC M-I-L's car W211
Engine Specifications:
displacement & type: 3.5 litres (3498cc) V6
horsepower: 268bhp@6000rpm
torque: ~350Nm@2400-5000rpm
compression ratio:
Rear View

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Top View Front View Rear View Headlight 3-pointed Star
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supercars Never ever call a AWD Feature on a Car useless. The Best thing about it is that you get Good Traction but the offset is Very High Tyre Wear.

I drove my Mercedes on Black Ice and never felt AWD missing. Mercedes cars are inherently Heavy.
7th December 2009
aah78 No you couldn't turn the system Off in the older cars.
You really don't notice it while driving normally. Fuel consumption's just off by a couple of mpg compared to the RWD. The additional cost is worth it in areas where it snows. In India (except parts of the North where it snows), the AWD would be useless.
4th December 2009
supercars Hmmmmm.

It is bad having it on Full Time.

I remember from reading in a Mercedes Manual that the system can be switched off too. They may have removed it in the newer series as the system might not come on when needed.

I am sure your fuel consumption must be heavier too.
4th December 2009
aah78 @supercars: The system is On full-time. It works well with A/S tyres in wet / mild-snow, so you don't need to switch tyres in winter. Steering's a bit heavy compared to a RWD car. 18th November 2009
supercars I want to know about the 4Matic System on the Car.

Have you used it ? :)
18th November 2009
JPL the colour is just perfect! 18th May 2009
abhinav.gupta88 Oops sorry ! My bad.
The rims are really kool
31st March 2009
aah78 This is a petrol car Abhinav. The diesel is located outside Aditya's window! :) 18th February 2009
abhinav.gupta88 Amazing Ride Sir. 268 v6 diesel is like damn amazing.! 18th February 2009
aah78 OK boss. Next time I'm down at the I-L's. 2nd October 2008
Aditya Post some pics of the interiors. I can see a similar E from my window - same colour, but, different wheels. Looks great. Ofcourse, that's a 280CDI. 24th September 2008
aah78 I wasn't too keen on the colour when I saw it in the brochure but yes, the colour does look good. Interiors match perfectly. Didn't have much of a say as this is my mother-in-law's car. She (the car) is a month old now. :) 10th September 2008
flyingspur Apart from the alloys, thats one sweet ride. It's my favourite exterior-interior combination on the W211. COngratulations! How old is she? 9th September 2008
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