My li'l pocket rocket...

hellspawn’s Team-BHP Garage
My li'l pocket rocket...
Engine Specifications:
  • Inline 4 cylinder 993cc petrol
    max. torque:8.2kgm@3500rpm
  • Revlimiter cuts in at 7000 rpm.
  • k&n universal cone filter for engine capacity<1300cc
Fuel & Tuning:
  • regular fuel 87 octane.
  • Viper performance 4x2x1 ceramic coated free flow exhaust.
  • 5 speed,1 reverse manual
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • I'm underweight if that counts.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • TIRES-155/70 R13 Michelin Energy XM1
  • ALLOYS-5 spoke hypersilver alloy wheels
  • 5" Autoguage Tachometer(11000 rpm) with shiftlite
  • momo x-avion steering wheel
  • black and blue PU seat covers
  • front centre armrest
  • silver finished glove box,instrument,centre panel and internal door handles
  • HEADUNIT:pioneer DEH-6850 mp3/wma player/ipod compatible with aux-in
  • SUB:pioneer 12" 305c(SVC) in a 1.1cu.ft sealed box.
  • FRONT SPEAKERS- Alpine 6.5" 2-way components(SPX177A)
  • CD CHANGER-pioneer 12cd-changer audio CDX-P1280
    AMP-JBL GTO 75.4
  • Audison power kit
  • Audison speaker cables for the components.
  • audison RCA cables
  • Ausidon wire for the sub
  • Aluminium mesh grill
  • side skirts
  • philips crystal vision headlights


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hellspawn @rider60:Thanks a lot.... :D 28th March 2008
rider60 hellspawn you really love your car, i liked it alot too! nice really nice infact, the custom interiors the well maintained glossy paint, the MESH and alloys. kudos mate, really nice and fast(for city) ride! 28th March 2008
hellspawn @yasw_anth:yes i did.1&quot; spacers. 9th January 2008
yasw_anth did u install spacers at the rear ?? 8th January 2008
breezydrive Now, this zen deserves a sun roof ! 28th December 2007
hellspawn @busa:thank you sir :) 23rd December 2007
BUSA Woww, such a nice zen, well done and good ICE 2 :) 22nd December 2007
hellspawn lol...yes.the other ones had a massive offset and wud touch the fenders wen fully loaded. 2nd November 2007
kpzen new set of alloys??? 1st November 2007
yasw_anth cool car dude .. ma zen 2003 , do u recommened me to get the same upsize wheels ?? 13th October 2007
suave_cool01 wow dude, can u please tell me from where can i get the that steering wheel and arm rest fitted and how much will it cost to me 4th October 2007
hellspawn @carfreak:155/65R13 7th September 2007
hellspawn @joe mclaren:mesh costed 100 bucks.made it myself with help from manveet. 7th September 2007
car_freek hey friends can you all please sugest me what ratio of tyres should i take from my Alto with 13&quot; Alloys 6th September 2007
joe_mclaren hellspawn how much for the meshing.. 6th September 2007
joe_mclaren hellspawn.. pretty cool stufff.. in fact ur the first buddy ive seen with black n blue schemes 6th September 2007
hellspawn thanks sunny...appreciate it. :) 19th July 2007
simply_sunny001 one of the best interiors i have seen in Zen,nice and tidy,gud job Hellspawn 19th July 2007
hellspawn its automotive paint...the colour is the same as the silver on the hyundai accent and then sprayed with a clear coat. 15th July 2007
zenopio hey dude can u tell what is the paint that is used inside for the interiors 15th July 2007
noidaboy This is why your hot??? :P...riding drity!! haha 1st July 2007
kenix awesome... 26th June 2007
nischint luvd the interior... 2nd June 2007
hellspawn @ashwinsaval:thanx man.wud get real rear sets but its not feasible. 11th May 2007
ashwinsaval dude try gettin independnt seats for da bak wid headrests.... wud add anoder dimnsion to ur gr8 zen...besides dat.. it luks gr8 10th May 2007
Aditya Very goodlooking car. Don't do anything more to it. With those wheels and that cool colour, it looks just right. 10th May 2007
mobike008 Really nice zen dude. How much you paid for neons around the sub? and what is strobes in headlamps? 24th March 2007
karthik247 nice zen....looks hot. 25th February 2007
sameera your zen looks awesome...kudos.... 24th January 2007
hellspawn its already off...chk the 7th pic 18th January 2007
ASH-WINS Dude...i shud say u have a good choice of colour mixing yup..Kudos to you.. 17th January 2007
salilpawar1 Nice ride but please get that OZ racing sticker off. Doesn't look authentic and feels wannabe. 15th January 2007
hellspawn @hellraiser:thanks bro...appreciate it. 15th January 2007
Hellraiser thats one hot ride bro.! 13th January 2007
hellspawn yup got it done from noida....500 bucks. 15th December 2006
netarchie Is that an armrest i can see in the 6th pic?? where did u get it done? 14th December 2006
hellspawn hey thanx dude....yup the seat covers are available in red and black.nd d momo wheel is a replica and costed me 3.5k 15th November 2006
baddy ........n cud you tell me if those seat covers are available in red n black combo too? n cud you also tell me the price of that momo wheel? 14th November 2006
baddy hey buddy thats a cool lookig zen, wud like to own something like that, its got everythingquite balanced. n those interiors are top class. 14th November 2006
hellspawn @elf:thanx.appreciate it. 3rd November 2006
elf Really nice understated colour, &amp; I love the fact that you have no black sun film on your windows. :) 2nd November 2006
hellspawn @kpzen:thanx.the strobes are in the hedlamps not in the parking lights.well they have just been placed in the headlamps not fixed where the bulbs are. 31st October 2006
kpzen strobes in headlamps how??? or is it in parking lamp slot...the front grill looks nice 31st October 2006
hellspawn u can get it done from any denting/painting shop. 24th October 2006
swale84 Thanks!! Gonna find out where I can get it done in Mumbai &amp; for how much!! 24th October 2006
hellspawn took out the original ones,got them painted and put them back in.... 22nd October 2006
swale84 Thanks!! NTW, did you change the panels for the silver finish, or have your original ones painted 22nd October 2006
manveet oye, strobes in the headlamps and neon behind the grille .. AWESOME .. and post pics that show the end-can from afar .. that'll give a better idea :) 17th October 2006
hellspawn @swale84:y wud i mind.anyways d seat covers cost me 2.5k and d silver finish cost me 1.2k 17th October 2006
swale84 ok, just realised your from noida, anyway, if you dont mind, how much did the seat covers &amp; silver finishing cost you? 16th October 2006
swale84 hey! really like everythimg you've done with your car especially the interiors. Please tell me where you got the seat covers done &amp; the silver finish? 16th October 2006
hellspawn @manveet:i did tell aZa i think he might have'll give u credit&quot;tbhp,manveet helped me make the mesh grill&quot;now are u happy :) 13th October 2006
aZa Now thats one LOUD THROATY XXXHAUST !!! 13th October 2006
manveet ohh .. this looked different so i thought probably redone .. and tune aZa ko bataya nahin .. ? i deserve some credit yaar !! :( 13th October 2006
hellspawn @manveet:damn ur memory is bad...... lol 13th October 2006
manveet nice grille dude .. wheredya get it done from .. ? 12th October 2006
hellspawn @aZa:thank u,...thank u very much :) 1st October 2006
aZa Oye!!! that custom grill is looking awesome !!! :D 30th September 2006
nrajeshkumar I'm not sure what is the exact use of &quot;Autoguage Tachometer(11000 rpm) with shiftlite&quot; and how it works. Can you please help me out... 28th September 2006
hellspawn @simon:thanx man 27th September 2006
SiMoN simply great !! nice bro :) 26th September 2006
SiMoN geart 26th September 2006
hellspawn i bought it for 6500. 26th September 2006
dsinz 5&quot; Autoguage Tachometer(11000 rpm) with shiftlite - How much does it cost? 25th September 2006
hellspawn the max i have touched is 160kmph(speedo) 17th September 2006
kick.throttle what is the top speed in ZEN at which we can go? 17th September 2006
hellspawn can upload a pic if you'd like it. 9th September 2006
hellspawn no not a vtec,the zen produces its max power at 6000rpm and hits the revlimiter at 7000rpm.saying it as it is. 9th September 2006
nitrous how does ur rev limiter cut at 7000 rpm?? Is it a vtec?? 6th September 2006
hellspawn wil do so asap 14th August 2006
nrajeshkumar Can you please add the snap of front centre armrest... 9th August 2006
hellspawn @fuelled:dude relax man just messin wid u :) 27th May 2006
hellspawn @iraghava:u gotta hear it above 4k rpm it growls.....n at idle..well u gotta do domething about it. 27th May 2006
iraghava Gotta agree with Fuelled the exhaust on your car makes it sound like a two-stroke!! Puuurrr-Puuurr Do something about it!! 23rd May 2006
Fuelled U got me wrong man. I do like ur car alot..its really nice. N yes will catch up with u again at the next meet ;-) 22nd May 2006
hellspawn @fuelled:dude let go off my case man....u meet me in the next meet @#$% 14th May 2006
Fuelled Yeah man... ur dinky little car looks hot. To bad bout ur exhaust though. 2nd May 2006
hellspawn @need for speed:i'll take that as a compliment :) 2nd May 2006
needforspeed cant believe!!! so much in such a small car?? 30th April 2006
hellspawn thanx aza ....:D 30th April 2006
aZa 14inchers well yes but brotha ur car looks awesome with the side skirting and offset alloys. 25th April 2006
hellspawn @keith gowda:after looking at revhards zen with 14&quot; i think ur right bout the car lookin bomb.... 23rd April 2006
keith_gowda i know i'll get coments about d 14&quot; touchin ur fender but u can put gypsy shocks @ d rear &amp; zen diesel shocks in d front,improves handlin 2nd April 2006
keith_gowda nice car should have got a 185/55 r&quot;14 ur car would have looked bomb. 2nd April 2006
aZa NICE !! Seen yer car in CSM parking ;) 11th March 2006
hellspawn @nitrous-also the car is without power steering.tried out 165...steering felt too heavy wen stationary 8th March 2006
hellspawn @zneuser-paid 35k for the whole setup 8th March 2006
hellspawn wat basics my friend...hvnt u heard of 165's touchin the fenders on a zen.well i have 8th March 2006
nitrous Where did u learn the basics WRONG, bro?? 28th February 2006
zenuser a real hot &amp; cute car man, how much you paid for the audios 28th February 2006
hellspawn but opting for anything broader would increase speedo error and nullify any performance gains due to additional weight of the tyres. 28th February 2006
nitrous 145 section tyres are too thin. U should optimally need 165s. :) 26th February 2006
hellspawn paid 3800+500 installation for k&amp;n,around 9k for exhaust 10th February 2006
axle86 how much u paid for t k&amp;n n for t exhaust 6th February 2006
hot_rod hot car man!! 5th February 2006
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