FIAT Siena 1.6

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FIAT Siena 1.6
Engine Specifications:
  • Layout: 4 cylinders in-line, DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Bore x stroke: 80.5 mm X 78.4 mm
  • Brake Horse Power: 100 bhp @ 5500 rpm
  • Torque: 14.1 kgm (137 Nm)@ 4250 rpm
  • Compression ratio: 9.5+/-0.15 : 1
  • Construction: Iron block and Alloy head
  • Displacement: 1596 cc
Engine Misc. :
  • Fuel System- Magneti Mareli WENT W 59FB fuel injection
  • ECU - 32 Bit IAW 4EF EURO 3 - EOBD
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Regular unleaded fuel
  • Ractive sf100 extreme flow conical filter(removed)
  • Back to stock airbox and filter(much better)
  • Stock headers(with the cat removed) with a straight pipe and a SS end can.
  • Manual - 5 speed with overdrive in 4th and 5th.
  • Front Wheel Drive
Wheels & tires:
  • 15" X 6.5J HR hyper silver 6-spoke rims.
  • 195/55 R15 Yokohama S-drives.
  • Stock 175/65R14 spare wheel & tire.

Headunit -
  • Apine CDA-9883E(updated)
  • Kenwood KAC-X8529(updated)
  • Kenwood MP-6539U
Front Speakers -
  • Image Dynamics CTX65cs(6.5" 2-way components)
Amplifier -
  • Rainbow IPAUL 4.300
  • Image Dynamics Q450.4
Wiring -
  • Connection Audison power cable
  • Connection Audison RCA's,
  • Connection Audison Speaker wires.
  • IDQ15.D2 v2 in a sealed box.
  • Noisekill
  • Clone of the stock map pocket and speaker grill made in MDF, covered in PU.
  • Custom paint(Royal Gold with red/maroon sparkles=P.I.M.P) :D
  • Mesh grill in the bumper slots.
  • Debadged
  • Black Sparco Seats
  • Original MOMO Race steering wheel
  • MOMO steering hub (for an Alfa Romeo 156)
  • Elevo foot pedals
  • Diamond plate foot mats
  • Jabra SP5050 Bluetooth speakerphone
  • Cell phone holder(attaches to the windscreen)
  • Garware Sun control film (50%)
  • Siena 0-100->


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Author Comment Date
Jayabusa Most gorgeous Siena I've ever seen. Nice pics too and excellent colour. 19th January 2011
evo Whoa! Has a Sienna ever looked so desirable! 23rd September 2009
karizma_devil WOW !! 10th August 2009
sandeep_sukhu Hey Hellspawn.
I am from Noida too. Must exchange notes.....I have an Esteem...quite as exquisite as your Siena. Call me at 9810341901.....Sandeep
7th July 2009
Rahulkool wow .... thats the best Siena i have ever seen :D 24th January 2009
hellspawn @planet rocker:Thanks a lot man!! 9th January 2009
planet_rocker Gorgeous - shez Hottt! will check you out again hottiie! ;) 23rd December 2008
hellspawn @JRD:thanks . she returns an avg. of 9-10kmpl. 9th July 2008
JRD great choice man.. this is the best buy for under 7lacs, one question how much does she drink?? i didnt buy the palio gtx1.6 back in 03 for that only reason.. 8th July 2008
hellspawn @planet_rocker:THanks,am definitely taking care of her.
26th June 2008
noidaboy lol.. its the TORQUE TURTLE. :D! that drinks more,than it runs! ... but its a coolio car! rock on boy! 25th June 2008
planet_rocker Drop Dead Gorgeous - Man this car is hottt! love it. take care of her. 25th June 2008
hellspawn @vipul_singh:Thanks... i just stay with the car while the mechanics are working on it. 16th June 2008
vipul_singh Whoa! Absolutely brilliant! How do you manage to 'protect' the car from the Tata-FIAT dealers? 13th June 2008
hellspawn @xehaust:thanks a lot... :D 28th March 2008
Xehaust Amazing pictures buddy. Sienna looks hot for the 1st time. Lovely choice of rims too. 28th March 2008
hellspawn @kpzem:lol..which pic u takin about..its golden(with reddish/maroon sparkles) the colour gives a goldenish/reddish tinge. 13th March 2008
kpzen Is this the real color car?? What color? 11th March 2008
m4ugr8 RECAROS??? When where!!! Manyu Pics!!! 10th March 2008
faithless_1984 I now pronounce you and the siena....Man and wife. :P

Upload pics of the recaros.!
6th March 2008
hellspawn @rev_hard:sir,yes sir :D 3rd March 2008
rev_hard interior and audio pics please yaar!!!! 2nd March 2008
hellspawn nope..the plugs make no differnece.if you read through the manual,you will notice that the stock plugs are "NGK's".so no point getting plugs 2nd March 2008
krg68 recently bought a sienna 1.6 elx, can any one suggest what mods should be carried out.replaced the stock air filter to k & n. does the ows plugs make any difference! 1st March 2008
hellspawn @revhard:thanks man...couldnt find anything macho..thats why the flowers lol 28th February 2008
rev_hard nice photography.. hehehe.. with flowers and all.. hehehehehe. that rear shot is classic looking though. 28th February 2008
m4ugr8 Well i have seen it and the paintjob is neat!!! now thee audition part is remaining!!! TUNE IT UP FAST!!! 8th February 2008
hellspawn m4ugr8:anytime buddy..anytime.. 3rd February 2008
m4ugr8 Man Now though i am dying to hear as well as see this thing..... :P ..... 2nd February 2008
hellspawn update:car now repainted in stock gold colour with red sparkles.Looks awesome.will upload pics soon. 2nd February 2008
faithless_1984 Ice Ice baby... :P 17th January 2008
hellspawn pics will be uploaded soon.added new HU as well. 6th January 2008
aZa woahhhhhhhh ! whr R ze PiCs oF thE IcE????? 6th January 2008
faithless_1984 Whoa..ID eh...Start a thread in z ICE section.! 4th January 2008
SRShrikanth Awesome shoes Hellspawn. Must be a one hella killer on the streets.!!! Solid Beauty with Universal brains, huh. 31st December 2007
hellspawn @busa:thank you...again lol 23rd December 2007
BUSA That looks fantastic, awesome choice of rims. 22nd December 2007
hellspawn @car_freek:got it from can contact viper.he is a member on this forum. 22nd December 2007
car_freek Hey Bro can you please tell me from where did you got the Intake from and how much did it cost you i need to get it for my Alto 21st December 2007
mchanna Looks more awsome with rear spoiler :-) 31st October 2007
hellspawn warchild:the clamping is custom made based on the design of the original clamp. 9th August 2007
warchild cool a golden Siena, havnt seen this colour much... dude the clamp on the extreme filter u got, its costum made or its a part of the kit? 8th August 2007
sabret00the very well maintained car 19th June 2007
caroholic1 Nice well maintained Siena. 27th May 2007
ASH-WINS gr8 car 17th February 2007
hellspawn @paharino1:cool .... another fiat lover. 14th August 2006
paharino1 Super Picx. De ja vu for me as I too have a Fiat Siena Royal Gold 1.6 ELX 2004 13th July 2006
hellspawn yup they r stock for 1.6elx model 9th March 2006
sivadas Great car!! Hellspawn, are those fog lamps stock? 5th March 2006
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