Octy RS. Peted. Peted

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Octy RS. Peted. Peted
Engine Specifications:
  • I-4, 1781cc DOHC transverse.
Engine Misc.:
  • Custom Code Phase 1 Remap.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Stock Turbo.
  • Forge Diverter Valve.
  • Copious quantities of it!
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Tarox Strada Front Brake Pads
  • Stock vRS Spider alloys with gold painted Spokes
  • Rest Stock.
Interior and ICE:
  • Pioneer 5250 HU.
  • JBL CS 12 Inch Subwoofer
  • One number JBL GTA 604 amp.
  • JBL 608C Component Speakers up front.
  • One number Indian Flag(arguably made in China)
  • Stock Blaupunkt Speakers at the rear.
  • Really hard to clean leather and fabric interiors with vRS embossing.
  • Custom paint- Skoda Race Blue.
  • Front Grille and bumper midsection are matte black a la ze Bulgarian Beard!
  • Alloys have gold spokes.
  • All rubber bits are in the body colour.
  • Red Brake calipers.
  • Matte black rear bumper lower section.
  • Custom narrower front plate.
  • Custom longer rear plate.
  • Matte Black B Pillars
  • Team BHP Live to Drive Sticker
  • Debadged bootlid apart from vRS badging


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oooh! Before And After! Bum Rap! small rs side proper.jpg Skoda3.jpg At ze beach 01062009176.jpg LTD.jpg
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Member: evo
Created: 27th September 2008 11:55
Last Modified: 23rd June 2011 15:19
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Author Comment Date
cityvic Bbye Octy...May your new owner keep you as awesome as deval did. :) 18th August 2011
planet_rocker Bye Bye Octy VRS - Evo get rid of the Team BHP Stickers on the D-day 25th June 2011
evo @ Razor: Yup, its your building 3rd June 2010
razor4077 D, is that bird's eye view pic taken in Ujjwala? 29th May 2010
audidebs sorry, didn't see that. time for an upgraded downpipe then! or some xenons! or lower it with lowering springs or coilovers! you can never have too many mods! btw, i used to live at new alipore when i was in india. alipore is a nice neigbborhood, would love to own a house there some day. 3rd March 2010
evo @audidebs : already done, check under "Engine Misc" 2nd March 2010
audidebs nice!! now get it chipped to get more booooooosssst!! 19th February 2010
Jayabusa Maserati GranTurismo. :) 18th February 2010
evo @jayabusa: Thanks, what is Mazzz GT? 5th January 2010
Jayabusa Cool ride. Hmm, Mazz GT kinda alloys...cooler. 14th December 2009
evo @planet: lol, aye aye sir! 10th December 2009
planet_rocker Buy a NICE Camera :D 7th December 2009
evo @varunzz and planet: Thanks guys

@ashisharora: hmm, maybe in the 2010 facelift! ;-)
6th October 2009
varunzzz Yup EVO. You car looks good. very tastefully done. Had a good time riding in it. 4th October 2009
planet_rocker beautiful!! 29th September 2009
aashisharora awesome ride except for the beard, keep the black only on the grill, try it out in photoshop, will look great, I know. 28th September 2009
evo @karthik: thanks, thats at Asia`s longest motorable beach! Just the right place for TBHP India meet!

Beard, hmm, if not that, then what? (Nothing is not an acceptable answer!!) Hehe
3rd September 2009
karthik247 the last pic looks awesome... just one suggestion, get rid of the beard! 31st August 2009
evo @karizma: thanks! 30th August 2009
karizma_devil Looks hot !!!

Great colour ....
12th August 2009
planet_rocker Mandarmuni??

nice pic dude - post more pics - without the boat - it is distracting.
17th March 2009
evo @kutlee: Sleeper Car! Thanks, considering I thought the gold wings to be a lil wild. Mismatched tyres is a long story, hopefully they`ll be no longer mismatched by the end of the week.

@ashish: Thanks!
12th January 2009
ashish22 thats a unique looking vRS! 9th January 2009
kutlee sleeper car heh!! cool stuff..what's meant by mismatched tyres? 7th January 2009
evo @anish : Sure Thing. PM`d you 23rd December 2008
anish9000 Hey nice mods..... Would love to see it some time.... 22nd December 2008
evo @sahil: Thank you! 21st December 2008
Sahil Brilliant color ! 9th December 2008
evo hehe! thanks! Impereza was indeed the inspiration. 4th November 2008
Ali G neat color and wheels.. i see some impreza inspiration.. dont stop 4th November 2008
evo @jayd
thanks man, I like the black grille as it is for now, though was thinking of removing the slats and putting in a mesh.

Wheels all gold or as it is? I`m still confused
1st November 2008
JayD Dude, paint the entire wheel golden and the grille and bumper in blue, it looks kinda incomplete now! But hot nonetheless 31st October 2008
v1p3r Just saw the pics. Ask him to work out a full gold scheme. Look at the Imprezas or GTR 34s for inspiration. 2nd October 2008
evo @anish9000

Hello, thanks.

I dont remember the chap who owned it before,his name is there somewhere on file!

I stay in an apartment block near Calcutta Hospital. We should meet up sometime.

Saw your ride, brilliant stuff!!
1st October 2008
anish9000 Hey, nice colour and the best match for wheel colour. If im not wrong was this car owned by abhishek before the repaint.

I too stay in alipore were abouts are you.
30th September 2008
evo @shuvd: Thanks!

@viper: Thanks, Whole wheel gold, hmmm, theres images of that on the skoda key for 8000 thread, thanks to badboy who very generously photoshopped my car, tell me what you think of them.
Bulgarian beard, I want, in case you have a better avatar then pls tell me, I was thinking of getting it straight down as opposed to the cut off on the sides where it meets the grill.
28th September 2008
v1p3r Nice ride, great custom colour. You may want to rethink the Bulgarian Beard, though. Doesn't seem to be working out. Another suggestion -- paint the whole wheel racing gold. Will go beautifully with the blue. 28th September 2008
shuvd Wikked! 27th September 2008
planet_rocker nice ride :) hope to see you soon someday. 27th September 2008
evo Hehe, thank you rocker, pics are finally up, had to photoshop them to get them under 512kb! I stay at Alipore. 27th September 2008
planet_rocker lovely stuff - where are the pics? how come i never saw this car! where do you stay? 27th September 2008
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