2008 Honda Civic Misty Violet 1.8V A/T

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2008 Honda Civic Misty Violet 1.8V A/T

Driver side view.

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Violet. Black. Driver side view. The auto shift. The famous double dash. Center console with ICE & AC The steering wheel with one paddle visible.
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Created: 1st October 2008 11:24
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Utopian You seem to be in love with the instrument cluster. :D Truly, its in a league of its own in that respect. 12th April 2010
ImmortalZ Yeah, I know it's a love or hate color. I'd rather have Black or White. But it was out of my hand.

Mileage in sports mode? I don't know - I don't drive in it often. Every now and then I am on an empty winding road, I hit S and floor it. But the funny thing is, no matter how I drive it - city, highway, sport, sedate... it'll always average 8.5KM/L.
15th June 2009
Ramsagar love the color,but few don't.what is the mileage you get in sports mode. 15th June 2009
ImmortalZ @ pranav : Thank you.

@ viddy : Yes, I do have parking sensors. But the car is currently at Honda undergoing accident repairs. All the paperwork is with them. I'll be collecting them tomorrow when I go to inspect progress. I'll PM you afterwards.
20th May 2009
vid6639 You have parking sensors right? Any idea which brand and details? 19th May 2009
pranavt Love the color. 8th February 2009
ImmortalZ Thanks ultimatechamp, ashish.

I rarely use the paddles. Sport mode does the job splendidly.
29th January 2009
ashish22 nice car there's the pickup while using paddle shifters 29th January 2009
ultimatechamp Good choice of color mate!!Looks so elegant! 15th December 2008
ImmortalZ There is something in the cards for a projector setup. You'll see it on T-BHP when it's done! Thank you for your kind words. 12th November 2008
abhinav.gupta88 OOPS i thought it was 2007
I love this colour on the CIVIC. Matches with the interiors :D

Angel Eyes ?
12th November 2008
ImmortalZ Nothing yet. Probably in 2009. 3rd November 2008
shuvd Nice color. No ICE upgrades planned? ;) 3rd November 2008
ImmortalZ Thanks abhinav. Your RS ain't too shoddy either ;)

Current odo reading is 303KM. We're going on a long trip this Friday, so that should get it closer to the 900KM mark.
21st October 2008
abhinav.gupta88 The pictures are pretty amazing dude.
Looks in fabulous condition.
How much on the ODO?
21st October 2008
ImmortalZ Thank you inferno. 14th October 2008
inferno very good color choice and very good car too :) 13th October 2008
ImmortalZ I can't begin to describe what fun this thing is to drive. It just asks to be revved. Something in the soul of the vehicle that makes the Altis feel dead. I drove nearly 40KM today, for no reason other than to drive. Believe me, it is hard to keep to the 2500RPM until 2500KM promise. 5th October 2008
kjdesigns_2000 Nice car and pictures. I have always been a fan of this car. How's the paddle shift experience. 3rd October 2008
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