2004 Hyundai Accent CRDi Forest Dew

drifter’s Team-BHP Garage
2004 Hyundai Accent CRDi Forest Dew
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.5 litre 3-cyl 12 valve SOHC Common Rail Diesel 82bhp, 19.1kgm mounted transversely (FWD)
Engine Misc.:
  • 85000kms (sold)
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Stock Turbocharger
    Stock Induction system
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Diesel
    PSI Motorsports Chip Upgrade (Petes') rated @ 98bhp
  • Automech Performance Exhaust
  • Stock 5-speed Manual
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock suspension
    15' Multispoke alloys
    205/50 Dunlop Sport SP9000
  • Footwell Lighting (Blue)
    Aluminium Pedals
  • Colour coded Handles, Mirrors & Rubstrips
    Calipers & Drums (Red)
    Blue Underbody Lighting (Defunct)
    Ralliart Flaps

    Fun in Goa


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Author Comment Date
drifter Yes it had three sets. First were the stock 13in steel wheels. Then came the 14in five spokes and then the 15in multi spokes. Loved the multi spokes. 13th August 2010
ajay2233 drifter, how many times have you changed your alloys?
The car seems to have had more than 3 sets apart from the original wheels..

Anyways great car, great speeds.
13th August 2010
drifter Sorry I didn't read it was an Indica. In that case, contact automech engineers in parel, mumbai. 23rd February 2009
drifter Thanks. Better than the free flow, get a pete's box. It will definately give you a kick. 23rd February 2009
Jayabusa Cool pics! 22nd May 2008
nischint dude..can u tll me abt fttng a freeflow in dsl cars...cuz i wana instl freeflow n m indica dsl [i dont c anyoth wy2incrse its power] it possible ? 20th January 2008
drifter Nope, the car was sold about 9 months ago. 21st October 2007
kick.throttle @8500 stopped ... oh my god.... how come 10th October 2007
lamborghini hey bro, did u sell this car off or do u still have it? 10th October 2007
lamborghini hey bro, 10th October 2007
drifter One of the first galleries....back then the limit was 15 pics 6th June 2007
jkdas 14 pix! howz that possible?:D 6th June 2007
rev_hard ya even i was surprised.. best i had earlier was a 42 view jump in a day. nice ride btw 12th April 2007
drifter Hi it wasn't at night but early morning little before 6am, also i had the stock tyres that time. It had run 85000kms....been sold now. 2nd April 2007
crdi i think your top speed was due to the higher tyre size......but would that not cut down the pick up 2nd April 2007
crdi night driving at high speeds is too risky in india....dont do that much has your crdi frequently do yoy change engine oil?? 2nd April 2007
manikjeet thnx man 27th February 2007
drifter I had the 5-spoke design at first in 14in, then shifted to multispokes 15in... 26th February 2007
manikjeet hey how many pairs of alloy wheel u have tell i can see 2 24th February 2007
rajismine why does picture 1 and 2 have different alloy wheels. is it not the same car?? 23rd February 2007
ASH-WINS very neat......... 11th February 2007
shivam nicely kept car drifter i also own the same car but viva in black 18th January 2007
drifter Still debating on that one...nobody in the family really wants to let go of it. 31st December 2006
artofzen what bout your plans of putting it up for sale? 28th December 2006
drifter yeah, i know the car needs a good makeover...don't worry about it...its on the cards. 24th December 2006
darezz hey bro juz seen ur car 2day@my complex in Thane, wel...u hav actually used it pretty roughly..kindly give it a nice polish... 23rd December 2006
drifter Its been almost 3 problems till now touchwood. Yeah Kp, it was a spare being used. 3rd December 2006
kpzen left rear tyre is not in correct direction as a unidirectional should be... 24th November 2006
sameer_dg I have heard the CRDI's starts giving lots of problems after the first one year what is your exp? 13th November 2006
mobike008 Pretty good pics of the crdi, enjoy mate !!! 10th October 2006
drifter yeah im happy with the performance of the box. 8th October 2006
jerish666 hey hows ur pete's working?Is it really good?i hve a petes tuned skoda with carbonio intake. 7th October 2006
drifter Hey thanks! Yup thats the correct order :) 27th August 2006
manveet is that the correct order .. ?? btw .. nice and classy look 25th August 2006
manveet dude ... you got plastic wheel caps .. then you got the 5-spoke design (pic in the open field) .. and then you got the multi-spoke alloys .. 25th August 2006
gamerno1 awesome color, very well maintained! cheers~ 16th August 2006
team44_gautham 75k on odo sexy...even i hav apetrol accent wid som mods 9th July 2006
sabretooth911 hey drifter.. man tht luks lik a kick azz babe man.. freakin cool man 6th July 2006
praful sexy car totally rocks for a diesel!!! 24th June 2006
diven_b 68000 Kms in 2 yrs?????? i pity that car...but i am sure its a dlite to drive 12th May 2006
drifter Yeah i do visit new bombay at times. I dont have HIDs. Just white lamps. 24th April 2006
heelntoe do you come to new bombay often i think i saw that car on palm beach road going towards belapur with some type f hids on 8th April 2006
impact dude nice car...........u should now go for d body kits.....first look its d same old machine 17th March 2006
adya33 hey drifter here is photo of your alloys which I took when last time you were in Pune 11th March 2006
hot_rod GR8 car man i love ure car i see it in college everyday i get my zen to college and my friend gets his silver scorpio your car sounds awesome too hope 5th February 2006
yousuffaizee where do i get petes and Performance Exhaust , plz give me the address , how is exhaust sound in diesel engine 31st January 2006
BUSA Nice set of wheels drifter. Petes does not affect the top speed, it will remain the same however the free flow may affect depending on your headers 12th January 2006
Max he managed to upload 15 because on dec 1 7 photo limit was not implemented :( 2nd January 2006
srasania nice did you upload 15 images !?!?!?!..I thought 7 was the limit for each gallery ! 30th December 2005
drifter Check the second pic rehaan, theres a glimpse of the new wheels, will get better pictures and post. 29th December 2005
nitrous Man,185 without pete's?? It must do around 200 with the current setup! 29th December 2005
Rehaan Drifter! Where are the pics of these 15" multi-spoke alloys you speak of?? 28th December 2005
drifter No, that speed was achieved when the car was totally stock. Havent really tried the top speed after the Petes kit. 28th December 2005
amit_sound wow 190kmp !!!! how`d u manage....was it wid the pete`s kit ?? 26th December 2005
drifter Yup i love that grass photo too...and that speed was achieved on the mum-pun expressway. 12th December 2005
streetlife man! where did you achived that speeeeeed!! 10th December 2005
Conan Sexy photo in the grass 2nd December 2005
drifter Yeah addy...and what a week that was... 2nd December 2005
Aditya Cool! Love the pic on the Panaji bridge.... fond memories! 2nd December 2005
Insane Devil real nice man! never thought the accent would make it to 185-190 range! phew! amazing! 2nd December 2005
dceite cool pics.. i always liked the crdi engine... 2nd December 2005
DRAGSTER dude u should get a boby kit done.... 2nd December 2005
drifter Thanks....yeah apart from some suspension work, everything is fixed. 2nd December 2005
vandan cool pics man,so is your car fixed now after that mishap¿ 2nd December 2005
RohitD cool pics u sure push ur crdi to the limit ;) 2nd December 2005
jkdas noooooooo nooooo 185! :(( Lord Pete help me! 1st December 2005
vineetchauhan looking dash 1st December 2005
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