2008 Mercedes SLK 280

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2008 Mercedes SLK 280
Engine Specifications:
  • V6 3.0L 228 HP
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • No Turbocharger
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Premium 91 Octane
  • Sport Tuned Dual Exhaust
  • Real Wheel Drive
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Sport Suspension, 17" High Performance Michelin tires
  • Black Leather/Wood trim, Premium Logic 7 Surround sound
  • N/A

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VIPER_SRT I was moving from Philadelphia to Chicago and the truck is a rented one along with the car trolly. I could have given it to a moving agency but didnt wanted to miss the fun. 11th February 2009
abhinav.gupta88 Nice Car.
BTW whats the truck doing there :D
3rd February 2009
VIPER_SRT I wish I could get a SLK55 AMG, but this was for my wife and she wanted a hard top convertible not a power freak like we are :). The ride is a bit hard and she drives it occasionally now. Planning to go for a Mercedes SUV next year...either ML350 or GL450 19th January 2009
VIPER_SRT I'm the one behind the yellow truck with white T-Shirt 19th January 2009
sumeethaldankar hi,I see 3 diff people in the pics.Which 1 is u :-) 9th January 2009
Steeroid Nice, but with a 280 you're kinda stuck for power in a fast-looking car...BEAUTIFUL lines, though. 9th January 2009
VIPER_SRT Thanks aah78! Its 6 speed automatic transmission. In automatic mode it changes the gears for you but you can switch it into manual mode and just a tap on the gear knob will change the gears. But since it doesnt have a clutch, you dont have the real fun of driving a stick shift. 5th December 2008
aah78 Hey, nice car! Can you change gears or does the car do it for you? 5th December 2008
VIPER_SRT Thanks Jayabusa, Wish I had more power under the hood but I'm enjoying this car. It has laser precision steering and amazing handling, I'm just wondering what it would be own a Porsche. Maybe I've to work harder in order to afford one :) 5th December 2008
Jayabusa Congratulations buddy! I am happy that you bought the 280(3.0L) and not the 200(1.8L). I'd rather buy a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic, both being 1.8L's instead of an SLK 200 which is such an underpowered car and which sells for something like Rs.55 lakh in India. 4th December 2008
VIPER_SRT We have only 3 models here in US. SLK 280 (Now 300) SLK 350 and SLK 55 AMG. I'm not sure if SLK 430 is available in Europe. I got a very good deal on this one, almost 22% off MSRP. 3rd December 2008
sujaylahiri Looks nice and shiny.
Why only the 280 though? You should have got that SLK 430 with the V8 at least.
3rd December 2008
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