2001 Indica 2000 LEi - Pre-V2 MPFi (now Sold)

shuvc’s Team-BHP Garage
2001 Indica 2000 LEi - Pre-V2 MPFi (now Sold)
Engine Specifications:
  • 1405 CC
  • MPFi
  • 75 bhp
  • Euro II
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock steel wheels
  • Combination of 155/70 R13 MRF's and Bridgestones
  • Stock
  • Pioneer Cassette Deck
  • 4 Xplod speakers - 5 1/4 front, 6x9 rear coax (forgot the model numbers)
  • Stock - with some stickers and body colour painted bumpers


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Jayabusa Nice car! 29th May 2008
Jayabusa Nice! 29th May 2008
itwasntme Coinc sold my 2000 LEi too end July' 07 and got 70k for it (55k on odo)! See my image gallery: broke my heart to see it go! 29th August 2007
shuvc @shuvd - Late 90's Zen, Esteem or early WagonR. A zen being the most probable one. 20th July 2007
shuvc Got 60K for it. Not bad IMO. Considering it's pre V2 & minus PS & PW. 20th July 2007
shuvd Goodbye Indica :-( Hello..........? 18th July 2007
BUSA how much did u sell it off for, must be quite cheap since no one would buy a Indica Petrol? :( 15th July 2007
planet_rocker i guess its time to close down the garage and say bye bye to her properly...i hope the new owner takes care of it. 12th July 2007
shuvc Well. Had to decide one day. Sold her yesterday. Bye bye. 12th July 2007
shuvc Yep love the car. Cash ka prob. Doing it up would require access to Rs. 50K approx :( 28th May 2007
planet_rocker change the exhaust, tyres, alloys, "new shirt", "new inners", k&n filter with CAI - u love the car dont you? 16th May 2007
planet_rocker arey dada its simple. if you cant sell it - mod it then! its gonna be a h3ll of a ride - perhaps the only modded indica petrol in Cal. 16th May 2007
shuvc Yes, am in two minds. Whether to keep the car and do it up or sell it - no takers yet :( 14th May 2007
shuvc Those stickers used to be sold by T-BHP earlier - in 2005 14th May 2007
nischint ur car is gr8..and frm wher u got da ' got bhp ? ' stiker frm ?? i'm lukin for 1..i'm inn tvm.. 8th May 2007
nischint needs a new shirt.....its been 3yrs rite ? 8th May 2007
shuvc Is that a Q ? I really liked the space. And I had a trouble free 3 years with it. 16th March 2006
nitrous OWNERSHIP XPERIENCE!!!!! 10th March 2006
shuvc hehe .. antique piece. I've seen only 2 other similar models in Kolkata. Talk about exclusivity ! 20th February 2006
dceite Wow Petrol Indica... interesting 20th February 2006
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