2008 Suzuki SX4 Silver Beast!

Meer’s Team-BHP Garage
2008 Suzuki SX4 Silver Beast!
ICE and Interiors:

1. Speakers
a. JBL speakers at the rear: Left the stock rear speakers as is in the door and fitted new oval speakers on the tray. Had to get it cut using gas cutter, but now looks cool.
b. JBL speakers in the front: Front door stock speakers replaced with JBL
So now have 8 speakers in the car.. 2 front door+2 rear door+2 rear tray+2 tweeters!

2. Sun Film
3 M sun film on all glasses including front windshield. As per the dealer only film to be approved by world skin cancer foundation. Results are really good even in full summer sun.

3. Upholstery
Art leather upholstery in Beige colour. Looks pretty decent, and feels softer than the Zxi+Leather option stock upholstery.

4. Parking Sensors
4 sensors + LCD display with beeper at the front (went for this as the rear view mirror display was not too visible in daylight.

6. Floor Mats
2 sets of floor mats, one carpet ones below and another transparent ones above. Transparent ones are really good as they have grooves in them in which dust etc settles and it does not come between your shoes and the mat


1. Paint Protection
Autoglym paint protection package. I was standing in front of the person when he did the stuff. It was an enclosed room with no chance of external dust coming in. The complete surface was de-oxidised and then waxed. The difference was immediate. Another round of protection after 6 months in the same cost. Interiors were also cleaned, bacteria etc are removed.

2. Under body protection
Done at the GM showroom. As rains were abt to start, got this done on priority

3. Bumper guard

4. Philips Xenon HID
The difference is awesome, lights now illuminate the road like daylight. Both the distance as well as lateral coverage has increased tremendously

5. Philips 4000K parking bulbs
Left Side View

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Meer Mods done mainly on ICE and interiors.. exterior very less 14th May 2009
k_shanz Very stock car. Sersly need some mods. 11th April 2009
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