2006 Maruti Suzuki Baleno VXi

shuvc’s Team-BHP Garage
2006 Maruti Suzuki Baleno VXi
Engine Specifications:
  • 1590 CC, 16 Valve SOHC, In-line 4
  • Bore x Stroke : 75.0 x 90.0 mm
  • Compression Ratio 9.0 +- 0.2:1
Engine Misc.:
  • 91 BHP@5500rpm
  • 130.5 Nm@3000 rpm
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • HP unleaded
  • Stock
  • Stock
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock
    • 205/60 R14 Maxxis MAZ1
    • 14" Alloys
  • Stock
    • Black art-leather seat covers
    • Child seat (it draws lots of stares!) - now phased out
  • JVC KD-R926BT
  • Illusion Electra EL 6.1 components
  • Illusion Electra EL 62 rear coax
  • JBL GTO 75.4
  • MB Quart PAB 2100
  • JBL GT4 sub
  • Illusion Reference speaker wire
  • MX and Scosche RCAs
  • Ichibahn & Scosche fuse for amps
  • NoiseKill damping on front doors
  • T-BHP sticker on the black rubber beads. These were the first ever stickers printed I believe !
  • Illusion Audio sticker on rear glass
  • Bosch Horn
  • Bosch Wipers


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shuvc Wow prsnk ! A comment on this garage after 11 years ! Surreal ! thanks.
Yes these fogs are aftermarket. Lucas, with glass cover. The current ones are also aftermarket, but they are unbranded and from spareshub I think. Plastic ones. I was unable to locate the Lucas set when replacing.
9th October 2019
prsnck nice Baleno !! is the fog lamps after market fitment ? Sorry if I missed info posted here. 9th October 2019
planet_rocker nice upgrade shuvc - when do we get a dekho? 11th June 2008
planet_rocker get well soon - oye! shuvc - take care of her re! :) 12th April 2008
shuvd get well soon... 12th April 2008
BlackPearl please post some pics of the new fog lamps... 23rd January 2008
planet_rocker congrats on the DIY ICE-ing! :) when do we get a demo? 21st January 2008
planet_rocker get well soon darling! everything will be ok. we are all with you! take care. 25th September 2007
planet_rocker the JBL/ Illusion stickers should be slapped inside the boot. dont spoil the look - you know why ;) 22nd September 2007
shuvd ice pikkchaars? 22nd September 2007
nikunj_cal Ice ka pics jaldi se !!!! 11th September 2007
planet_rocker Lekin ICE ka pikchar? upload them if possible. 11th September 2007
planet_rocker oi teri! Naya ICE! Gola! Looks like you and razor are illusionized! Congrats Da! 11th September 2007
shuvc @razor - I eat my words :) - but HT upgrade will happen too. Early next year. 11th September 2007
planet_rocker hey did you get the ICE done up in your car? if yes, update the specs. 10th September 2007
razor4077 Just read your comment on ICE 2 lines below :)) 9th August 2007
1100D Will miss the shape, I actually liked the tail when we had those white indicators and the rear spoiler. 20th June 2007
shuvc ICE ? I often think of it. But then, the Home Theater upgrade needs to happen first. Thats priority no1. 28th May 2007
planet_rocker time to ICE her up? very well maintained - especially the "inners"! (read: interiors) 16th May 2007
hari_rama the doors open pic is looking awsome bro... 31st March 2007
shuvc upgraded to 195/60 F1s. pics soon. 23rd January 2007
1100D lovely, understated brilliance. 30th October 2006
shuvc @elf, true. 195's are on my radar a couple of years later. 24th October 2006
elf Nice ride... I think the rear end of a Baleno's great - provided the tyres & wheels are seriously upsized to give it a 'fuller' look. 30th September 2006
islero Hey Ram, superb pics!!! Car looks damn good!! 30th July 2006
shuvc @mckaren. Thanks ! Taken during twilight. Lost clarity further during scanning. 10th July 2006
shuvc @kp, it's silky silver. @ram, nope. no stock fogs. OEM Stanley fog pairs cost 12Kish 10th July 2006
mclaren1885 These ought to be one of the most beautiful pics of a baleno .. Im in love with them .. Personally i dont have issues with the rear end either .. 8th June 2006
ram Doesn't the top-of-the-line VXi come with stock quartz-halogen auxiliary driving lamps in the front bumper, or am I missing something? 5th June 2006
passion4cars Tail Lamps looks as in it has been just SLAPPED on de rear doesnt match at all...n doesnt do justice to dis gr8 car 23rd May 2006
kpzen Is this silky silver or pearl silver.... 7th May 2006
saajan_20 and yes it s yet ruling in the engine department nice buy SHUVC 12th April 2006
saajan_20 wonder why does nt maruti work something about it s tail lamps they r yet the same as were in 2000 model just transparent indicator lights i 12th April 2006
shuvc yesss .. I was hell bent on buying a black LXi .. but once this VXi was launched, I found these OE alloys went best with the silver colour. 16th March 2006
~~VinZ~~ this is wad i call "sexy alloys on hooot car" .. nicely matched ... 16th March 2006
adityapd Those alloys..go very well with the baleno..somehow i feel that the new esteem's grill could do wonders to the baleno's looks 10th March 2006
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