Black Beauty - Suzuki Baleno Lxi 2005

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Black Beauty - Suzuki Baleno Lxi 2005
Engine Specifications :
  • All-Aluminium, 16 Valves SOHC
  • In-line 4-cylinder configuration.
Engine Miscellaneous :
  • Swept volume : 1590cc
  • Bore x Stroke : 75 x 90 mm
  • Max power : 91bhp @ 5500 rpm
  • Max torque : 130.5 Nm @ 3000 rpm
  • Max speed : 175kmph (done 165 max).
Transmission :
  • 5 forward, all syncromesh. 1 reverse.
Fuel :
  • Normal unleaded petrol.
Suspension :
  • Front : McPherson strut & coil spring with L-shaped lower arm and anti-roll bar.
  • Rear : McPherson strut & coil spring with parallel link arrangement.
Wheels & tires:
  • SST Design Ultra Light Battle Wheels (13 x 5.5J Alloys)
  • 165/80 R13 Bridgestone tube-type tyres.
  • Art leather upholstery in grey.
  • JBL air-freshener - courtesy Sam Kapasi. :-)
  • As stock as it comes. Maybe some side-skirts at a later stage.

Torque - what makes this car a joy to drive

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Alongside a canal at Kollam, Kerala, India. At the North Madras beach - Thiruvottriyur. Proudly displaying the tbhp sticker on the beyond-compare Baleno rear. :-) Pit stop enroute to the Track Day at MMST, Chennai Ruling the road on return from tbhp meet at Mahabs on 1-Jul-07 Best of the lot, ain't she ? In front of the Triplicane temple. Torque - what makes this car a joy to drive
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Author Comment Date
supremeBaleno yes, it's at north madras - thiruvottriyur beach. 25th October 2007
yasw_anth hi .. wer was d first pic taken .. in chennai ? 24th October 2007
mclaren1885 Naah custom made. Go to the baleno facelift thread. Just posted some pics of the car. 21st June 2007
supremeBaleno What kind of grill is it ? The old honeycomb type that came on initial Balenos - I love that one. 14th June 2007
supremeBaleno yeah, rahul - been thinking of the tints for sometime. But worried about decrease in visibility and the installers tampering with my babe. 14th June 2007
mclaren1885 SB, the car needs tints. Btw, got a new grill for the baleno. Want one? 14th June 2007
supremeBaleno True, it looks great in black. But maintaining black cars is damn tough. Actually its a pain to keep them clean. :-( 28th May 2007
moralfibre Nice car and nicer choice of colour. The Baleno looks best in Black! 11th May 2007
supremeBaleno Thanks shuvc. Updated the wheel specs. Tyre specs remain the same (did not upgrade to wider tyres). 31st January 2007
shuvc Nice alloys. Update the Wheels & Tyre specs. 29th January 2007
supremeBaleno Thanks, Busa & hari_rama. Yeah, she does look good now. :-) 29th January 2007
hari_rama man tht was a wise decision on choosing she is more pretty... 26th January 2007
BUSA The alloys make her look beatiful, good job SB :) 25th January 2007
supremeBaleno Finally, got alloys on my Black Beauty. :-) 15th January 2007
prakashc hey. cool car. good to drive and very comfortable.. 22nd December 2006
prince85 I installed Film_Pro tints in both my Esteem as well as the Baleno without having anything to do with the door-pads. Hope it helps my friend. 22nd December 2006
prince85 You can check out yourself by asking your local accessories store which install sun-films on the car if you are in any further doubt. 22nd December 2006
prince85 SB, I am extremely sure that the installers won't have to open up the door pads or for that matter even touch your doorpads inorder to install sunfilm 22nd December 2006
Surprise Superb. Badly alloys are needed for your black beauty. Car looks GREAT 8th December 2006
supremeBaleno Found that the spoiler does not really add anything to the looks of a Baleno, like it does for the OHC. 7th December 2006
sureshshanmugam Why? Not attracted towards the Spoilers 29th November 2006
supremeBaleno hari, that was 4.5K. Will try to put up more interior pics. 14th November 2006
hari_rama hey tht seat covers are much did they cost u???can u post more interior pics? 13th November 2006
supremeBaleno sivadas, I know, I know.. :-) Have been seriously thinking of alloys for sometime now. 28th October 2006
supremeBaleno prince85, are you sure about that ? I remember seeing them open up the panels of the car. 28th October 2006
sivadas supremeBaleno, your car is begging for alloys!! Please do it. But don't ask me to sponsor!! 26th October 2006
prince85 you don't need to get your door pads touched inorder to put tints. Its just easily pasted on the glass by the installers 22nd October 2006
supremeBaleno Thanks, nevertouchme. @kpzen, I did think of tints, but I hate the thought of opening up the door panels etc. of my babe. 17th October 2006
nevertouchme wow, that's a neaaaaatttttttt car........ i love it.... 7th October 2006
kpzen Y dont u get the sunfilm ...At least its allowed down south... 30th August 2006
supremeBaleno Updated with latest snaps from Chennai-Kerala drive in Aug'06. 23rd August 2006
supremeBaleno ram, you referring to fog lights ? Have them in mind for sometime now, but the SGA lamps priced at 13K is holding me back. :-( 11th August 2006
ram Fantastic shine on the paint! What about high-intensity driving lights in the front bumper apron? 9th August 2006
kpzen Get the esteem wheel caps..... 29th July 2006
Steeroid Neat and Tidy. I like! 22nd July 2006
shrivz hey.. i've got 205s on my baleno and am still getting 12.5 kmpl with a ractive ev500 superflow filter... upgrade ur tires man!!! 14th July 2006
supremeBaleno Thanks, revtech. Now I get it - something like "breach of privacy" for cars. :-) 12th April 2006
revtech if its your own car you can show the no. plate but if you take a pic of some one elses car speically a celeb when on private prop u havta hide it. 11th April 2006
supremeBaleno Thanks for pointing that out, hari. BTW, I never understood what the big deal was about number plates being exposed in the snaps ? 5th April 2006
hari_rama dude the license plate exposed in 1 pic 3rd April 2006
nitrous Those 165 tyres are no match,bro. 185s wont hurt ur mileage!! 12th March 2006
supremeBaleno Yes, all stock. And I am sure it will remain that way. Might look at alloys/wider tyres later. 3rd March 2006
supremeBaleno revtech, I know that wider tyres would be better for looks/stability. But don't want to mess with the 12/16 kmpl FE. 3rd March 2006
supremeBaleno nitrous, it is the marina beach at palavakkam (off East Coast Road). 3rd March 2006
nitrous Welcome to Chennai's stock cars,revtech :D 2nd March 2006
revtech hey how about adding some thicker rubber dude. 2nd March 2006
nitrous Which beach is that,bro?? 26th February 2006
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