2005 Maruti Suzuki Baleno

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2005 Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Engine Specifications:
  • Belt-driven SOHC running a stock camshaft.
  • Darton sleeves
  • 76 mm Ross custom forged steel pistons running 8.9:1 compression ratio.
  • Shot-peened connecting rods.
  • Forged steel crankshaft.
  • Enlarged ports with port-matched intake manifold.
  • Fully flowed head.
  • Oversized intake valves.
  • 3 angle valve job.
  • 52 mm custom throttle body.
  • K&N 5" conical filter.
Engine Misc.:
  • Built for one thing -- Turbo. Daily drive 1 bar.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Never got around to doing it. Yes, I know, I'm stupid.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Stock. Have a Race Dynamics RD0601 but never got around to installing it.
  • Standard fuel.
  • Have a set of 4x2x1 street headers, as well as a Remus twin-tip, but again, never got around to putting them on.
  • Suzisport Kevlar street/track brake pads.
  • Exedy Stage II full-face clutch.
  • Custom ultra close ratio gearbox built to hold 200 whp.
  • Gear ratios:
    1st :3.416
    2nd :1.894
    3rd :1.375
    4th :1.030
    5th :0.870
    Final :4.390

    The gears are from a Suzuki Swift GT, and the final drive is off the Pontiac Firefly/Geo Metro. These ratios mean that at 6500 rpm, the car would do about 40 in 1st gear, and under 80 in 2nd.
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Nothing.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • DMS Tarmac 50 mm coilovers. These will take anything. Used on the MRF and JK INRC Balenos.
  • Ride height dropped to 100 mm.
  • Wheels: Switched between 15 x 6.5 JJ Magline forged rims -- among the lightest in the world -- lighter than stock 13" rims.

    and 15 x 6.5 J OZ Superturismo WRC.
  • Tyres: 195/55 R15 Yokohama Advan Neova
  • OMP Corsica 90mm ultra-deep dish black suede steering wheel.
  • SGP fog lamps. Very bright.
  • Pioneer 5650 MP3/WMA head unit.
  • Sony Xplod front co-axials.
  • Pioneer TS-6990 6x9 5-way rear ovals
  • Pioneer 12-CD changer.


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Author Comment Date
PSM_360 Also mention stock gear ratios & FD 8th August 2015
PSM_360 dear v1p3r, my 1994 maruti 1000 has exact same gearbox (gear ratios final drive) you mentioned as close ratio one. Swift GTi (except USA/Canadian ones) also had same gearbox but with 4.105 Final drive. Is this maruti 1000 gearbox or you sourced it the way you described? 7th August 2015
ByDesign Sweet lookin ride there. Ananth kamaths comment below kinda pissed me off though. The bit about there being too much money in India. Typical emigrant who fled and then badmouths his own kind. 23rd November 2012
Xryder God what a sweet ride ! I cant imagine how hard it must have been for you to let it go ! 1st February 2011
Mr_Bean You still have the close-ratio gearbox? 3rd May 2010
v1p3r Mr Bean, the new ride is TBHP's pet hate. :p 18th April 2009
v1p3r Salil, that's at 6500 rpm. A stock Baleno will do over 52 kmph in first and close to 110 in 2nd. 18th April 2009
Mr_Bean hey viper this is a nice car, Sad that you sold it off. So what is your new ride? 18th April 2009
salilpawar1 "These ratios mean the car would do about 40 in 1st gear, and under 80 in 2nd".
I didn't quite understand this. Wouldn't a stock gearbox achieve similar speeds?
18th April 2009
v1p3r sukrit, thanks. The Maglines are about 27k for a set of 4, and the OZs started off at 72k for a set of 4, but came down to 52k for a set of 4 later. The fogs are OE SGP, I think 13k or so. 23rd March 2009
sukrit7 hey, can you mention the fog lights brand & price along with the price for the alloys please, you can pm if you feel more comfortable that way. Awesome pictures. 23rd March 2009
v1p3r No, this is a built engine, with a full GT28 kit ready to go on. I sold the car though. I worked hard for my money, to buy this car, so I don't see your point. I don't go around talking trash on your Miata or Beemer, do I? And it's cam, not camS. 6th March 2009
ananthkamath so this is a built engine running stock induction, ECU and cams? Too much money in India these days......... 4th March 2009
s0uljah Now that is one sweet STOCK baleno...... 2nd March 2009
vid6639 So many different alloys. I like the Maglines. So who's engine did this car have? :D. lol. just kidding. Nice gallery dude. 1st March 2009
Ali G oh my u need a big heart to let go of that 18th February 2009
v1p3r Yup, I did. :( 18th February 2009
planet_rocker did you let go of her? 17th February 2009
binz Can see how much you are missing her.Super sweet gallery! 17th February 2009
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