1968 JAGUAR MK2-340 The finest unrestored MK 11 anywhere - JCNA National Champion 2002

john a milne’s Team-BHP Garage
1968 JAGUAR MK2-340 The finest unrestored MK 11 anywhere - JCNA National Champion 2002
Engine Specifications:
  • 3,400 cc double overhead cam. One of the very, last MK11s produced, No 483 of 535 LHDs which then ended the MK11 Series of over 90,000 built. Running out of standard parts it is fitted with higher compression heads from the XK Series sports car and carpet material developed for the new XJ-6 Series.
The Rarest of all the Mk11 Series
Engine Misc.:
  • Spotless
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol, high octane, twin SU Carbs. - thirsty!
  • Dual - Stainless Steel. Expensive but with a bark!
  • Automatic - an Old Ladies Car, great for cell phone users.
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • ?
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Independent, Michelins
  • "Ambula", dark blue vinyl - That lasts a life time
Lots of burl woodwork.
  • Warwick "dove grey" 90% original


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shramik I've turned green with envy.....!
Congratulations on a great restoration job, and even more so for its continued upkeep !!!
11th January 2010
john a milne I read that after his death his MK11 was fully restored and sold at auction for over 100,000 lbs.
There are a few companies in England that to a complete restoration and sell them for about us $75.000.
1st October 2009
shankar.balan what a beauty she is!

i especially love this car in dark red as driven by John Thaw in the "Inspector Morse" TV Series.
1st October 2009
Aditya Beautiful car indeed! A classic I'd love to own someday. 20th March 2009
john a milne We haven't driven it too much this last year, been busy with other things and have been doing a lot of traveling. We don't drive it much in the winter because of the snow and salt on the roads, and not having an A/C not a lot of summer driving.

Having said that we have done a few day runs averaging over 500 miles. With only 58,000 miles on it and well maintained it is a very dependable car.

It has been a privilege to have had it for such a long time.
18th March 2009
vineethvazhayil Hey, can you upload some higher resolution pics! 18th March 2009
nitrous Beautiful! I feel the colour is a bit dull for this car,though. 18th March 2009
Jayabusa Colossal! splendid! extravagant! spectacular! Somebody please stop me!
Kudos John!
12th March 2009
john a milne While we haven't driven it that much recently, during our 2002 quest for the JCNA big trophy and the year prior to that, we drove to the various concours, Detroit 250 miles, Pittsburgh Penn. 290 miles, Cleveland Ohio 280 miles, and Columbus Ohio slightly over 300 miles, one way. Left on a Friday and then got up very early on Saturday morning, washed and re detailed it for Judging that usually started around 11 am. with the awards dinner that night and back on the Sunday . The most interesting Concours was in Cleveland where the JCNA event was tied into a weekend "car feast" with over 2,000 cars new and old. remember an older VW Beetle out fitted with a camper tent on the top. The most memorable trips was to Pittsburgh when on the way back it was overheating, so I stopped, removed the hood and tied it into the trunk, solved the problem, we went through two monsoon like thunderstorms which flooded out the engine for a while. The other our first US concours trip to Cleveland in 1981, as w 18th February 2009
aah78 What a beautiful car! Is she only brought out on special occasions or does she fare well as a daily driver too? 18th February 2009
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