2004 Suzuki Baleno Turbo

revtech’s Team-BHP Garage
2004 Suzuki Baleno Turbo
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.6 L MPFI
    16 Valve
Engine Misc.:
  • 150 WHP
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Speed
Intake & Exhaust:
  • Green cotton Storm Air Filter; Custom exhaust
  • Stock
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 14 inch 12 spoke Matte black.195mm Yokohama es100
  • JBL
  • Fog Lamps.


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Author Comment Date
KkVaidya Cool tyres man. Your car looks really clean. Way to go >> 24th July 2011
satishssiyer Always loved this car. I had altura. Only issue is with the road clearance. Cheers 16th February 2011
sumeethaldankar Nice Car....luk's well maintained... 13th February 2008
alias nice ride 5th February 2008
revtech haven sat in the sx4 cause i left the country before it was launched...but from what i hear the sx4 is bigger 14th November 2007
team suzuki how is the inside space compared to the all new sx4 13th November 2007
CARFREAK17 due where r we suppose to get nos installed in delhi and ca we drift in a baleno .i also have one 13th October 2007
revtech LOL nice observation...i must say.i was actually emptying out stuff and forgot to close it properly. 22nd August 2007
BlackPearl nice car. but why did you take a pic with boot lid slightly open? 22nd August 2007
revtech oh ok so then its 94 bhp :-) 20th March 2007
v1p3r No, yours is 94 bhp. BS III, 2005 onwards, is 91 bhp. 20th March 2007
revtech im not sure i think the new one , post 2005 is.mines a 2004 model. 16th March 2007
determinus Isn't Baleno 94bhp? 15th March 2007
spaceace Its a good car...but not plush interiors..easy on the pocket. 13th March 2007
Hellraiser neat ride bro!............ 8th March 2007
revtech these arent the Eagle F1s , these are the Eagle Venturas... 24th February 2007
MNAKASH Go for a Goodyear Eagle F1 tyre .....Its got a pretty neat threading 23rd February 2007
abygod very nice 3rd January 2007
revtech thanx sam and speedfreak 7th November 2006
speedfreak7116 Sweeeeet is the word for a baleno and especially to one thats nice and clean 7th November 2006
Sam Kapasi I like the car. Nice clean and shiny.Well done. 1st November 2006
NIP nice tree... 20th October 2006
revtech thanx binz and raw bass 23rd September 2006
raw bass hey ur front bumper looks very nice what fog lamp are the 9th September 2006
binz Anyway revtech very nice ride you got there! 30th August 2006
revtech thanx caroholic....barely get to drive it now !! :-( 8th August 2006
caroholic1 Nice well maintained Baleno..... 8th August 2006
abu put some good audios 25th July 2006
revtech approximately Rs 4200. 13th June 2006
shelby GT how much did u pay for the fog light 13th June 2006
shelby GT hai......dat was cool y dont place a plain black grill for d bonnet 11th June 2006
revtech whats an e manage ?? 1st June 2006
mohitmohnani why dont u install a e-manage in it 1st June 2006
revtech i mite get a spoiler but def not an aluminium one.i was thinking of the lancer or The OHC Vtec spoiler...!! 15th May 2006
iamrudyani cool stock baleno.... new one ????? !!! who mods?!! 6th May 2006
revtech you mean an illegal street race.......No thanx Buddy. 11th April 2006
ferrari rockz coming 4 a drag with palio 1.6 with petes in it... 3rd April 2006
ferrari rockz what da hell uve done 2 ur car.....put petes 3rd April 2006
revtech yeah that was taken on the expressway.looks goos.just wish it were a bit clear. 13th January 2006
lancer_mania that night pic with the orange lights looks good.something different. 8th January 2006
revtech hey got some more pics.will put them up in a day or two. 2nd January 2006
revtech Thanx Gtea And DUB. 29th December 2005
DUB Nice Rims u got ther!!! 29th December 2005
Gtea Nice....nice rubbers vroooom 29th December 2005
revtech must have costed real hot ?? whats that supposed to mean 20th December 2005
viny_ak That looks really cool must have costed real hot!!! 19th December 2005
revtech thanx lancer_mania and imjimmy. 11th December 2005
imjimmy Rev, your Baleno sure does look hot! Nice alloys. Which leather covers did you opt for? 11th December 2005
lancer_mania very well maintained.nice rubber and fogs. 3rd December 2005
revtech the bumper has to be cut slightly , at least for the ones i have got.mine cost me 4200 bucks but they are damm good !! 2nd December 2005
shuvc I had enquired about prices. Dealer has a range between 2K to 14K. How much to Hellas cost ? Do they fit the space for Baleno fog lamps? 2nd December 2005
revtech thanx rohitD and speedfreak7116 :-) 2nd December 2005
revtech now these fog lamps are on my zen and i put the hella on the baleno. 2nd December 2005
revtech shuvc sorry for the confusion.the fog lamps in the current pics arent hella.they are some other brand with some mock xenon bulbs. 2nd December 2005
shuvc Rev , if you don't mind, how much did the Hella's cost you ? They look great ! 2nd December 2005
speedfreak7116 Clean and well maintained 2nd December 2005
RohitD Nice rubber rev 2nd December 2005
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