2006 Swift Zxi

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2006 Swift Zxi


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Member: low_bass_makker
Created: 23rd March 2006 15:51
Last Modified: 17th May 2007 01:36
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Safari_Beast i just love those steg amps you were holding in NH1 where you get your wooden work done for woofers and all ........... remember .............. 3rd May 2010
low_bass_makker Yes they are 17teens... 18th January 2009
arsenik amazing rims lbm!!! are those 17 "ers?? 18th January 2009
abhinav.gupta88 RV Ji...
Where are the pics phaajiiii
11th October 2008
muneemmk Still No Pix or Description of the "StErEo" in da ride , we will stage a protest against this in humanity. 21st September 2008
low_bass_makker OH ho..will do it ASAP, new amp mounting done... 23rd August 2008
s0uljah The most bombastic gaadi on the forum and why no updates ?? :) 23rd August 2008
ramie2400 Bhaaji,Jan,Feb,March aur Abb April Nikalne wala hai..Please post some more pix :) and your killer setup also..cheers 19th April 2008
JayD LBM, more pix pleeazee!! 28th February 2008
low_bass_makker Very soon guys... 11th January 2008
rider60 LBMji please put up more photos with the ICE for us, and the color of the car is not seen here either, a look at the alloys would be good too! 11th January 2008
m4ugr8 LBM sir update the gallery....projectors...GZ put them on!!! 5th January 2008
Ankure wen r u plannin to sell ure front me in case u sellin those.. 20th December 2007
inferno but ur ICE setup is way to expensive for me even to think about, i got stock one in CITY and 12k ICE setup in alto. :) 5th December 2007
inferno the front door looks amazing , something which i wanna have in my car. Lookin forward to see your car in real , i mean hear your car. subs look amazin 5th December 2007
low_bass_makker Sure when coming to Freedabad..... 25th November 2007
moralfibre This is one car I am dying to audition. 25th November 2007
low_bass_makker Sir there is no remote boot release option in Swift Zxi.... 31st August 2007
im_srini Wow LowBassMaker, that's some setup ! So tell me, do you use the remote boot release at all, or do you simply turn up the subs ? ;) 31st August 2007
low_bass_makker ya there are two spearate boxes and can be lifted easily to acces the spare tyre. 11th August 2007
aah78 how do you access the spare wheel? can the subs be easily removed? 11th August 2007
rocksterraghu From DLS Iridium 6.3???? *SHOCKED* Jeez, I'm sure this one's going to be a killer too, bigger killer! All the best paaji, will follow the saga thread! 29th July 2007
low_bass_makker thank you sir....Planning to change the front stage stay tuned 29th July 2007
rocksterraghu I was amazed how you have handpicked every component in that setup so meticulously, totally admire your patience and dedication :) 28th July 2007
rocksterraghu Hello L_B_M bhai! I went through the entire saga thread of yours, cheers! You've really put an amazing effort in getting this setup! Cheers! 28th July 2007
low_bass_makker ya I do it sometimes with child lock..... 7th June 2007
noidaboy its got so much of can actully use it for 3rd degree touture..hehe 7th June 2007
low_bass_makker nothing like it..... 7th June 2007
sabret00the oh my gawd!!!!!! wat were u thinking are u planning to take over the world or fight the US army or something 7th June 2007
ankur_fox AAAHHHHHHHHH........ 23rd May 2007
yayaati SIR JI AMMAAZZZZIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! heard a lot about your car today i saw it .... DAMN THE BASS MACHINE.... 6th May 2007
hmishra83 Hey dude. Nice bangin stuf there. Upload some better pics. 26th April 2007
Sidewinder$ will love to hear it some day ... god ble$$ 25th April 2007
Sidewinder$ nice.. 25th April 2007
low_bass_makker ya now you are correct....It is a 3-way setup.....midbass in the stock location, midrange on the door and the tweeter on the A-pillar 24th April 2007
faheem_m hmm...i am inable to understand u r audio setup ??.is that 6 " on the door empty ??..and u r mid-range are just 4"??the tweeter is on the A pillar ?? 24th April 2007
faheem_m hey..LBM how did u get the tweeter fit above the 6incher on da door..what did u use ?must be better than fitting it on the dash. 24th April 2007
ramie2400 hey LBM why dont you use a CAP for your system 19th April 2007
low_bass_makker Yes sir to cover the wires..... 12th December 2006
blueraven316 What is that Metal Structure between the amps ? to cover up for the wires ? 12th December 2006
Max hey DJ .... you must be shining on the road when all those speakers turn on! 11th November 2006
low_bass_makker guys for more info about the car details use the link in my signature 6th November 2006
bayuin2004 the car rocks,could u give a detailed specification about the audio system 27th October 2006
hydrashok nICE install buddy! Is that aluminium thing in the middle for show (covering wires) or does it conceal something else? 27th August 2006
nrajeshkumar You have 2 speaker on the front door? 25th August 2006
nrajeshkumar Can you plz write a description on the entire ICE & accessories in your swift 16th August 2006
Rgu88 did any one mesure boots or subs 12th August 2006
low_bass_makker nitrous one is hu and the other is sound processor (PXA-H701) , I got xenon for 22k 17th July 2006
Edmund so you joined the next day ha, super seq c car!!!! Plain and simple!!! 22nd June 2006
revtech how much did you get the phillips xenons for ?? which other bulb would give me light just like that ?? 31st May 2006
nitrous Why 2 HUs??? 9th May 2006
NOSXX pls post sm more pics 3rd May 2006
low_bass_makker the wheels are 215/40ZR17 , ya philips zenon , new pics added on sound domain 3rd May 2006
khanak what size are those wheels 24th April 2006
raptor hey LBM...are those Philips xenon lamps? 11th April 2006
revtech hey post the details man.and nice lights you got there ?? which ones are they ? 11th April 2006
BUSA Hey LBM, say your car on cardomain, it looks superb but the pics arent doing justice to it. Add better pics please. 28th March 2006
aZa ahhh post more pics LBM ... :) 24th March 2006
rezwan swift 24th March 2006
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