1991 Premier Padmini Standard

adheesh’s Team-BHP Garage
1991 Premier Padmini Standard
Engine Specifications:
  • 1089cc 7.8:1 Compression Stock Unopened Engine
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Solex 1062 with Internal vent, econostat, accelerator pump, 5th Oversize 107.5 Main Jet for mind boggling performance
  • 3X2 Manifold from the S1
  • Original Premier PAB12359 Muffler
  • 1.75" diameter Tailpipe from the S1
  • Factory Fitted Antiroll Bar
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • She is lazy to go to the gym!
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock from the factory. Unopened
  • Stock 2 Tone from the factory
  • 100 % Original


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bikertillidie Really nice car. Would love to see it in person someday. 2nd April 2014
adheesh The paint shade is Warm Grey. The PAB12359 muffler was sourced locally from Bombay itself about three years ago. 20th November 2011
KkVaidya Thumbs up for your car man.
Is the pain original or a refinish? It is Auckland Brown i suppose.
Also where did you source the "Original Premier PAB12359 Muffler" from?
20th November 2011
dip27in Awesome is an understatement. I could not take my eyes for long from the photographs! 17th November 2011
aa_asif THE BEST 1100 ever came across!!! 8th February 2011
chanu Though I own two of these gems and particularly my "Pammo" PP is also 1991 model and prestine but your car is holy man. I am now recharged to get my car to a stage similar to yours and feel proud. Well kept car and keep enjoying. 12th November 2010
.anshuman Beautifully maintained Car. Excellent Job. 26th September 2010
SuperSelect She's looking fantastic with her new 'jewellery' !! I want to see her in person, soon !! 28th July 2010
adheesh @Rony: I will PM you a persons address in Bandra who has some. You may contact him and have it !! 12th July 2010
President Vow! I want to steal the Chromodora. 12th July 2010
adheesh @mycarhasablower: Thanks.The car has only run about 12500km till date. It was my gradfathers post-retirement car and hence very sparingly used. Will post the interior pics soon. 24th May 2010
mycarhasablower how many kilometeres has this car actually done. i had forgotten that a lot of things in the underbody were red in a fiat. please put up pics of the interior. have never seen what a fiats interior looks like when its new. all the restored fiats that you see, the exterior is usually brilliant but the dash just doesnt feel right somehow. 24th May 2010
mycarhasablower wow !the best paint finish on a fiat i have ever seen and you say its 100% original from the factory?how?after all these year. 24th May 2010
Jayabusa That's an excellent job, the finish is too good & it looks like it's just out of the factory. Congrats. 15th November 2009
adheesh Thanks Hondaboy. Such words from fellow BHPians is what keeps the restoration fire within me going on and on ! 21st August 2009
Hondaboy Beautifully maintained. The Body is so true and well balanced, unlike most padminis which tend to list to one side. Great job Adheesh. 21st August 2009
adheesh Thanks Hrishikesh ! 21st August 2009
dhrishikesh Nice pics Adheesh !!!
A Beauty maintained to its original glory !!
21st August 2009
adheesh Thanks Sushil, you made my day !! 4th August 2009
sushil_n79 Truely an inspiration for people who want to restore their premier padmini's 4th August 2009
1100D The DSC2704 snap is really nice 20th July 2009
President Nice specs. Photos please. 11th April 2009
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