Ricky_63’s Team-BHP Garage
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.3 Stock
Engine Misc.:
Valve Breather, Haltech ECU, ported & polished head

Turbocharger & Induction:
Garrett T20, Garrett Intercooler, Turbosmart BOV, Turbosmart FPR, Custom Header & full FFE

Exceedy Stage 2 Clutch

Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Hijoin 15" Alloys
  • Bridgestone Potenza GIII 205/55/15 (Now on Yoko S-Drive)
  • Tein Coilovers
  • ICE....Bull Components in the front
  • Bull Coaxials in the rear
  • Hertz 10" Sub in a box in the boot
  • Kenwood 4 channel amp in the boot
  • Bull wiring
  • Pio HU with USB much nicer than the previous SONY HU
  • Overall GREAT sound !!
  • The bumper protection strips are off !!
  • Hella 1000's on custom built steel mounts

Tein Coilovers

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Swift Hijoin 002.jpg Swift Hijoin 004.jpg TWEAKED Swift New headers for the Turbo setup The Garrett T20 Tein Coilovers Night Shots Cars 014.jpg Hella 1000's lit up !! Swift Black HL's 001.jpg Tein Coilovers Tein Coilovers
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Ricky_63 Hey Ashish22..ya sure it was nice to meet a fellow Bhpian !! Your Cruze is smoking hot, but if you race me in my Swift :-) I will leave it at that !! 6th October 2011
Ricky_63 Thanks the rims are Hi-join. Got them from a fellow Bhpian for 15k. The 205/55/15's are a perfect upsize. The OD of the wheel remains the same. Of course the ride is a bit stiffer, but the braking improves by leaps & bounds as does traction. 6th October 2011
makanaka I really like those alloys, would you mind share the cost? How is ride on 55 profile and while using 205 width is there any substantial decrease in fuel efficiency or pick up? I am asking there 3 questions as i am planning to upgrade and upsize to alloys and same tyres, anyway really nice rims friend! 2nd September 2011
ashish22 hey ricky it was nice to see you the other day on the sector road... 26th August 2011
Ricky_63 DNS - The Teins work great for the Swift. They have been developed specifically for Indian road conditions 4th August 2011
DNS Hey, how are the Tein Coilovers. Could you please PM me the price and source. would be much appretiated. 2nd July 2011
Ricky_63 Thanks cityvic !! Ya the "tweaked" is a nice subtle word & appropriate. Ya the car is now officially a Turbo Charged Swift !! 12th December 2010
cityvic that tweaked sticker looks killer.

Lovely Mods there Ricky.:D
12th December 2010
Ricky_63 Yes the turbo is installed. Though haven't fired her up yet as the Haltech ECU is still to be setup. 27th November 2010
ashish22 got the turbo installed??? nice color and alloys! 26th November 2010
Ricky_63 Thinking of a turbo install. 19th May 2010
Ricky_63 m4ugr8, there is already a thread running in hatchbacks section. But much shall not be said till the results are there in front of me. :-) 6th May 2009
m4ugr8 LOL, I am waiting for the thread on this one. Hope you find the right guy this time and have the results in Hand!!! 23rd April 2009
Ricky_63 sjcherian - Thanks. This is a March 06, it has no rattling issues. The ride on the 205/55/15's is just right. Sharp handling, great grip. No problems. 23rd April 2009
Ricky_63 m4ugr8 - the engine upgrades are in the pipeline, just basic stuff to beat the crap out of......LOL LOL 23rd April 2009
sjcherian Hey nice car and nice wheels. When in 2006 did you get the car ? I got mine in April '06 and have been having issues with rattling from then on. Also how is the ride with the 55 profile tires ? I got 60 profile (know it isnt the right size) since i was not wanting a rough ride - but think they may be too thick. Might change to 55 when its time to replace tires. 16th April 2009
m4ugr8 I am looking forward to the Engine Upgrades on this one. 13th April 2009
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