2002 Honda City 1.5 Exi - a conservative customisation,,

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2002 Honda City 1.5 Exi - a conservative customisation,,
Engine Specifications:
  • Stock
Engine Misc.:
  • 1493cc
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Stock
  • FFE system by Raj Hingorani
  • No i don't.
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Tried dieting for weight reduction, now trying to transfer it away from the middle.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock Suspension.
  • 195|55|R15 Potenza GIII.
  • Lenso alloys.
  • Leather; warmed & aged by me since 2002.
  • Heather Mist Metallic; scratched and dented by me since 2002.

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Author Comment Date
di1in It's manual, the title reads "A conservative customisation,," 31st May 2010
prsnck good ride..btw is it AT, just thought from the Title given. Any thoughts of sale, pls do inform. Its been some time I was looking into OHC's. 31st May 2010
di1in I've never sent it to any audio guy.. It's still stock ICE except for the head unit. It runs daily in guruvayur and weekends in tcr. 1st November 2009
CaliforniaKnight where does this car normally run in trichur?I think I have seen at at a common audio guys place.. 27th October 2009
di1in Thanks. The car has never left Kerala. Lol 21st September 2009
bigmoose85 Well kept car. I like the wheels as well and the number. Cool. Is the car back in Kerala? 21st September 2009
di1in Reason for upsize is surely cosmetic. Why do you say it's the wrong size ? Most OHCs i've seen, both in and out of the country use 15". They haven't given me any trouble either. 10th September 2009
narayan well kept car. any reason to go for this tyre upsize ? not exactly the right one. hence the question. ( btw - i too made that mistake earlier ) 30th July 2009
di1in Thanks for the compliment guys. For those who had questions i've sent you guys a PM. 30th July 2009
flyingspur well kept...very nice !! 29th July 2009
toiingg wheels look nasty. Good choice. a quick question, do the tyres scrape on full load / lock ? 3rd July 2009
amazer Dope wheels. 3rd June 2009
muneemmk Some Specs would do great. what's the ICE in the car ? 2nd June 2009
JayD A Very well maintained car. Sounds gr8 too. :D 27th May 2009
johnda Neat one. all the best! 5th May 2009
k_shanz Your car looks neat. First of all change its License plate. and give a Black tint. 21st April 2009
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