My 2004 Esteem Lxi

S@~+#0$#’s Team-BHP Garage
My 2004 Esteem Lxi
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.3 Litre, 16 valve MPFI engine
Engine Misc.:
  • Modded Gearbox to have closer ratios.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Shell Super Unleaded.
  • Freeflow with Custom muffler.
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 14 inch League alloys shod with 185\60 AVS ES 100 Yokohamas.
  • Autometer Silver tacho with shift-lite, Isotta Steering Wheel, Sparco racing pedals, Greddy gear-knob, Silver center-console.
  • ICE Setup (old stuff carriied forward from my previous car)
Pioneer 8450 head-unit
Pioneer 2080 rear speakers + tweeters
Blaupunkt GT6 front speakers + tweeters
Pioneer Equaliser
Pioneer 12 inch subwoofer with enclosure.
Pioneer GM3400 4 channel amplifier.
Pioneer Audio CD Changer
Ipod for Mp3s (head-unit modded to support

  • Hella Comet 450s, OE Spoiler, non-functional roof-top GPS antenna at the rear(like in the Beemers;)).


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Author Comment Date
nitrous We need pics of the latest updates! 3rd May 2009
S@~+#0$# @California Knight: Oh, she is rocking mate!! Better than ever before:-) Haven't updated my garage. She is now controlled by RD ECU, has 195\50\15 tyres on Forged Rims, MSD Ignition Coil, Bosch IR plugs, Momo Steering & Gear Knob few more mods :-) 25th February 2009
CaliforniaKnight How is the car doing now? 24th February 2009
S@~+#0$# Yes Mohit, will do soon:) 8th October 2008
crazydiablo You gotta update you gallery with whatever has gone into the car. Nice machine. 7th October 2008
S@~+#0$# Yes, low and mid end torque has improved. 5th gear is untouched, so I get good economy in overdrive. 16th January 2008
S@~+#0$# Diff is from Zen, 3rd and 4th gears are from the Maruti 1000. Car is much quicker now. 16th January 2008
esteem_lover What have you done to the gear box ? Do you have better low end torque now ? 16th January 2008
sangam gods speed 18th December 2007
S@~+#0$# Pani, I have PMed you more info. Stick to 175/70/13 or 185/60/14. 185/70/14 is the wrong upsize. 5th November 2007
Pani Hi...I am planning to put 185/70/R13 tyres, how much would be the drop in mileage over its current 155/80/R13 tyres according to your opinion ?? 2nd November 2007
S@~+#0$# I got the steering in a good deal for about Rs.8000 from Malaysia. 1st November 2006
payam nice job dude how much did u get ur steering wheel and from where? 28th October 2006
R32_GTR Like the Steering wheel...Isotta was the second option over the MOMO TREK R... 3rd July 2006
S@~+#0$# FYI, the Autometer shift-lite also hits you in your eye every time you start the car. I am not into serious-racing and this location suits me well. 5th May 2006
S@~+#0$# I like the shift-lite pointed slightly away from my left eye. I had it closer in my Zen and found it the brightness a pain especially in the dark. 5th May 2006
dhirajs santosh,dont u think the tacho is lil away from where it should be??? 4th May 2006
S@~+#0$# Thanks redrage, my car does a quick 160 and I took it upto 180 with 10-15 more. I am more into initial and mid-range and is more than sufficient. 3rd May 2006
redrage ok.. so makes the car quicker initially then? what about top whack......? anyway awesome alloys man... car displays a touch of class.... 28th April 2006
S@~+#0$# Makes the car more quicker. I am using a combo of esteem and 1000 gears. This is a combo used in most drag prepared E-Zens/Esteems. 21st April 2006
redrage how does the closer ratios help.....?? u using zen's gear ratios? 19th April 2006
S@~+#0$# In the BMWs, this antenna is used for GPS, it also doubles as a find spoiler. Like I have mentioned it is non-functional and cost me Rs.450. 17th April 2006
prince85 Sorry for my ignorance, but is it called a GPS antenna?? coz i thought it is a Fin Spoiler. Anyways, great car bro. 16th April 2006
revtech nice car much did the GPS antenna cost you ?? 11th April 2006
S@~+#0$# CK, after upsizing to 14 handling has improved bigtime, mileage almost the same 7th April 2006
hellspawn nice much did the tacho and the steering wheel cost??? 6th April 2006
CaliforniaKnight kool car buddy?? any diff with the 14"? 6th April 2006
Jay hey neat car, nice wheels. 29th March 2006
S@~+#0$# Thanks Guys. 28th March 2006
v.tec pretty neat...smooth job! 27th March 2006
adit1329 Nice, miss my car :-) 27th March 2006
aZa S3xeD 0uT ride yaar !! 27th March 2006
~~VinZ~~ hmm!!.. nice car.. like da wheels!! 27th March 2006
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