Honda City 1.5 shod with 15 inchers

manson’s Team-BHP Garage
Honda City 1.5 shod with 15 inchers
Honda D-15
Engine Specifications: 1500 cc, 100 bhp guess thats all that matters to me

  • 4x2x1 headers and expansion done by Leela

Fancy stuff:
  • Ractive SF-200 Conical filter fiitted with aluminium pipe.

  • ask shantanu!!
Suspension, wheels & tires:
Hi-join 15 inchers, 195/55 goodyear nct 5 rubber

  • stAnlEy, all gray, Pioneer player with 12 cd changer, rear ovals and front speakers, too basic?, too bad
  • nothing but tints

188 kmph.jpg

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city best.jpg 188 kmph.jpg city side hawwtttt.jpg honda _ rudra.jpg 26062006(002).jpg City hawwt.jpg nikonmananson-1751.jpg
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Created: 2nd December 2005 00:44
Last Modified: 3rd October 2006 14:09
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Author Comment Date
Tassem Love the clean look! 27th December 2010
ramie2400 Bhai you sold this car,i realised its parked in my building ... Lolz :D 16th January 2009
manson my favouite too akshay, was a wllpaper on my phone for a long time 21st January 2008
v1p3r The NSX chase car! Nice photo, the camphone one with the headlamps on. 20th January 2008
reignofchaos Metal pipe is the worst thing you can put in an intake. I'd suggest getting it replaced with plastic asap. 23rd November 2007
manson i have never till date had anything odd going on with the current tyres, 195/15/55, a profile lower, i.e. 50 is the most preferred though. 27th July 2007
tamaron what would you suggest as an ideal wheel /tyre size...without it banging the wheel arches nor dropping mileage too much.Thanx. 27th July 2007
Sidewinder$ nice ride.. looks sweet.... 25th April 2007
manson thanks ash. costs vay accoding to the year of manafacture to a great extent, esp when you re with the used car dealers. 1st March 2007
ASH-WINS how much does a honda city 2'nd hand good condition will cost? 1st March 2007
ASH-WINS gr8 pic man... 1st March 2007
Stratos Lovely pic of the front in the rains! Too good 15th February 2007
Aditya Love the pic in the rain with the headlights on. 5th February 2007
manson wheels for 4k a piece, tyres 3k each, but i would suggest you look at better rubber, i was on a budget!! 16th January 2007
narayan how much did the alloys tyres for set of 5(?) cost u ? 16th January 2007
ramie2400 i love those rims i used to have a 13's in my 1997 zen..nice car dude very good 18th December 2006
manson thanks superboy, prob one of the best compliments!! 14th December 2006
manson thanks ron, didnt wanna get it washed especially for a snap as it would leave boom shiva dillusioned as this is the way the engine bay usually is. 14th December 2006
929RON Nice ride, but if you had to tale pics of the Engine, shud have got a pressure wash done first :) 14th December 2006
superboy44 cool car ,,, looks really fast even when standing still 18th October 2006
manson nice to know that surprise, thanks :) 16th October 2006
Surprise Your forth photo (last of first row) is serving my Notebook as DT wallpaper for the last 3 months. No idea of changing it until I get another bet OHC 12th October 2006
manveet nice ride bro .. should have washed the engine bay before taking the pic though :) 8th October 2006
nitrous STUNNNING PHOTO,manson! 8th October 2006
manson Update: car is running on 4x2x1 headers and expansion now done by Leela. will put up a couple of pics soon :) 8th September 2006
manson gamer that was snapped by a phone cam, now do you like it or LOVE IT? 8th September 2006
gamerno1 dude, that pic with the headlights on kills everything. anyways, you know i love your ride :) cheers~ 3rd September 2006
manson just an update guys, machiangli is gone, but i did click a couple of pics of it before taking it off!! 14th August 2006
The Wolf 5th gear is overdrive, you might not be able to go beyond say 165kmph on the meter unless you sit on the pedal the whole day .... 6th July 2006
The Wolf Im taking shantanu's place here to answer that 6k rmp thing...Well, you mustve hit that speed in 4th gear at around 6200rpms 6th July 2006
HOTROD All go no show 23rd June 2006
manson sorry for the phone camera pic of the hood, thats all i have right now. gunir thanks for resizing the snap. 9th June 2006
Ford Rocam Dude post some pics of your new filter & exhaust muffler.:) 23rd May 2006
manson yes busa killing some time around there, will try and put up pics of the filter and exhaust asap. 6th April 2006
BUSA nice pics manson. Is the 5th pics taken at Center One, Vashi? 22nd March 2006
dhirajs Manson,the alloys are v cool :)we've got something in common ,the sapphire silver OHC. 10th March 2006
manson no revv, no k&n sticker 9th March 2006
revtech do you have a K&N filter sticker on the rear bumper. 17th February 2006
speedsatya hey myansyan who all have been scared to death in this car like it hapaaned in the scorpio ...hahahha ...nice rims 31st January 2006
manson am guessing it must have been arund 6000 rpm, i'm sure our in-house Honda man shantanu could guess better though. 17th December 2005
megazoid that is certainly some speed manson! 11th December 2005
nitrous dude, this is awesome. What rpm in 5th gear were u doing this?? 10th December 2005
manson thanks rohit, achieved that on an expressway run on the day of the supercar meet. guess the speedo wud have indicatd more if i was on stock shoes. 2nd December 2005
RohitD super hot rims uve got there manson the best 1`s ive seen on an OHC...and woah almost 190kmph;) where did u achieve that feat??? 2nd December 2005
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