2005 Maruti Suzuki Baleno :::::::::: Revvhead's Wheels

Revvhead’s Team-BHP Garage
2005 Maruti Suzuki Baleno :::::::::: Revvhead's Wheels
Engine Specifications:
  • 1600 CC 4 Cyl Mpfi
Engine Misc.:
  • No other miscellaneous engines
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • I wish, but have a stock replacement K&N
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Fuel: Yes & its bloody expensive too
    Tuning : i cant hold a tune for ****.
  • Get rid of it fast, using a free flow with header
  • No I drive ships instead
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Really need to reduce weight like mad, if i did i'm sure my car would be happier.
    Transfer: would happily transfer the weight to local cybersquatter Revvhed (mis-spelling copycat) .He needs it. He rides his bike with jogging weights in his pockets for stability
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • BSA alloys, Michelin Certis 195/60 R 14
  • Its quite snappy.
  • Shiny

Other Stuff. ICE : hmmmmm... ok here goes. finally have my ICE in the freezer where i want it. got an Alpine cd/mp3 deck with complete ipod control running on a 60gig iPod.
Jack that to an Infinity 4 channel amp supplying JBL gto 527 componenets up front and JBL GTO 6" componenets at the back.
Also running a JBL 301.1 monoblock driving a 12" subwoofer in the parcel tray.
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bhp ul march 036 2.jpg BHP ul car 008 seats.jpg DSC03365 2 lp crop.JPG
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Revvhead thanks man. those p[ics ar enew-ish , tho she 's still shining like brand new, ablbiet with a few small nicks that seem tonow be inevtable it you rcar is gonna survive 3 years in the city 4th February 2008
kjdesigns_2000 Nice well maintained car. Looks sweet 1st February 2008
Revvhead thanks saurabh, i got them done at prakash motors in bandra 9th August 2007
saurabhkum your seat covers are amazing from where you got it and how much it costed? 8th August 2007
Revvhead @ esteem lover, yes i am a friend of sam's, but picked up the finer points of humour from me.. free lessons. i picked up the ICE from him.. fair trade 8th August 2007
esteem_lover Humorous comments. Expected that from a friend of sam. or sam is a friend of yours ??? 5th February 2007
revvhed I DO NOT !!!! (they're strapped to my ankle .. heh heh) 1st February 2007
hari_rama hey the 3rd pic is awsome....can u use a better camera?? :) 13th November 2006
Revvhead @ baleno power - sorry for the really delyed reply but i kinda havent looked here in months. The wheels are BSA. Kharcha was abt 17500 for 5 iirc 3rd November 2006
Revvhead sorry elf, forgot the smilie. 3rd November 2006
Revvhead @ Elf. Fix you car first, then open yr trap!!! 3rd November 2006
balenopower heyy rev..wht brand of alloys r those...pls pm me the total kharcha for the rims and tyres u got 27th April 2006
elf Fixed your sound yet? If not, then paint a yellow stripe around the car. The rickshaws hate the competition you're providing without their colours! 27th April 2006
Revvhead and more pics are on their way, once i have my sound re-set up. Hopefully tomorrow. so expect the pics soon. 2nd April 2006
Revvhead @ Fry, very critically, am very happy with the tyres, they provide awesome handling, and good comfort. how truthful is this? its my 2nd set of mich's. 2nd April 2006
Revvhead Aza- thanks man, but seriously, its not as red as it looks. This one is jarring, its a deeper and more muted red. 2nd April 2006
Revvhead elf_ You had me there man, was looking for the bread, till i saw the way you spelt Bal(eno) 2nd April 2006
elf Wanted to know if the Baloney comes with bread as standard or is it a dealer installed option? 2nd April 2006
carfreak2 Interesting looks... 1st April 2006
aZa Awesome seat cover color combi man ...! 1st April 2006
fry hi man would appreciate an ans....are u happy with your tyres?Be crItIcaL 1st April 2006
hari_rama what about adding more pics?? 1st April 2006
rev_hard smart lookin ride 31st March 2006
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