1996 Suzuki Esteem & 2006 Suzuki Baleno

CaliforniaKnight’s Team-BHP Garage
1996 Suzuki Esteem & 2006 Suzuki Baleno
Engine Specifications:
  • 1298cc, 65 Bhp
  • 1590cc, 91 Bhp
Engine Misc.:
  • G13B & G16B
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • NIL
Fuel System
  • Carb & Mpfi
  • Stock & Custom made
  • N/A
  • 870Kg & 975 Kg
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock Suspension, League rims & Goodyear 185/65/r13 tires.
  • Stock Suspension, League rims & Goodyear 195/60/r14 tires.
  • Type R 5" rev counter
  • G sport red n black gear shift knob
  • Pioneer 7550 Mp3 HU
  • Complete stock as of now.

  • Strobe lights
  • K.I.T.T scanner lights
  • Ham Antenna
  • PIAA driving lights
  • Lotsa stickers...he he


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Author Comment Date
akas_chauhan That fog lamp on baleno does not look good. So is the black stripe color. 4th March 2011
iraghava Kya Anthony bhai, naya gaddi liya and no news?? So sad, so sad! Hope you're enjoying her and having fun! Do give us a few good pics and a review too! 3rd April 2009
CaliforniaKnight thanks JayD.sad the drive ended so quickly. 21st June 2008
JayD Man! That's one fast Esteem! Was gr8 to see it fly during the D R I V E!
P.S: The KITT scanner reminds me of the good 'ol days! :P
20th June 2008
ron_9191 I love both o them but i guess the fog lamps are a bit out of place. And i dont think u need fog lamps to drive around in Cochin do you? 15th December 2007
team suzuki i don't think you like honda 17th November 2007
gemithomas hey knight, how did you make your disks/drums red. Is it Paint!! 22nd October 2007
MALU30000 COCHIN BAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23rd March 2007
hari_rama hay me saw the baleno last its really looking awsome without the stickers.... 4th March 2007
hari_rama hey u back in town???update ur pics yaaaar 2nd January 2007
maxbhp Cool Ride Dude !! 30th November 2006
CaliforniaKnight Will post the pics of my ECLIPSE sooon... 30th November 2006
CaliforniaKnight Well, Khanak....I am not in India and is one of the reasons they removed the graphics. 30th November 2006
khanak how about some updated pics 28th November 2006
CaliforniaKnight well the stickers are all removed now.....its just plane jane white.. 28th November 2006
speedfreak7116 BALENO is 94 bhp right??? 7th November 2006
superboy44 alloys on the baleno look super, nice duo u got man 20th October 2006
shrivz too many stickers... a plain white baleno with some good alloys looks killer.. no need for a single sticker.. 3rd September 2006
sunilchakola dude fix the spoiler...... 17th July 2006
shuvc Luverly Honda sticker !! 18th April 2006
BUSA Woooow, nice cars. Any interiors pics?? 4th April 2006
hari_rama i saw this car on high road parked in front of a restraunt at smwhat 10 pm 2nd April 2006
CaliforniaKnight HR,Thanks,BTW where are you put up?? 1st April 2006
hari_rama and the graphics on back,proving honda a waste is brilliant ;) 1st April 2006
hari_rama hey CK thats a wonderfull baleno.I saw tis car yesterday night arnd 10 1st April 2006
CaliforniaKnight thanks mate...shipped it from the U.S !! 31st March 2006
buzzin_hornets hey dude.. where did u get the K.I.T.T. scanner light from?? real neat... ~cheers 31st March 2006
CaliforniaKnight These are the 2 babys of mine...there is one more biggie in the family but that belongs to dad. 31st March 2006
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