Hyundai Santro

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Hyundai Santro
Engine Specifications:
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Engine Misc.:
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Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
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Suspension, wheels & tires:
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Member: caroholic1
Created: 2nd April 2006 00:17
Last Modified: 10th October 2008 22:49
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Author Comment Date
faithless_1984 Lukin MUCH better with the paintd bumpers. 10th October 2008
hellspawn i wonder how i missed your gallery...where are the pics of the hid's... 8th February 2008
aZa you did the interiors ???? sweettttt! Put better pics pls 6th September 2007
caroholic1 @noidaboy- dude i was at 150 when i was trying to overtake you. & that's the max i've ever touched till now. 21st June 2007
noidaboy okkay so you were running away from me when u touch 140.;) 14th June 2007
caroholic1 I got the tints removed today :( 29th March 2007
caroholic1 @- aZa, v.tec, princesri1981, Fuelled, revtech, Khanak, mikerockznrulz, Roadster, Suren181. Thanks guys. 29th March 2007
japneet_b achieved !!! 26th March 2007
japneet_b hey i acieved 145 with santro 1.1.... 26th March 2007
suren181 Neeeaaat, well maintained would suggest upgrade of tyres for handling, helped my Santro loads, hence. 20th March 2007
ROADSTER hey just kidding buddy u have a rocking car there just i wanted u to take care of it 12th March 2007
caroholic1 @ROADSTER- no buddy there is nothing like that in a santro even if u take it till 160. 6th March 2007
ROADSTER ya if you get it till 160 there will be smoke coming out of your engine remember AHOO DND flyover 5th March 2007
caroholic1 Till now the maximum i've ever touched is 150kmph in it. But, i'll try to take it till 160!!! 2nd November 2006
mikerockznrulz hmm my frnds normal santro 1999 model reaches 160!!! believe me n there was a 1 thousand rupees engine wrk!! 1st November 2006
khanak Paint ur rims black nd then fit the wheelcaps. theyll look a lot better 19th August 2006
revtech nice wheel caps dude...makes it look good 8th August 2006
Fuelled NICE one Jitu. n now that makes it 3 santros in the NCR running tbhp stickers in their cars 10th July 2006
aZa aye where did u get that sticker frommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?!?!?! 7th July 2006
princesri1981 i have done 150 kmph , no offense, its a great car though 13th April 2006
v.tec thats fast..! specially on a santro..nice 9th April 2006
aZa Hey 140kmph niceeeeee 9th April 2006
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