2002 BMW 325i My Black Beauty

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2002 BMW 325i My Black Beauty
Fully loaded got with all available options that were available in 02 models

Transmission: Manual
Engine: 6 CYLINDERS 2.5 Liters

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Member: DaPilot
Created: 15th April 2006 02:53
Last Modified: 15th April 2006 10:03
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DaPilot Thanks for all your comments guys! Haven't logged into the forum for quite sometime but... with a heavy heart and almost a few tears I sold this car in 2008! I bought an SUV (ACURA MDX will post some pictures) 14th April 2010
Nikhilb2008 The last of the beautiful BMWs.... Really sad. 21st December 2009
sAP I took a hard paradigm shift on my opinion of automatics after I tried the bigger engined 330xi with the steptronic in sport mode and the DSC turned off. 20th September 2008
raval KILLER MACHINE....M GONNA OWN IT ONE DAY!!! 20th February 2008
max_911 Dude. i just lovee ur car... awesome man ... 28th December 2007
Mayavi No Sport package? I love the sport seats that come with sport package. 26th June 2007
karthik247 Awesome!!! Drool machine. The new 3series BMW's are nothing compared to the older ones. That design is to-die-for 13th March 2007
Z_addict al neato....!! 22nd February 2007
Tuner good one. 8th February 2007
DaPilot Thanks Frank! U r absolutely right about driver involvement, its really exhilarating 2 drive it on winding roads. I know where i m going this weekend! 25th July 2006
frankmehta and btw autos suck....ur a wise trannies make me grimace...they dont have efficiency nor performance.and no driver involvement whatsoever 23rd July 2006
frankmehta gosh i dunno why bmw makes their cars so beautiful that u just covet them and when u dont have em just get plain jealous of the lucky few 23rd July 2006
DaPilot tazz_rules, thats by far the best compliment i've had for the car! Thanks you made my day :) 5th June 2006
tazz_rules if i die of a heart attack ur car is the one 2 be blamed dapilot, such a beauty yarr. 3rd June 2006
DaPilot Thanks Nitrous, & Abhinash. 2Fast4u thanks and to automatics... try pulling the car to 90mph in the 3rd gear :D its a peice of cake with manual shift! 30th May 2006
2fast4u IM SICK TO SEE AUTOMATICS on such grogeous engines. buddy u really are a engine enthusiast. 25th May 2006
abhinash superb car 14th May 2006
nitrous The last of the angels! 14th May 2006
DaPilot Thanks RJK, I fully agree the new 3 sucks. If u decide to buy do buy a stick shift, rev it all the way to the red line you will love it 13th May 2006
RJK Sweet....I'd like to buy this same gen BMW sometime when I start earning. The new 3 sucks as far as looks are concerned. 7th May 2006
DaPilot Thanks Buzzin and wheelie.. 5th May 2006
wheelieboy nice one,,, 3rd May 2006
buzzin_hornets * i meant.. she really does look GOOD in black! 16th April 2006
buzzin_hornets WOW! she really does look in black!! :D love the front .. 16th April 2006
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